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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Vehicle embedded in building

There seems to be this weird happening around here. I can't remember ever hearing of this problem a few years back, but lately it's almost a weekly occurance. What, pray tell, has me wondering about the sanity of the Masshole driver? Why, it's the car driven into the house story. Today there was yet another one. A Chrysler Pacifica was stolen in central MA, and then found later after it had crashed into a small lawyer's office in Westminster MA.

We've had cars crashed into babies cribs, cars crashed into living rooms, cars crashed into Harvard, cars crashed into garages, cars crashed into restaurants, cars crashed into offices, in fact we've had cars crashing into pretty much every type of building you can imagine. It never seems to get boring to the local new media, who cover every story seemingly with glee. At first it was kind of funny, but geesh, how many morons can crash into houses before the humor turns into pure horror?

A cursory Google search makes me believe that these kinds of accidents happen all over America, but MA seems to be the leader.

Me, I've never even come close to crashing into someone's house. What about you?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of my favorite local (to me) restaurants had a car crash into it right after thanksgiving. it was a rainy day and a case of road rage but scary all the same. luckily, it was only 9:00 am and the restaurant wasn't open yet for the day.

5/1/07 11:32 AM  

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