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Thursday, March 08, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

FINALLY, after several months, THIS is what LOST should be, has been, and can be again. THIS is what long-time long-term fans have been talking about, have been missing since S3 began.

We have the characters active not merely passive. We found out more about the island (maybe) and we got REVELATORY and RELEVANT charactor info in the flashback.

And we see in only a few minutes of the show's opening why it was CRIMINAL that Sayid and Locke had been left on the sidelines for most of the season so far. Well, to be fair, much of the reason why the plot doesn't seem to advance much is because the producers made the decision at the beginning of the show to stick to the "24-48 hours per episode" formula. There's only so much plot you can cram into the show at that pace, especially when you combine it with the "every character gets one or two or three episodes per season" part of the formula.

This season may have seemed to really drag, but it's only really covered 10 or so days worth of island action.

The only complaint I have is that after Hurley (HURLEY???) beat Sawyer in table tennis, aka Ping Pong, Sawyer had to promise not to use any nicknames for a whole week. Whose dumb idea was that? The nicknames make the show, in my opinion. Last weeks comic show with all the funny Sawyer lines had me laughing out loud. I love that part of his character!

Oh, and John Locke is the nuttiest of all of them. He has lost all common sense, and is doing crazy stuff like leaving a prisoner un-watched. And him doing whatever the computer told him to do, was completely insane. They better shoot Locke soon, before he kills everyone else on Lost Island. I have to admit I was disappointed in Locke tonight. I knew at the time NOT to enter 77. I knew at that time it was a self-destruct from just looking at the face and hearing the tone of voice of the video guy! Now they lost all that equipment that was over 13 years newer
than what they had before, including maybe a SATELLITE dish that could hadbeen repaired. Locke didn't display any common sense.

A whole room of Dharma Operations Manuals and these idiots manage to blow it up. Good grief. What did we salvage, a single map? Not to mention the only communications equipment gone.

Who in their right mind requires you to successfully beat a chess program before you can run diagnostics on the computer system? Perhaps it's like the numbers were, some way of ensuring that a human is required to operate the systems. Either that or they assumed the 'hostiles' don't know how to play chess.

I guess we now know what happened to Ms. Klugh as well. If the promo is to believe (and it usually should not be) then eyepatch guy doesn't have much longer either.

Don't get me wrong, I loved last night's episode, but it does seem to raise a few questions in my mind.

1) If the "map" Sayid found does indeed show the location of the "barracks," are they the same "barracks" that Candle/Wickman talks about in the Pearl video? I mean, in the latter he says the workers are to proceed to the ferry docks and then are to be taken to the barracks. Why go to the ferry when the "barracks" are inland?

2) Seemed to me that the "map" Sayid had was very similar to the Blast Door map, with the "barracks" in the middle. It's certainly possible that the "?" on the Blast Door map indicated the "barracks" instead of Pearl, but that would mean that Radzinsky was so far out of the DHARMA loop that he had no idea there WERE any barracks, much less where they were located.

3) When exactly did DHARMA operations on the island go belly up? From this episode, it would seem that it happened fairly long ago, yet Kelvin served in the first Gulf War, THEN joined DHARMA. How long was he in Swan, anyway? I have this really bizarre picture in my mind of a DHARMA airplane dropping him on top of the Swan food shipment :-)

Desmond killed Kelvin on the same day that the system failure occurred, bringing down the plane. That date was 9-22-2004. The first Gulf war was over by 3-01-1991. Assuming he served the entire war and then immediately joined up with Dharma, he could have been in the Swan station as long as ~ 13.5 years. It really depends on how long after the war he joined them.

4) I'm thinking the Flame station may have had copies of the various Candle vidtapes for the stations and this may be why Ben told Locke that Swan station was a joke. If he'd seen the Pearl video, he would have assumed, as Locke did, that it WAS a joke. Might also explain why the "Others" never bothered with it when they obviously had taken over all of the other DHARMA stations we've seen (well, Arrow seemed abandoned). If during lockdown, the system resets automatically, Ben would have been telling the truth when he said he didn't push the button.

5) Speaking of Arrow, I was hoping they'd mention if the glass eye Eko found belonged to Patch. Maybe they'll get around to him bringing it up next episode.

