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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lost Discussion Thursday

Was it worth the wait? Well, I think it was, but I'd bet that a lot of people are claiming that Lost jumped the shark. Which...is kinda true. This was a good, but not Fabulous episode. It was good to get refamiliar with the storyline and not be stuck with a lot of recaps. But there wasn't a huge amount of new information. Some, yes. And good stuff too. But it didn't satisfy my curiousity as well as it could have. Of course, it wasn't a 10 hour program either.

I was really happy to see the story get us out of the cages. There was some real cool twists also tonight. Juliet's ex getting run over by the bus has been reported on the interenet for a long time so that wasn't a surprise in thought, but when it happened, we were stunned. It was a surprise how she came to be on the island. I suspected the business man with the gorgeous eyelashes right away, but was very surprised to find that Ethan worked for him. I didn't expect that connection at all.

Also, I was taken by Juliet's research. Her sister obviously is a cancer patient, but was pregnant. Um... very strange since chemo tends to kill little fetuses. But hey, we don't really know if the meds Juliet was using were only fertility drug related, or a combo cancer-fighting, hormone enhancement medication. We are supposed to be calculating the date of Juliet's arrival
on the island. It appears, at least to me, that she's been on the island since 2003. I am curious as to how her research will help the Others. Or are the others all doing scientific research? Who knows.

So how does an business entity go about an assasination using only a bus? Was Edmund's death an accident or was it just fate? When the BUS killed Julia's ex-husband I was NOT PREPARED for that. I was like WTF!!!!! I remember her wishing he be hit by a bus but why would I have expected it to happen like that? People say things like that all the time, right? Even with the rumors on the 'net, it was still kinda a shock. That was good writing.

Some of the inconsistencies of the show really bothered me in this episode. Like when Sawyer and Kate beat up the two Others and in the process, captured their handguns. But instead of shooting the bad guys like EVERY OTHER PERSON ON EARTH WOULD HAVE DONE, they just toss the guys into the bear cage and run away. WHY? And of course, Kate doesn't bother to take a handgun OR take the rifle she gets from the other bad guy (who they didn't kill EITHER!)

Jack asks Tom why they didn't take Ben off the island for the surgery. Tom starts a reply by saying that ever since the purple sky- and then he gets cut off because Jack hits a blood vessel. My guess? The compass direction for getting off the island has changed. My second guess?
Juliet isn't going anywhere. My thought was that he was simply going to say that they had been out of contact with the outside world since the 'purple sky' incident...but if that was all it was, why be so cagey about it with the audience? Also, if the 'purple sky' (magnetic surge? ) had destroyed all their telecommunications, why did the cameras/video system and the walkie-talkies still work? Was the purple sky so far in the past that they had the opportunity to restock all the communications equipment? And why do the spy cameras still work?

I thought Elizabeth Mitchell did a superb acting job as Juliet. I think that we got a lot of insight into who she was in just that small backstory clip. She's obviously a woman that has really bad taste in men and gets involved with controlling, abusive men. Both Edward and Ben push her around. She seemed to be developing a backbone, but then when Ben asked to speak to her alone and promised her she could go home, she just caved. You know she's not going

I'm sorry that except for Jack, Kate and Sawyer, the entire rest of the cast just disappeared for another episode. I liked Lost a lot better when it had a full ensemble cast--everybody got to at least make an appearance before the camera, even if they only had one or two lines to say. The upcoming week's clips look like Kate, Sawyer and Karl make it back to the big island and the rest of the cast will be shown.

Except for Michael and Walt. They weren't in the catch up show, nor were they mentioned at all in this show. I've read in a spoiler site that they won't show up again this season, but will be back next season. I'm guessing that they never made it anywhere. Or that Michael bites the dust on the high seas, and Walt arrives in some small port where he tells of the island but nobody believes him. At least that's my theory this week.

