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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things that make you go "Hmmm"

What a weird day we've had today. Nothing shocking like snow in LA. Although I can remember once when it snowed in my back yard in the very west valley, which was way weird. Just strange, like who would have thunk it?

I had to get the Boy from school mid-day to go to an orthodontist appointment. He hadn't been in years because the child had baby teeth until very recently. But it was finally time for him to go and be assessed with real adult teeth. Our orthodontist is a bit odd. I guess you would have to be a bit strange in order to want to work with adolescents all day long, especially when you cause them pain and discomfort. But our doctor goes beyond that. First, he has the worlds worst toupee. I've seen wall to wall that looks more real than the rug on his head. Oh man, you cannot help but gawk. In this day and age, a decent hairpiece is easy to find, but I guess he doesn't know or doesn't care. He also is very serious about kids following 'his rules' in order to get braces put on their teeth. Like brushing 3 times/day. The boy look horrified at that one!

But it was agreed that we would come back for molds and photos in a couple of weeks, so we're going to begin the wonderful world of orthodontia. Fun!

We got home for lunch and in the mail was an omnious looking envelope addressed to the parents of the Boy from our district attorney's office. Gulp. I was like "what the hell did you do NOW?" but when I opened up the letter it appears that the Boy was the 'victim' of a crime.

Except we had no clue what crime it was. He looked at me, I looked at him, and we both were totally blank. Crime? You would think we would have remembered that. But nope.

I called the DA's office and spoke to the Victim/Witness advocate, and she told us what it was about. A friend of the Boys, a kid with a great heart but the impulsivity of an 18 month old, had brought some kind of Leatherman tool to school and had pinched the Boy and another kid with it. When a teacher spied it, the police were called and the kid was arrested for assault. OKAY.

I told the advocate that the Boy was friendly with the kid in trouble and that I've known him for years and we really don't have an issue with what happened nor do we want to be a witness to something that would get the kid in further trouble. The Boy was really upset and said he wouldn't testify, even after I explained that his testimony could HELP his friend.

What a mess. What a stupid brouhaha over nothing.

Next, I had a doctor's appointment to get to. My former internist 'retired' last summer but somehow 'forgot' to let her patients know. It was a big tempest and I had to find another internist, something that sounds easy but because there is such a big shortage of internists in this area (and around the nation, evidentally) I had to wait a very long time for someone to take my case.

The doctor I got was male, and about the age of Dougie Houser. He was very nice but it was almost embarassing to be examined by someone who could easily be my own son. Eeek!

He was very thorough, so much so that the initial checkup took 1.5 hours to complete. Who sees a doctor these days for 90 minutes? He asked a lot of the pertinent questions, he determined that my diet was good, that I was stable and doing well but the pain in my toe is nerve damage caused by my diabetes. He was very nice about my weight loss (go me!) and supportive about things we spoke about that aren't for public consumption.

Then he did a pap smear and a breast exam. Eeeek! Oh my, that was a bit odd. OK, but strange. I haven't been to a male doctor in years, never mind one that was still in diapers. He also thought it was a good idea for me to get a bunch of tests, and to see several other specialists because of my diabetes. So I now have enough doctors appointments in the next couple of months to keep the medical establishment afloat in medicare reimbursements.

There's the podiatrist and the opthamologist for checkups, and the mammogram, colonospopy, and fasting blood tests. Oh, and a repeat visit with Dougie. Yeah, I'm gonna be very very busy forgetting all these appointments. No, I'll go. I know I have to. But man, I need Me Time that isn't all about medical crap.

My toe is totally annoying me and the doctor suggested that we just wait for a bit to see if it resolves itself before we 'resort' to even more medications. Oh boy! Lucky me. Unabated pain. I'm loving it.

At least American Idol Seattle is going to be on tonight. I abhor the show but the auditions are so painfully funny to watch we always try to see the first few shows. I heard that Simon said that this season isn't good, that they have the worst contestants ever, and that Seattle was the worst city he's ever seen for auditions. Must see TV!

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Blogger California Highway Guy - Daniel said...

We can at least commisurate on the orthodonture. NSS&F starts it this month as well.

17/1/07 9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had that same experience when i went to the emergency room recently. i said to the doctor that introduced himself and said he was going to be treating me that i didn't realize they let 12 year olds practice medicine. :)

18/1/07 12:58 PM  

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