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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Enough with the celebrities!

I'm totally and completely celeb-ed out. Whatever the latest celebrity hijinks, I'm just not all that interested. There are so many other interesting things to talk about. Like my eyebrows. And my battered shoulder. And how school vacation sucks when it's a wind chill factor of -10. Oh, and how I lost my freaking market card somewhere in this house and cannot find it anywhere!

You know, like life. It's going fast and I'm desperately trying to tread water. For example, my medications. Just let me rant about the stupidity of my pharmacy for a moment. Because it's a hobby of mine, getting pissed off at pharmacists. The particular pharmacy I use for my rather unusual heart medications is in a very large hospital. I use it because they always have my medications on hand, and the meds are free there. I don't have to pay a copay, which saves me precious pennies. Yes, it's inconvenient, but money saved is money saved.

However, and this is a big one, in order to get your meds, you have to pre-order them over the phone 48 hours in advance. Yes, you have to be organized, and you have to figure out what 48 hours later is going to be, and you have to figure it out so that you don't run out of meds. Ahem.
Today was the day to pick up my meds. I got to the hospital in plenty of time, around early afternoon. My usual routine is to drop a kid off at the hospital door, drive around the block, which can take anywhere up to a half hour depending on the traffic, and then pick said kid up at the front. This enables me to not park the car, which is ridiculously expensive. It always works just fine. But today....

Well, today it didn't work so well. I dropped the Boy off with my hospital card after noting that the usual valet parking buzzards weren't handing around. Unusual! Boy walks up to automatic doors, which do not open. Hmmmm, odd. He pushed the handicapped button, but doors remain shut. The hospital is closed. What the?

But there is another entrance, and hospitals do not close ever, right? I dropped him off at the other entrance, explaining how to get from this entrance lobby across the Pike to another entrance Lobby, and from there to the pharmacy. He's cool, he knows his way. Because the traffic was so light, I just left the car parked right in front and the valet buzzards didn't even yell at me. Very unusual!

The Boy comes out empty handed. The pharmacy is closed. Closed on a Monday! Yes, it's a holiday, but since when do pharmacies close on holidays, and how come they didn't mention this tidbit when I left my prescription info? Paul Levy, where are you when I need you?

So no meds. Not great. I'm totally out but I'll survive for one night and I'll just get the meds in the morning.

Now, onto my eyebrows. As I age not so gracefully, my eyebrown have taken on certain characteristics that I am not happy about. They are turning rather gray. OK, this matches my hair, so I'm not shocked by the lack of color. But they are getting those old man long unruly Andy Rooney hairs. And those have got to go. They are disgusting and ugly and I will not allow them to take up residence on my face. Nope, they are gone.

I had my beautician pluck my eyebrows. You know her as The Girl. She likes to do things like this for me, but every hair she plucks out has to be a discussion item. She likes to discourse on the thickness and length of these monstrosities. This is not a conversation I want to have. I just want them gone. But her enthusiasm for the task is daunting. She enjoys this way too much. I believe I might be gossip fodder for her friends later on. Although, she did a great job and my eyebrows are beautifully shaped. I think I'll keep her!

The Boy has an appointment on Tuesday at the orthodontist to make his molds. He is so not happy about getting braces. But he's so pretty, I would love his teeth to be perfect. Don't tell him I said so, though.

And speaking of the Boy, he is threatening to post her about my fetish for all games of Go Fish. It should be hilarious if he ever gets around to it.

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