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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crazy comes to town

My little city has some totally bizarre politics. It makes for an enjoyable time getting all hot and bothered about the high school and the fire department and all the other little controversies that keep us citizens up in arms. But now we have a new problem that's going to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys to watch as it unfolds.

Background information you need to follow along. We have a small lake right in the middle of our fair city. This lake has a public beach and is a great hangout for kids and families to cool off during the heatwave we call summer. The beach isn't huge, but there is a bathhouse, a dock, and a decent roped off area where you can swim with hot life guards watching over you. The rest of the lake is surrounded by manses housing the very wealthy and the fabulously rich. This is a great area to live in, especially if you don't mind paying multi-millions of dollars for waterfront property.

Note the "tiny" home in the background.

One person bought a property right next door to the public beach. This homeowner is not necessarily the brightest bulb on the tree on a good day. He has not had many good days recently. Homeowner has been feuding with the city for several years over his property. If all started innocently enough in his little mind. He decided that it would be OK to take a snowmobile out onto the lake in the winter. It was NOT okay at all, and get him in a fair amount of trouble with his neighbors and the city. Snowmobiling is not something we do in our city. Nor is it allowed on the lake. Noise pollution or something. But homeowner decided that since he owned part of the lake shore, he could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Not endearing at all.

Next, on homeowners property is a retaining wall that borders the beach. The city ordered him to repair the wall, and he refused because he's a sulky sue. The city offered to foot the bill, but he would not allow the wall to be repaired. This fight has been ongoing through two hot summers and the wall is not repaired, which caused part of the beach to be closed down, restricting the public access. So not a popular move on homeowners part.

In the meantime, homeowners house burnt down. Yup, he doesn't even live on his property. He's fighting with the insurance company, there are 12 liens on the property including those from the IRS for back taxes, and he is unable to rebuild, nor does he want to.

See that green fencing? That's where the disputed property is located.

So, recapping, we have one burnt home, one broken retaining wall, one property that the homeowner wants to sell for 4.5 million dollars (with the unrepairable house), and one nutty homeowner. The city offered to purchase his property for 2.5 million, but he refused to sell to them. Oh yeah, he's nuts. He wants much much more money for a crispy burnt shell. He also hates the Mayor (and he sure isn't alone there) and refuses to deal with the city government, stating that they won't deal with him honestly. OK.

Then homeowner comes up with what I consider a hilariously funny but brilliant plan. He wants to build low income housing under 40B on his property. I imagine that the crazy went wild when the neighbors read that proposal. You know, NIMBY gone wild! But I think it's brilliant. What could be better than putting in 40 or so units of subsidized housing right on the lake. Hey, I'm there! I'd kill to live on the lake. It's beautiful there.

Newsflash! The Mayor announces this week that he's going to take over the property by eminent domain. Yikes! This raises a whole bunch of interesting questions. Homeowner does not have a problem with the takeover. He just wants his asking price for the property. The Mayor wants to pay only 2.5 million and not a penny more, and by taking the property, he can make his deal. This is driving the small but thriving conspiracy theorist community nuts. They are now all screaming about how the Mayor can take any one's property any time. Apparently they're not up on the law. It's always the same conservative rhetoric by the same rampaging Pat Robertson supporters. Mostly we ignore them.

So that's where we are right now. Every day brings new elements of crazy to the controversy that has been raging for the past 2 years. And people claim life in the 'burbs is boring. Maybe in their 'burb, but not in mine!

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Blogger Dave2 said...

If his housing is interfering with access to a public beach, your beloved mayor should be within his rights shouldn't he? The city has made every effort to rectify the information by paying for the retaining wall to be repaired... since the guy refuses, what other choice is there? A public beach is required to be accessible by the public under law, doesn't it?

The only people who win in these situations tend to be lawyers, because they're the only ones who can make sense out of it all. :-(

28/2/07 1:46 AM  
Blogger Carmi said...

Mix in a little craziness and greed and this kind of thing can happen in pretty much any burg anywhere. I love when stupid people think they have a clue. It makes life so much more entertaining for all of us.

3/3/07 8:14 PM  

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