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Monday, February 19, 2007

Tom, what were you thinking?

I'm about the last person on earth to ever comment negatively on babies born out of wedlock. Ahem. I'm a huge supporter of both women who choose to raise children on their own, known as Single Mothers by Choice, and by those parents who are single by circumstance. Some of the best parents I know are single, and as one who has raised my children by myself and done a damn good job, if I do say so myself, I think that any person who is prepared and committed to raising children on their own should be able to do so without public condemnations.

With that caveat firmly pushed to the side, I read tonight that Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan are expecting a baby. Mazel Tov. Um, except, they split up months ago. And Moynahan is only 3 months pregnant. Logistically, this bothers me. First, Tom is now deeply involved with yet another woman, supermodel Giselle Bundchen, and I'm guessing that between his football career and his high-flying NYC partying, he isn't going to be spending much time with this baby. Moynahan, who grew up in Longmeadow MA, a gorgeous suburb in the Hartford/Springfield area, lives in LA where she works as an actress. Brady lives in the Boston area during football season, and has just put a large apartment on the market in NYC. Bundchen lives in Soho NYC, and Brady spends much of his time there, according to the local gossip.

Tom Brady has always been a Golden Boy in Boston. The fact that he's fantastically talented in a sport I happen to abhor is besides the point. He's been in several Superbowls and won, he's been the New England Patriots prize quarterback for several years, and he is much beloved in Boston. In fact, when he appeared as a character witness for a former coach this week in Suffolk Superior Court, the coverage was bizarre. Court personnel were fawning all over him, the talking heads were gushing, and everyone was just big on Tom.

But now, probably not so much. For all it's liberalism, Boston is still an Irish Catholic town at heart. Babies born out of wedlock aren't all that popular a topic. Especially babies that probably won't have much of a father figure in Tom Brady.

I have no opinion on why Moynahan decided to become a mother. It's her choice and whatever she decides, bravo for her. She's got the money, she probably will be a great parent, and she was raised in a community that prizes marriage and family. Are there even 10 single parents by choice in Longmeadow? I highly doubt it. And I have quite a few family members that live there, so it's not like I am not very familiar with the community. I am.

I guess what got me to thinking about this latest celebrity baby boils down to other celebrity kids that aren't leading such a great life. It isn't easy living under the flashbulbs of celebrity. The lack of privacy is difficult, and it's often tough to know just who is your real friend when you're rich and famous. Trust is hard, and let's face it, life is very shallow in the celebrity world.

I hope Bridget has a good head on her shoulders and will provide a good life for her new baby. And I really hope that Brady will step up to the plate and be an involved father. It's what any baby deserves, and it's the right thing to do.

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Blogger Bob-kat said...

I hope so too.

I'm not familair with the people involved, living in the UK, but I get the picture. A strange circumstance that no less boils down to stepping up and being good parents. I hope they are.

19/2/07 8:49 AM  
Blogger EC said...

Hey! I found your blog through the Good Blogs and first let me say I'm happy I did! Great blog :)

Now onto Tom Brady. I am from Ma originally and am less than secretly obsessed with the Patriots. (Haven't missed a game since 1986 - and I mean NEVER)

So, imagine my surprised when I read your posting! I had no idea! And I, like you, am not all the thrilled. I was sad when they split up, mostly because I LOVE her (yes, I do have a secret crush on her, lol) but this just makes me mad. He is going around spreading his manliness with a person he broke up with - ugh. Not that I'm against break up sex mind you, but use protection Tom!!

Anyhow, I'm sure she'll be a great mom, but he needs to step up to the plate, ditch the other supermodel and do what is right. Be a good father!

Whew, okay, I'm off my soap box now, lol.

19/2/07 11:41 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Tom Brady makes me urk. Ditto Peyton Manning. I've had enough of elevating sports figures to idol status. Except for Jermain Taylor, of course. Who totally deserves it.
(Now watch him drunkenly crash into a little old ladies' book club meeting while on the way to the crack-house/casino. NAHHHHH. Not my boy.)

20/2/07 10:50 AM  
Blogger sp said...

tom brady isn't fantastically talented. he's a decent quarterback who lucked into the right system. trust me. i watch a lot of football. lots of people think he's an overrated bum.

oh, and he broke up with whatshername in late november or early december. or about 3 months.

20/2/07 11:06 AM  

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