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Thursday, March 01, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

Between the Volkswagen, 8-track music, the beer and the dog I thought the only thing missing was the Grateful Dead! Although we didn't learn anything new to solve any of the myriad of mysteries, this was a great episode filled with laugh out loud moments. It brought me right back to the feelings I had the first season, when the characters were likable and the back stories interesting and relevant. I just wish I had thought to write down all the hilarious quips this episode contained. I have to go back and watch it again so I can add them to the end of this post.

Great backstory for Hurley/Hugo I thought. Now we know what forced him onto the plane to Australia, and we also got to see why he ended up so fat. Using Cheech Marin as his dad was an interesting casting decision. And wasn't Hurley adorable as a preteen? So cute! And his dad, what a sleazebag. An honest sleazebag, but still...ugh. Especially hiring the psychic. That was just plain cruel.

It seems they must of had budget cutbacks since at least last season because the whole ensemble is rarely used for an entire episode. Usually just a few of the characters are generally concentrated on. But it was nice to see everyone interacting and just hanging out together. Nobody arguing, no real angst. Just a pleasant day on the beach where everyone was pleasant and nice to each other. It's been a while, huh?

Back when the show just started, and there were no mysteries, no dangling red herrings. The show was about the interactions of people deserted on an island, and every episode in
season one (my favorite season) had melodrama and all episodes ended with the entire cast just sitting around doing nothing, just milling about and going on with living their lives. That's how this one ended, too. I think this was pure escapist fun, and one of the best episodes since the first season. Not up there with "Lockdown" or "?", but good for different reasons.

No Jack. No Ben. No Juliet. No Others. No new mysteries, and a tidbit of information shared (long on my list of problems with this show. They're on a desert island with no hope for months on end, and they can't all sit around a campfire and tell stories about themselves that might accidentally reveal that they all have a few things in common, friends, families, co-workers, bosses? These must be the most stuck-up people in the world!) At least now, Danielle got some information out of Kate about Alex, forgetting the fact that the information could have been acertained a long time ago from a multitude of sources.

I actually liked this episode. I laughed. That's a sign of enjoyment, a sign of being entertained, and I was. It was as if the writers had finally found their voice this season, and brought us back together to sing kumbiya round the campfire. Nice and cozy and comfy times with old friends. I think we all needed that feeling.

I think a lot of the late comers to the show are missing what it's all about. When the writers and producers say "its not a genre show"...what they mean is it's first and foremost it's a character driven drama. Screw the island, and Hanso, and Dharma, and the hatches, and all that crap. Forget about Smokey, and the vaccine, and the computers, and The Others. To Hell with Ben, and Juliet, and Tom, and Ms. Klugh.

The characters are what we started this show with. It's what we'll end this show with. When you stop caring about them, when you stop caring about their thoughts, feelings, and motivations, then it's time to move on. Its like watching Scooby Doo and being disappointed when they unmask the ghost at the end and find old man Withers, the janitor of the amusment park, you know the good guys are going to prevail. Getting there is half the fun. It's the journey, not the destination, that's important.

The subtext seemed very interesting to me, thumbing one's nose at destiny - which, like a belief in luck, is mere fatalism - by risking death ( Hurley ) and thumbing ones nose at death by risking destiny (Charlie ), as well as the recurring issue of 'needing faith' being addressed in a slightly different ( non-religous) way than before. Then there was the adding of a working combustion engine to Gilligan's arsenal, and new info on the island in the form of a road-map! And once again, Sawyer becomes a little more human (Hooray, beer!) The last scene of him alone in his shelter looking at all the other couples as he chugged his beer was so poignant. Awwwww. Sawyer's missing Kate and feeling alone.

Notice how they're talking about their diminishing supplies. With the anomaly kaput, will they be getting any more supplies? I don't think so, but seeing the clip for next week's show, with Locke at the computer, it looked as if he might have made contact with the Hanso foundation on the 'mainland'. It also appeared that Mr. Eyepatch is a security officer on the island. Where the heck has he been hiding all this time? You gotta wonder just how big this island IS, since people seem to transverse it all the time on foot, but they can't seem to find a whole village with adorable ranch houses and manicured lawns.

Couldn't they have made Cheech look a little younger in the first part of Hurley's flashback? Dude, he looked the same in both shots, in spite of 17 years passing.

And who is Roger Work Man? Notice how the begining and ending of his name is missing. Wanna bet he's actually a "Progeny" workman? Could he be just a janitor as Sawyer mused? How do you think he died? Car accident seems lame. It must have been something a bit more mysterious since nobody ever went looking for the VW Bus or him.

So if you tempt fate (as Hurley and Charlie did), do you break the curse? According to Hurley you do: Victory or death. So does Charlie still have to look over his shoulder? Is Hurley still carrying the curse of death with him?

And how about that meteorite, or asteroid. Must have been traveling pretty slow, if Hurley could hear it coming so far away. Remember WW2 when it was said that you never hear the dropped bomb, with your name on it. Is that the same for sky junk?

Anyone get a good look at the map? Unfortunately, I couldn't tape this episode, but I saw some numbers, and a bunch of switch backs. I assume that's the road that leads up the side of the crater.

So the Camaro needs a new carburetor? Hmm. Sounds to me like they should invest in a new battery, first. But then again, Hurley seems to have magic with car batteries. Like, the Hippie Van started even though the bus has been sitting in the jungle for many many years. Explain that, bucko!

So Kate figures Alex is Danielle's daughter. Something smells as bad as the Dharma beer with Danielle's story. Especially, if you watched the preview for next week. Will Danielle join forces with the Losties to find the Other's lair and lure Alex back to her hideout?

I'm still leaning towards the idea that the Other's are trying to recreate their destiny. This seemed to be the bottom line with what Hugo's Dad was preaching.

Over-all, I thought it was a cool episode. And Sawyer was hilarious. Especially with Mr. Skeletor, and the 3 things that women want to hear that he was teaching Jin. That was priceless!

Best lines of the night:

This episode was full of funny one-liners and zingers by Sawyer. I liked when he did a "cheers" toast on the corpse's head. Classic.

"Well lookie that, Somebody's hooked on Phonics!!!"

Or when Sawyer called Charlie a munchkin. Even Charlie (Monaghan) couldn't contain himself.

I also liked Hurley trying to channel Belushi with Charlie, "Let's look death in
the face and say whatever, man."

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

I cracked up when Sawyer called Hurley "Jumbotron", and Hurley came back with "shut up, you...redneck...man", and Sawyer said "touche".

And God, those lines that Sawyer was teaching Jin! "Those pants...do not make...your ass...look fat." HA!!

But one thing that bugged me-at the end of last season, Sun was pregnant. Now, I know not that much time has gone by, but she looked so, so thin. Shouldn't she be getting extra food and maybe filling out a little?

1/3/07 10:46 AM  
Blogger Malady said...

I thought this was a great episode too. I miss the Losties on the beach. I'm getting really tired of the whole Kate/Sawyer/Jack thing.

1/3/07 1:29 PM  

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