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Friday, March 02, 2007

If a tree falls in Chestnut Hill, can you get to work?

Lordy, two freaking days in a row I had to get to the Longwood Medical area for a medical appointment. Yesterday was annoying enough, but today! Holy shit, how do people DO this every day? No wonder Boston is so full of angry raging people. I don't blame them one bit!

The trip started out simply enough, got onto Rt 9 and starting cruising towards the city. But at Hammond St. a bunch of cars started pouring onto Rt 9, and then a bunch of 'out of service busses' appeared out of nowhere. One after another, all going towards Chestnut Hill Ave. The congestion was insane.

By the time I hit Brookline Ave, road rage was everywhere and the streets were absolutely clogged with people. Where they were coming from is beyond me, but the streets were flooded and splashing was rampant. People were driving straight thru crosswalks, an indication that they're pissed as hell and not gonna take it anymore. Because plowing down a pedestrian or two might make them get to work a minute earlier or something.

I get to where I'm going, get a wicked good parking space and make my way to the 5th floor for my appointment. But the doctors aren't in yet. Huh? I'm there, and if I can get there, where the heck are they?

They're public transportation people, and they all got stuck on the D-line, which had to be closed for a bit due to a tree that fell across the tracks. Tales of running the inbound trains on the outbound line, being pushed off trains and onto busses (a fate worse than death!), and trains so full they blasted right past people waiting in the pouring rain. Man, it sounded like fun!

The whole freaking city looks like it's filled with drowned rats. There are 5 inches of pure slush on my walkway, ensuring that I can't possibly leave the house again for a month, and it is raw and cold. Just the kind of weather you want for the T to have yet another chronic D-line breakdown. Living on the D is like playing Russian Roulette. You just never know!

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Blogger Becky68 said...

Hi Margalit,
Sounds like you had a bad time of it & the Docs had it even worse! At least you don't have to do it every day. I don't miss that sort of commute either!
Here from Micheles tonight.

2/3/07 10:08 PM  
Blogger PI said...

That sounds like a day when all the fates ae against you. I have never been to Boston but that sure is a pretty bridge. Hope the weather improves for you. We actually had some sun today.
One thing I love about being retired is you don't have to go out if you don't want to. Unless you have a doctor's appointment of course!

3/3/07 2:39 PM  

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