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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another Road Trip?

The Boy has been begging for a road trip this summer. Now he knows that I love a road trip like nothing else. I think they're a blast, and my kids, being excellent travelers their entire lives (I KNOW! What luck, because they suck at home!), are up for some adventure. Since nobody will be going to camp this summer, and we've got an endless amount of time all summer to go somewhere and do something, a road trip would normally seem like a great idea.

Except for the lack of a vehicle. Ahem.

I do not believe my car could make it to Rhode Island, which is about an hour away. It is ancient, it has absolutely no upkeep because it is rarely if ever driven, and then there is that little thing about cost. Um, yeah.

But a road trip feels so right. So attractive. So beckoning. So I've been thinking of ways to make it happen. I'd like to take them to the beach in North Carolina. That would mean NY, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Williamsburg, and then the beach. Of course, we could have to go to baseball games along the way, because that is what we do. Not that any of this is financially plausable, but a girl can dream, right?

Zip Car might be one option. Camping could be another one, which I could almost tolerate if I got one of those air mattresses that not only blows up a mattress, but also a box spring as well. And chairs. You know, car camping. We have camping stuff. I could do it. I used to love to camp. So that would be pretty inexpensive, right? Just food and the cost of admission at ballparks, and of course Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. We cannot forget the quick trip to "Europe" at Busch Gardens. I haven't been there in years, but they have ridiculous roller coasters which both of my kids adore. I like to sit and read a book on a bench and pretend that roller coasters are safe.

Plus, there's Kings Dominion, which brags of 12 roller coasters and thrill rides, the most on the east coast. We can't miss that, can we? Gulp. Actually, I'd like to do the white water canyon thing. That's one of the items on my List of Things To Do Before I Bite the Bullet.

I think if we do decide to do it, we'll be doing a lot of cleaning out of the junque and listing stuff on ebay. I'd like to get rid of a ton of crapola, and about 5 years worth of kids clothing. I think we could easily finance the trip if everyone was willing to pitch in.

So what do you want to bet we stay home all summer?

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Blogger Mamma said...

Let me know if you come through DC. I might be able to help out with National's tickets.

22/3/07 10:07 AM  
Blogger Sechakecha said...

I might be able to help you out with Orioles tickets, as well, if you go through Baltimore. I believe my work sells them at discounted prices. =)

It would be a fun trip, for sure, if you could do it. ^^ I use to love road trips with my parents when I was younger. Do it now, before they get too old, and would rather do their own thing.

23/3/07 6:25 AM  
Blogger Carmi said...

If you want it bad enough, you can do it. We never thought we'd be able to swing Florida, but somehow we added the numbers together and made it happen.

The previous commenter put it best: they're only young for so long. And your head is right where it needs to be in terms of plotting the most inexpensive route to a memorable vacation.

24/3/07 7:34 PM  

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