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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Green Rainbow Party Kicked off NSHS Property

According to my son, there were two members of the Green Rainbow Party that were "protesting" the South High School concert tonight supporting Darfur before school. Yes, the Green Rainbow party was passing out "Stop the US and Zionest War Against Sudan papers (by the illustrious David Rolde) at South. Like they're going to get ANYONE there t" support them. Perhaps they are ignorant of their exceedingly Jewish Liberal audience. Heh.

Brian Salzer, the Principal of South, kicked them off the property. Go Brian! He might be new, but I'm loving this guy.

Anti-Sudan? The Zionist war against Sudan. They're blaming the JEWS (and the US, of course) for what's happening in Darfur? How fricking nuts ARE these people? This is how nuts:

"The US and been waging war against Sudan for the past 15 years, and we need to stop it. Just like with Iraq, the US war against Sudan is a war for oil and a war for Israel. The proposed invasion of Sudan is based on lies. The lie of accusing the government of Sudan of "genocide in Darfur" serves the same function as the lie a few years ago accusing the government of Iraq of "possessing weapons of mass destruction", The US government, and it's allies the Israeli and UK governments, are the real world champion purveyors of genocide and possessors of WMDs.

Sudan, the geographically largest country in Africa and home to 35 million people, has been devastated by US attacks for the past 15 years. In the early 90's the US government declared Sudan to be a 'state sponsor of terrorism' because the government of Sudan does not support Israel. The US governement imposed sanctions against Sudan. The US sanctions and trade boycott escalated in severity several times during the 90s and 00s and damaged the Sudanese economy causing immense human suffering. Theourh out the 90s the US government armed and funded the SPLA rebels in the south of Sudan in a war against the Sudanese government and against rival southern groups, in which millions of persons were killed or displaced. Millions of southern refugees fled from the SPLA and now live in Khartoum, the northern capital. The culmination of the US support for the war in Sudan was the so-called Sudan Peace Act, signed by George W. Bush in 2000, which allocated one hundred million dollars per year to the SPLA.


In 2004, during the US presidential election campaign, the US government starting leveling false accusations of "Genocide" against the Sudanese government in regards to the new civil war in Darfur in the west of Sudan. The US media and pro-imperialist "human rights" organizations" such as Human Rights Watch which is controlled by billionaire George Soros and the Council on Foreign Relations) falsely portrayed the conflict in Darfur as a slaughter of Black Africans by a "white Arab" Sudanese government. In reality it was a civil war among many armed groups, some of which were supported by the US and Israel, fighting over limited resources in an impoverished region. Nearly everyone in Sudan is Black African. And nearly everyone in Darfur is a Black African Arab-Speaking Muslim. The numbers cited for the "genocide" in Darfur were inflated estimates of how many people might die from famine and disease.

This year the propaganda against Sudan in the US had intensified again. On April 30, 2006, the US government in conjunction with US Zionist groups, staged a large pro-war rally in Washington DC. US congresspersons, as well as members of the Bush administration, spoke at the rally calling for the war against Sudan to be escalated by sending in an invasion force of UN, NATO, or US troups. Nearly every pro-Israel group in the US has anti-Sudan propaganda on the front of their website. In Massachusetts and example of a Zionist group duing pro-war activism is the Jewish Connumity Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Boston..."

Although this was supposidly one of a two page handout, they only handed out the first page so I'm unable to share more of this bizarre rhetoric with you. Sorry for that.

Almost no words can describe how absolutely whacked this Green Rainbow Party is. To call people against the genocide of Darfur "pro-war" is enough to make you shake your head in wonder. To blame it on "Zionism" and to confuse all Jews with Zionists is even stranger. But craziest of all is to try to come to South and spread this propagandist nonsense on the eve of a concert in support of Darfur...well that just about beats all.

Rainbows, this isn't Andover. In THIS city, we're not afraid to kick you to the curb. We aren't afraid to tell you to get the hell out of this town. Your message isn't wanted here. Free speech, sure. But you don't go onto a public school property uninvited and expect to be welcome. Not in THIS city.

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Blogger Yaeli said...

Another fine example of how ignorance, propaganda and bigotry divide this world. Some people are so cracked!!!
It seems we Jews cop the blame for anything that can be remotely linked to the state of Israel these days.
Michele sent me back again.

9/2/07 7:08 PM  

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