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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

340 Million Freaking Dollars--Updated

Nobody has won the big lottery in several weeks, and the prize just keeps getting more and more insane. Right now it's at $340,000,000. That is some nice chunk of change.

I have to admit, I have never ever bought a lottery ticket in my life. We used to get free tickets in the mail about once a month, and I played those, but to cough up money for a piece of paper? Ridiculous.

Except, 340 MILLION DOLLARS. Just imagine Mike Meyers saying that. It's quite a daunting amount.

Yes, I understand that the more the lottery prize is, the more tickets people buy. I'm not an idiot. But again, let's just say that all together now: THREE HUNDRED FORTY MILLION DOLLARS.

So I did the unthinkable. I bought 5 quick picks. I honestly don't have numbers I want to play. I could do birthdays, but oddly, our family birthdays are all runs of consecutive numbers, and they don't appear to be very playable. So I did quick picks, and honestly, I was rather surprised that one of the 5 numbers I got had my birthday and part of the kid's birthday in it. We're betting that's the winning number.

The Boy and I have sort of a running commentary on what we could possibly do with that much money. Of course, the government helps themselves to half of it right off the bat, but even so, we're talking $170 million after taxes. That I could live on!

This whole lottery deal is insideous. You know you're not going to win, but still, you can't help but dream about the what ifs. What kind of car would I get? What kind of house would I have built? How many dogs would I get? What cars would I buy the kids when they turn 16? Where could they go to college now that financial aid isn't a problem? What kinds of charities would I support?

And then, you start looking around at all your stuff and thinking, "I'm tossing that as soon as I cash the check. New furniture for everyone!"

Next thing is the debate. Do I want a lump sum or in increments over 20 years? What kind of trust would I build for my kids to inherit? Where would I decide to buy a vacation home? What family vacations could we now take?

Damn, I just would like to get 5 numbers. All 6 would be too freaking bizarre, but a nest egg... now that would be excellent.

I am never playing the lottery again. It has ingrained itself into my swollen, snotty head, and I need the drawing to be over with already.

But, if I win, should I even post it on my blog?

Update: It's up to 355 million as of this morning. Holy moly! Biggest lottery prize evah! I'm glad I got my tickets early because the convenience stores are going to be mobbed!

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Blogger Lars Doornbos said...

If you win I allready sign in to be yr new friend!!

6/3/07 4:35 AM  
Blogger mail said...

When I heard how big the prize was yesterday, I bought 2 tix, too. I always buy them when the jackpot gets really big like this. You better post it if you win!@!
Boomer Chronicles

6/3/07 8:04 AM  
Blogger Thumper said...

I buy tickets once in a while...like once a year or so, when I remember. I know I'm not going to win, but I try to think of it as a small donation to the educational system.

6/3/07 1:49 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

The Michigan Lottery used to have this ad slogan, "somebody has to win, why not you?" I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ;)

6/3/07 2:15 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

The Michigan Lottery used to have this ad slogan, "somebody has to win, why not you?" I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ;)

6/3/07 2:15 PM  
Blogger Becky68 said...

Cool Margalit, good luck! I've been reluctantly buying scratchers lately, I just recently spent $2 for one & win $5 & put it on a $5 scratcher, the $5 scratcher hit for $25. I'm stil conflicted about buying a $20 scratcher, the remaining $5 would still leave me as $3 ahead of the game but $25 cash would leave me $23 ahead!

6/3/07 4:40 PM  
Blogger Charlie said...

Ah yes, I never buy tickets either, but I did contribute to my workplace pool today, along with about 10 others. When we win, the principal (also in the pool) is making breakfast, after which we will go together to turn in our resignations. Who will finish the school year for us? one might ask. We don't care... ;-)

6/3/07 5:17 PM  
Blogger barbie2be said...

i also bought 5 quick picks. in my head i knew i wouldn't win, but in my heart i kept hearing, "but someone has to win, why not me?"

i didn't. in fact, i had only 1 number out of all 5 quick picks. :(

7/3/07 1:59 PM  

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