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Monday, January 01, 2007

Rose Bowl continues, Ellen says Goodbye

A lot of people have been quitting the blogosphere lately. Some I wave goodbye to, others I will miss for a very long time. Karen, at Naked Ovary is one blog that I'm sad to see leave, but she was fragile after adopting her new bambino from China. Being a new mom is hard and she was feeling the pressure. She needed to leave, and I both understand and respect her decision. But still, it makes me sad that people leave their blogs.

I'm so sad this afternoon. While watching the Rose Bowl parade, a constant in my life since childhood, I was surfing my bloglines and saw this post from Ellen. Reign of Ellen is a blog I've been reading and participating in for a couple of years now. Ellen was one of the first blogs I really fell in love with. She's an eloquent writer, a really deep thinker, and she brought to her blog such raw honesty that I felt drawn to her writing. Plus, the woman is such a talented artist and her blog cartoons were wonderful. Are wonderful. Will continue to be wonderful. She's amazing.

Ellen offered her readers free books on depression, conversations cards that are a big hit in our family, and a dose of deep thinking that kept her comments hopping. Ellen wasn't just reporting on how cute her daughter Anna is, she asked hard questions and made you think about your own life when she opened her comments.

I feel like this is an obituary, but actually it isn't because not only is Ellen very alive and vibrant, but she's not closing up shop completely. She has promised to return from time to time with a cartoon or an update, and for that I'm so grateful.

For those that never discovered Ellen's blog, the archives will remain. Go check her out. For those that know Ellen, I'll reluctantly take over the Lost discussion...again. But I'd so much rather Ellen did it. Her Lost posts were magnificent.

Take care, Ellen.


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