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Monday, February 26, 2007

When did Oprah take over the world?

My best quip, when asked what I want to be when I grow up is, "I want to be Empress of the Universe." But I have come to realize that this job is already filled... by Oprah. That freaking woman is everywhere and I am sick of it. Do you hear me? Sick to death of looking at her self-satisfied face with her baggy-ass eyes and her 2" thick fake eyelashes. I'm tired of her telling me how to follow "The Secret" in order to improve myself and my life. I'm nauseated by her constant exploitation of current events. I'm sickened by her callous lack of privacy in order to get the scoop on something. And most of all, I'm just pissed as hell about her exclusivity, i.e., "We're the ONLY show to get this interview, use this theatre, taste this food, blah blah blah."

We get it, Oprah. You own the world. Now how about a bit of humility. You keep telling us about how poor you were as a child, a victim of abuse, a teenage mother, etc. But why haven't those experiences stuck with you? Now you're all about luxury and money and spoiled brat behavior. You're not even human anymore. You used to be all about the real problems of real people. Now you're all about the stars you know, the fabulous parties you attend and throw, the vacation spots you frequent, and your freaking houses. We all know you're richer than us. Why do you have to rub it in? Why don't you remember that $90 pajama pants are beyond the reach of most people.

And I've got to ask. How come so many of your best best friends are Scientologists? Are you part of the Martian Mob yourself? You sure are close to way too many of the freakaziods. I find that weird, Opie. What could you possibly have in common with the Thetan seekers? Or is that what "The Secret" really is about?

Another thing. Have you figured out how racist you tend to be? I'm just sayin'. If I were a person that knew nothing about the USA and judged it's racial makeup based upon your show, I'd assume that nobody is Asian, Latino, Jewish, or any minority other than black. I'd also assume the makeup of the USA was about 75% black and whites in general were the minority.

I'm tired of you promoting your ideas and your financial excesses as if it's more urgent and important than anything else. Great that you founded a school in South Africa. Dubious that this school, the way you created it, is the best thing for these girls. What's with the uniforms in every freaking color? Why do these girls need to go from poverty to luxury? Isn't there a happy medium? Was wearing 6 carat diamonds in each ear really a great idea in Africa, home of the blood diamonds? Um...

Oprah, it isn't all about you. You're no more important than anyone else on this earth. That you practice philanthropy is exciting. But the way you do it, and the racist overtones of your philanthropy concerns me greatly. I probably would feel better if you took off those damn earrings and donated them to Project Bread so that the poor, regardless of race, could eat in your own country. Until then, I don't think it's a great idea to push your agenda on us as being the end all and be all of greatness.

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Blogger European said...

I stopped watching Oprah years ago, when she had fugitives on the show and said that America was the only country in the world where you could come with nothing and end up going to college (or something along those lines).
Well, Oprah, have you ever heard of a little place called Europe? Where tiny countries take in more foreigners than the US?

27/2/07 4:54 PM  

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