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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Real life with plenty of foibles

Things at Chez Mommy'sBlogging are not going exactly swimmingly. They aren't horrible, considering that the kids were on vacation all week and spent an inordinate amount of time arguing over who got to use the computer and who got to watch what movie when, but that's pretty much the normal stuff that happens when you have more than one child with more than one opinion. And boy, do I!

One of the issues is the big old ugly one that constantly surrounds us: finances. As in, we don't have any. This was an extremely tight month, tighter than usual due to some big expenses I had to make for those essentials like, oh, heat. Because you know, it's freaking cold in New England in the winter. So we had a budget that was down a couple hundred bucks from normal, and that means we had to tighten our already girdlesque belts yet another notch. So not fun. Money ran totally out before the 15th, and we've been existing on absolutely nothing for a couple of weeks now. Fun for the whole family! Plus, food, well let us just say that even in our leanest months, it hasn't been this sad in a very long time. The pantry is bare and we're counting the days till the $ is deposited and we can eat again. Oh, we have food. Nothing good, but we have enough for me to make a big pot of "clean the refrigerator" soup tonight for dinner.
But the biggest financial hit is the Boy. That child inhales food. It is like living with a bunch of binge eating roomates or something. You put something down for a second, and it's gone. GONE. Yesterday I got a free sample of some granola-esque bars in the mail. We put it on the shelf, the Girl said something like "Oh goody, I can have these for breakfast in the morning when we go back to school." and we all sort of forgot about them. Except this afternoon when I wanted to eat one, and the entire box was gone. GONE. He ate it. The whole box. Plus he polished off all the bread, milk, and cereal. The child obviously has a hollow leg. He just eats non-stop and stays thin. I hate him.

So later this evening I'm sitting at my desk doing paperwork and I am hungry. Really hungry. But there is nothing to eat that doesn't involve cooking or baking, and I was not in the mood. When I am hungry, I get cold. I don't know why, something weird about my metabolism, but I was freezing cold and so wanted to eat something and I must have been looking really pained because the Boy felt so guilty for eating everything that he actually volunteered to make scones. I love scones. So at least there is something edible for a bit, but I bet when I get back from my event tomorrow, they will be gone. I will have to hide them in order to eat one. I hate that!

So finances suck. Nothing new there. Also my house is a sty. We have a new Home Health Aide and she is terrible. I swear it, the house was cleaner when she got there than when she left. But I have to at least give her a trial because it's hard to find people who want to do this job and who have a car. This one left so much of a mess that it's going to take her twice as much time to clean next week. I hate having to train cleaners on how to do things. I just want the house clean. She left the kitchen literally dirty. I had to spend an hour cleaning it. She didn't move one thing on the counter. Oy!

Because the kids are home 24/7 this week, it looks like their backpacks exploded. The Girl has a way of pulling out everything she owns and then leaving it where it falls. This week alone I've collected 5 different bottles of nail polish left around the house. She only has two hands and two feet! She's also doing various art projects, so there is fleece and paints and markers left out as well.

Meanwhile, we've been saving up our Netflix flaps for the next time Blockbuster offers free rentals with the Netflix flap. We had 12. We got 8 movies. We've seen most of the Oscar nominated films (I'm hoping for Babel to win Best Picture) as well as a few others. We are totally caught up on our movie watching and then some. Movies I loved are Elizabethtown, Babel, Little Miss Sunshine and For Your Consideration. Movies I liked a lot but couldn't stand the fake Boston accents: The Departed. Great movie. HORRIBLE accents except for Walberg and Damon. I wanted to shoot Jack Nicholson every time he opened his mouth. Ugh. Movies I slept through part of: Monster House and Flyboys. And those were the movies I can remember seeing. We saw more, but I've blanked out on what they were.

Because we spent the entire vacation staring at screens, or so it seemed, nothing got done that needed to get done. Oh, we got a new railing installed on the basement stairs, and a new exhaust fan in the kitchen. Big whup! But I had plans for some paint and paper work in the bright yellow bathroom upstairs, and we did nothing.

Plus, I spent much of yesterday panicking because it's almost March and we have no summer plans except to send a certain someone to summer school to make up the math class that he's blowing because of a refusal to do his homework properly. Because, why SHOULD he show his work? He doesn't have to in order to get the right answer so it's stupid to ask him to. Rinse and repeat.

Tomorrow I have an event and I have nothing to wear. This is because what I DO have to wear I can't find. It's just among the missing, my wine colored sweater with the black trim. I can't locate it and it's what I need in order to look normal. I'm screwed. I don't have tights to wear with a skirt and it's too cold to wear shoes anyhow. Maybe I'll just go nekkid?

And errands. I have so many errands tomorrow. I am a very lucky woman.

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Blogger craziequeen said...

Wow - what a tough month! :-(

Honey - eat!! Make sure you hide plenty of food from Boy.

I'm hoping to stay up tonight to see the Oscars - we get the live feed at 12am......[yawn]


25/2/07 3:49 AM  

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