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Thursday, February 22, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

So ABC advertises that "three questions will be answered." They did answer a few things, but nothing I really wanted to know about. I thinkeither the writers start giving us answers or more and more of the audience is going to just disappear. The show is lagging and they need
to boost it up to recapture the ratings.

The more I watch this show the more confusing it gets. Nothing ever gets resolved. Plus, some of it is just so predictable now. The opening scene, where Jack is on a beach talking to a kid who speaks Thai. The second he opens his mouth I say to my kids, "Jack isn't the kind of guy to be on Phuket for months living in a shack", but yep, thats where he was and what he was doing. WHY? He's already a doctor, he doesn't have a preverted sex life, and he doesn't do drugs.
Why else would anyone be in Phuket for months at a time? Makes no sense to me.

These are the only tidbits to be 'resolved' and literally not a one of them is important to the story:

1. Do they live on the same island that the cages are on?

A: They kept reiterating this one over and over. They live on a different island. (That might have been news to the Losties, but the aerial view showing the Others' village on the main island gave that away months ago.)

2. What happened to the kidnapped tailies? The children? Why were they taken? (That wasn't much of an answer. Cindy seemed too confused or nervous to reveal much of anything. So I presume all of the adults in Cindy's group were taken from the Tailies? That scene still didn't tell us much of anything. )

A: Cindy and the children are still alive. They were taken to give them a better life.

3. What do Jack's tattoos say/mean?

A: He's a leader, blah, blah, blah. He walks amoung us, but is not one of us. Who cares what Jack's Party of 5 tattoos mean? That is certainly not one of the deepest mysteries on Lost that fans have been debating the last couple years.

And oh, we did learn that Ethan was a surgeon before he was killed. Which makes me wonder just why he was trying to get Claire. Did he want to do a C-section and remove her baby and then send her back to the Big Island?

I was extremely disappointed with this episode. Really not much happened. We got to see some more of the Others, and the ones they took from the tailies. Jack struck another deal with Ben. Isabel the "sheriff" was introduced. She seems to be a real baddass. I have a feeling she is going to stir up some trouble in future episodes. Juliet was marked. And that's about it.

Using Cindy was a waste of time, unless she was going to be given more then 2 lines her appearance didn't answer anything. Since Cindy and the kids have been gone for too long for anyone to be interested in them.

Two weeks in a row of bad episodes! I'll continue to watch, probably til the end, partly b/c this is the only show of this kind that I watch but I feel every time I read from people associated with the show how the questions are going to be answered that they are lying to us.

And could they stop adding friggin new characters!!!

Tattoos and Brands

R.E. Juliette's brand. Looks like the Symbol of Chaos to me;


Why was Juliette branded (marked) after being saved from execution? Why do a bunch of murderous psychopaths care if she killed one of their own?

What is the purpose of branding Juliette? Is this a way of ensuring that everyone knows she is now 'tainted'? I would suggest that it is a "defining" mark that is given to the "Others", if they are deemed undesirable. (Assuming the "mark" is referencing the same thing as used by the Others and the lady with the gift).

Obviously, Jack was treated as if he had the plague by the Thai when it was discovered he had the tattoo/mark. So maybe it is not something that is really desired. Or maybe it is a tribal tattoo and not for white guys on vacation. I'm wondering if that little packet she put in her
purse, was a bribe from someone who didn't want to be labelled.

What is the deal with Jack's tattoo? Why did she warn him there would be consequences? Why did her brother and friends beat him up? Jack seemed to agree there would be consciences but why? Why was the tattoo so forbidden?

I recall a Tales from the Crypt episode where a tattoo artist would print what they saw within the person. Is that what she was doing? Why be so secretive about it?

The only time I felt any understanding of this episode was when Jack says"Are you serious?" to the Stewardess. For once he is expressing confusion over the ways of the others. They promise us answers but we don't get them. The only thing answered tonight was where Jack got his tattoos.

At any rate, there appears to be consequences the Thai woman promised, as Jack can attest to
by having to use his face to block the barrage of punches that came as a result. However, I noted Juliet, once freed by Ben, and given the mark, was not exactly ostracised by the others. But can she come back home once she has been marked?


Golly, who would have thought that Karl, the guy who knows everything about the Others and could provide all kinda info to the Losties, would disappear before he has a chance to reveal any of this info? Do you think he will be back?

At least they could have gotten rid of him by having Hurley's Eagle or something kill him off, instead of (again) having the Losties behave like complete idiots and LET HIM GO.

Well at least this time Kate asked a decent question: Where's home? That's a first... Damn near fell off my chair.


Somebody please come up with a theory to explain Cindy's remark that they were there to watch. I don't have any ideas worth sharing. Was it that they were there to watch Juliette's 'trial'? That scene was weird, kind of like a bunch of tourists out on a school fieldtrip or something. Why would children be taken to watch a trial? And Cindy... how did someone who was not an Other get integrated so quickly as an other? At first I thought perhaps she had seen a different side of the others then Jack. She was taken early on and perhaps she never saw what these people do for a living. But then I was thinking how Jack was being kept in this primitive cave. I mean wouldn't any of them thought it bizarre he was being kept in a cage. And what was with all those people coming to the working island to watch all dress up like tourists. I feel being cheated again. Never mind the kid asking about Anna Lucia. Like she had them for months and he formed at attachment? I don't think so.

Next week

Looks like Sun and Jin come back from their circumnavigation of the island, and Sayid is with them. Now maybe we can get on with rescuing Jack. And on the way, maybe learn some stuff we REALLY want to know about.

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Blogger Mrs. Chicky said...

Every week I watch lost and every week I become more and more confused. I don't know how much longer I can hang in there before I finally give up on the darn show.

As for the stewardess, I think they're being programmed to see the other passengers as animals.

22/2/07 5:04 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Isabel is either played by the worst actress on television, or she's supposed to be an android.

I do believe I am DONE with that show. I told Alex I was giving it three episodes this season, time enough to answer SOMETHING, or I was out. I held up my end.

22/2/07 5:56 PM  
Blogger Misfit Hausfrau said...

My husband and I have been talking to the point of exhaustion concerning Lost. We are irritated with ABC's false advertising when they speak of answering questions. While I think it's great that the mystery of Jack's tattoo was revealed, it was not a burning question of mine. Frankly, it wasn't a question at all.

And why would Juliette's brand be somewhere hidden? I thought it would be a lot more like a scarlet letter kind of a deal.

22/2/07 10:53 PM  
Blogger Mama C-ta said...

Yeah the more I watch the more annoyed I get. They're losing me...

22/2/07 11:58 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

You know what the saddest thing is, this was a GREAT show, and they just totally and completely jumped the shark with too many questions and not enough answers. Plus, all the heart-thumping insanity of the first season is gone. We haven't had one of those GASP moments in so long, I can't even remember the last one. That was what made this show great, the feeling that your heart was going to jump right out of your chest. And that's just not happening anymore.

Maybe we all expected too much of the writers, but the collective disappointment should be shaking them to the core. If they lose their audience, and we know they are, then the show ends and we NEVER get any answers. Doesn't that suck?

23/2/07 1:39 AM  
Blogger H. J. Weasley said...

I think I'm too dedicated to completely leave this show, but I do know that I don't care about Jack et. al. at all anymore. It's really gone on too long over there and I don't care! When we went back to the other islanders last week I was so excited.

But I do know a LOT of people who have "left" this show off thier recording schedules. How many more must die before something is done?!

28/2/07 12:36 AM  

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