How many of these so-called Others are also prisoners like Juliet, or at least feel like they are? All is not well in Otherville. It's going to be interesting to see how the whole Ben storyline plays out. The notion that the Others are the good guys fell by the wayside in this episode. We're still confused as to why they are there and what they're all about, but we know they're not the good guys. Not that we thought they were but....

They killed Juliet's ex husband and force her to stay on the island. They convinced Alex that Ben is her father (although that story line could be changed at any time) and according to Alex, Claire was going to be killed after giving birth. Somewhere down the road there is going to be a face turn in the Others camp and a clash between the two groups. Only issue is where the Losties are going to fit in.

Karl's punishment was so Clockwork Orange. Not too original but got the point across. I knew something was wrong with that music going on before they went in. Clockwork Orange? Then again the Dharma Project is "retro" isnt it? Maybe that was ketamine in the IV? Dharma research and technology is nearly 30 years old, so what we saw was just about the right vintage. Notice how the closed-circuit TV monitors are all old-style black-and-white, etc. Probably Dharma didn't do any more modern research into brainwashing than that. From what the recruiter told Juliet, it looks like their main research interest now is fertility and longevity. At least with this Dharma experiment. It still doesn't explain the polar bears though. Or the magnetic strangeness. Maybe we'll find out more about the other experiments later on this season. One can hope!

Finally, Kate and Sawyer. Vs Kate and Jack. Vs Kate, Jack and Sawyer. I'm having a hard time deciding if Kate can actually make up her mind between the two men. It seems to me that she's in need of both men to help her make herself a whole person again. Sawyer definately plays up her bad, conman side. And lord knows, he is about as hot as hot can get. Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm. But Jack brings out the good in her and makes her question her past. She loves them both. Put together they make a whole complex man. I don't think that even with her sex in the cell scene, she's going to attach herself solely to Sawyer. I think the triad will continue for a long time to come.

I also think that Jack will gain some humility and be less of a prig after this experience as a prisoner. My one question is, do you think when Locke, et al finally rescue Jack (and you know they will), will he take Juliet along with them, now that she's admitted she's a prisoner, too?

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Blogger Jana said...

This episode definitely had me on the edge of my seat! My thought at the end was that Jack would ask Juliet to take him with her.

Loved the Wookie prisoner bit! And doesn't Sawyer know Kate well enough by now to know that she really would have shot the guy in the knee?

Should be an exciting season!

8/2/07 10:21 AM  
Blogger Malady said...

Thanks so much for your recap and for picking up Lost Discussion Thursday. I liked getting the backstory on Juliet. It's hard to know where her loyalties truly lie. Do you think she really believes Ben when he says she can get off the island? Surely she would know if that is possible or not.

And how are they still getting things like the Red Sox game if there is some sort of technical difficulty going on?

8/2/07 12:09 PM  
Blogger amanda kathryn said...

Love your recap. Love the show. I am so happy it is back on. But I hate when each episode ends, b/c I want to know MORE!

8/2/07 3:31 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

I don't know if Ben is directly responsible for keeping Juliet on the island, but I'm betting that he's the one who is in contact with whomever is now running the Dharma project. And nobody else is. Because it's that power that keeps him in charge. What else could keep him as the boss?

They have the submarine, right? And that fishing boat that took Walt. But otherwise, is there any way to get off the little island, never mind the big island other than a sea plane? A sea plane or a large boat that distributes the supplies. We just don't know yet.

I loved the Wookie comments too, but my all time favorite line was when Jack was watching Ben talk to Juliet in the OR and Tom says to Jack, "My name is Tom". Totally cracked me up!

8/2/07 4:05 PM  
Blogger Shephard said...

I so think the death by bus was orchestrated to free Juliet up. Totally!

And I was equally getting tired of the spinning wheels, and felt that it barely satisfied my curiosity. But they've promised to tell us just about everything we want to know in this block of episodes. Should be interesting. I hope.

I would miss Juliet if her character goes away.


9/2/07 6:31 PM  
Blogger Shephard said...

Michele sent me!

9/2/07 6:31 PM  

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