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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another Stuporbowl gone by the wayside

Man, did the commercials suck this year or what? I have no clue as to why I keep watching this game. I used to watch for the commercials, and honestly really enjoyed enough of them to make it worthwhile to waste almost 4 hours on football. This year, not so much. Some of them were actually offensive, at least to me. That heart one? OMG, what moron in advertising thought that ditty up?

The food was good. I made a huge pot of chili, which we scarfed down after appetizers of guacamole and salsa with chips. Dessert was oatmeal cookies...again. I made a really big bowl of guacamole and the Boy sat in front of it like a robot shoveling it into his face at tip top speed. It was good. Lots of lime. Oh, and Margaritas. More lime. Lime is very good.

In more interesting news, the girl was invited to her first spring break experience. She'll be attending a 3 day outdoor camping/concert with her BFF and dad. She'll be doing some work for his company, which is producing the concert, and will get to hear 30 bands, eat great junk food, and help with the many charitable organizations working the event. I talked to the Dad today about supervision, and he's way more strict than I would ever be, and he's got it planned down to the nth degree. She'll not have unsupervised time to get into trouble!

Now I just have to get the Boy invited so I can have a few days off. I need the time. It's been years since I've had time away from them. YEARS, people.

MRI is coming up on Tuesday, so keep the Girl in your thoughts, please.

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Blogger Mamma said...

Mmmm! Margaritas!!

Commercials were not good...but Prince?! He was awesome!!!

5/2/07 9:01 AM  

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