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Friday, February 09, 2007

Another weird childhood memory

Last night, whilst lying in bed waiting for sleep that never really came, an old memory crossed my mind, and all of a sudden I was laughing out loud. Strange, that.

When I was a kid, lets just say that life wasn't all roses and lollypops. It was not the happiest childhood, and my house wasn't always filled with laughter. But my mother, who is absolutely bonkers, is a woman that really loves language, and often made up games consisting of pallandromes or play on words, etc. Games that have stuck with me forever because I'm also a woman of words.

One game that we played a lot was the "If my last name was....I'd name my first child....." This was a great car trip game, and since we took interminable car trips every freaking summer of my childhood, a full month in the old buick estate wagon from 1958, this game was quite popular. You'd go in a circle, and the first person would say, "If my last name was Stein, I'd name my first child Frank N." Then the next person would say, "If my last name was Nose, I'd name my first child "Runny". The next person got an S name, and so on. It was sort of like geography for the insane.

Geography gets boring really fast, but "If my last name was" never ever got boring. It was hilarious. We would think of really ridiculous names like "If my last name was Star, I'd name my first child Twinkle Twinkle" or "If my last name was Mello, I'd name my first child Marsha" or even "If my last name was Salem, I'd name my first child Jeru".

We'd go on and on and on, the names getting sillier and more ridiculous, but inventive, and the miles passed by. It really is a fun game, and I often find myself saying it when I see something that triggers the memory. "If my last name was Edge, I'd name my first child Razors" and "If my last name was Dog, I'd name my first child Farty."

Try it with your own family. It's not hard, and even non-readers can participate. Next time you're in the car, start and watch your family and friends get creative.

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Blogger Shephard said...

Very creative! Fun. I'll remember that.

Michele says hello!
~S :)

9/2/07 5:47 PM  
Blogger Carmi said...

I love this idea! Definitely something we'll do the next time we're in the car on a long trip.

Shabbat shalom from the Great White North.

9/2/07 5:48 PM  
Blogger Moogie said...

LOL!!! Sounds alot like my famlily. We played alot of games like that on road trips. I'm going to have to try this game on the girls though! This sounds like fun!

9/2/07 5:59 PM  
Blogger Paige said...

Seems to be a great game. I'll try it tomorrow. We are going on a 3-4 hour trip.
Happy weekend and Michele says hi

9/2/07 6:17 PM  
Blogger Yaeli said...

Sounds like a fun game! I'll have to give it a go some time. When I was a kid we used to play a game where you had to describe names of places and the others had to guess. That was also a big hit but no good when you had someone from another state or country playing cos it got heaps harder!
Michele sent me.

9/2/07 6:41 PM  
Blogger Chelle A. said...

This is definitly something my kiddos would like. We'll try it on our next road trip :)

Michele sent me,


9/2/07 7:21 PM  
Blogger Becky68 said...

My Father used to wish out loud that his last name was Dover so he could have named me Eileen & my brother could have kept his name 'Ben' !
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.
I think of you often, hope your daughter is as well as can be expected & that you are coping.

9/2/07 7:38 PM  
Blogger David said...

if my last name was up
I would name my child "harry"

10/2/07 1:58 AM  

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