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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sneet Day or Free Dermabrasion

I learned a new word this morning: sneet. Sneet is a combination of snow and sleet, and we're in the middle of the most anticlimatic storm in the history of over-excitable TV weatherwomen. We heard all about the storm of the year, the Valentine's Day Nor'easter. Yippee. Finally we're getting some snow.

The kids are psyched. I'm psyched. We dragged all the sleds onto the front porch so we can sled down our huge hill. Yeah.

Maybe we got an inch of snow. Maybe. I think I'm being overgenerous. But it appeared to have stopped snowing at 4 am when the Girl came to bitch at me about the weather appearing to have halted. "Make it snow!" she whined. OK, she has good reason. She's got a wicked cold and feels like crap. I'll give her that. But I cannot make the weather change. I tried. I used the force and everything but there was no more snow.

What there was a lot of is sneet. Tiny gravelly drops of ice. Perfect for a free dermabrasion treatment. About a half hour outside and your face should be glowing with a brand new layer of skin. Very red skin, but heck, it's free, right?

At 5, the Girl and I watched the local news for the school closings. They trickled in. School is called off by the Superintendent, and our guy is notorious for never calling a snow day. He's such a jerk. One by one, towns were added to the list. It started with a lot of private schools and New Hampster schools, because they got much more snow up there. Then the far western burbs started showing up on the list.

The Girl fell back to sleep around 5:20, and I went on dutifully watching the school closings, for I am nothing if not enthusiastic about a snow day. Being the first storm of the year, the local news was filled with gloom and doom regarding driving, accidents, and icy patches. They do love the drama. The minutes drag by and more and more neighboring towns show up on the crawl. But not our city.

The Girl is full on snoring and I can barely hear the 30th forecast in the last 55 minutes when the crawl starts getting bigger and bigger. Every new addition has a Just IN! in bright yellow next to it, so you get to see which superintendent is a follower. Finally, a bit after 6, I see our city. NO SCHOOL!!!

I wake the Girl to tell her, which seems stupid, but she had already set my alarm to go off about 10 minutes later, and she didn't believe me. Honestly! But it's true. I saw it on the crawl two more times before I believed it. We have no school with an inch of snow.

You'd think we lived in North Carolina or something!

Of course now I'm wide awake with no chance of sleep because the Girl is sprawled out all over my bed. The joys of parenting!

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Blogger Mamma said...

Oh it's going to get worse.

We have four inches of sugar outside. This is the weirdest storm!

Have fun!! And Happy Valentine's Day!

14/2/07 9:17 AM  
Blogger Sadaf Trimarchi said...

I have to congratulate you on coining the perfect term to describe the substance that came out of the sky. Sneet it is.

In our neck of the woods (NJ) it was basically gross, but as you pointed out, the hype leading up to it did not live up to the reality.

14/2/07 8:35 PM  
Blogger Jeremy said...

We got a lot of snow up here but it's Canada and it's February. What else would you expect. Still the weather types go on and on about it like this is the first time we've seen it.

14/2/07 9:52 PM  

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