I thought the last night's episode was one of the best so far this season as far as bringing questions to the forefront. But there were still a lot unanswered questions left on the table. Why didn't they try and get into the Swan Station? I'm sure more information could have been attained from there also (Dharma Manuls, etc.). What caused the communication problems? Was it the Swan explosion that caused it? Could Sayid have fixed it?

Which is more ironic: That the building exploded just as they were safely out of distance


That they were going to continue their journey without cooking up a few
hamburgers first? (I know Kate's a vegetarian but there's no way meat lovers would let that
opportunity pass.)

And there's: Who would have thought the flame station would go up in flames?

Patchy mentioned something about a Russian station and I instantly thought of the Russian guys who contacted Penelope. Did anybody catch all of what Patchy said about it? Trying to figure out if there's a connection. I know that Penelope's crew was Portugese (by the language they spoke) but do you think there's a connection?

Has anyone else noticed "The Others" are dropping like flies?

What is it now, 3 of them killed including last season.
Black girl last night
Girl on boat
Her husband?
Eko killed at least one, Ana-Lucia killed one.
Ethan from season one
Sawyer shot one of them when Michael was leading them into the trap.
Am I remembering that right?
And Kate killed one in Live Together, Die Alone.

Last year we discussed as to whether or not the Others had a submarine which they used to out maneuver Sayid and someone else with him (forgot who) and capture Desmond's boat, on which Sun ended up shooting Collean in "Every man for himself". Well, that was settled tonight. It was a submarine that they had and who Ben was referring to when he said "The sub is
back..." to Juliet (I think).

Now Mikhail revealed there was some sort of underwater beacon that is used to help them navigate so the existence of the Other's sub can be regarded now as a virtual certainty. It took 'em TWO FREAKIN' YEARS, but they finally told us what was up with that damned cable Sayid found and followed waaaay back in "Solitary."

Still no answer to the mysterious "transmitter" that Danielle re- programmed, though. Sayid specifically asked Danielle if this Flame Station was the transmitter that she reprogrammed and she said no. Which I expected; that satellite dish could not have been broadcasting the numbers on anomnidirectional beacon that those two Navy guys picked up. Somewhere
else on the island there is a genuine radio transmission tower.


1. Ok, the was a whole shelf of manuals covering the Dharma protocols for just about everything.

2. From the comupter, we know that there is a Dharma protocol for dealing with the "hostiles".

3. Egro, there should be a manual on the shelf covering the subject. That manual would explain who the hostiles are and why they are "hostile".

4. These idiots didn't even look. (Lookie, we found a map among the records, lets not bother with the rest, and just blow the place up.)

Ok, back to me for a moment. I've been thinking about Lost a lot lately because I take this updating seriously even if most of your Reign of Ellen readers have deserted the discussion. And I came up with a list of the questions yet to be answered. This is sort of a checklist for me of all the things that have been left hanging that I want to know. So, here's my list. Please add anything you're still wondering about.

1) The black smoke. What is the DEAL with the black smoke?
2) Why could what's-her-name see Walt talking to her a few feet away,
speaking in tongues while the latter was in captivity elsewhere?
3) Who wrote the invisible ink map on the hatch wall, and why? And
what did the map signify?
4) Why did they have to keep entering the numbers in the hatch? And if
doing so was so important, why did Dharma keep such a "hands-off"
policy about staffing the hatch? After all, the last few people
"entrusted" to enter the numbers were people who just stumbled across
the hatch/island. You'd think Dharma would want HR to call the hatch
staff now and then to make sure no one blew their brains out, rather
than just dropping some food and supplies now and then and assuming
everyone's okay.
5) What natural and/or scientific forces caused the hatch to implode
and turn the sky "purple"?
6) How did Locke lose his ability to walk? How did the island give
this ability back, assuming it did?
7) Who were those Black Pearl slave people whose skeletons the Losties
8) What is the significance of the Lottery numbers to the Island?
9) When/how did Gabrielle and Ben hook up?
10) What do Jack's tattoos mean? (Joke)
11) Whose ghostly whispering could the Losties hear in the jungle in
the first season, and if it was The Others, why aren't they still
12) Why did The Others want Claire's baby?
13) What happened to Desmond when he turned the key?
14) Is Desmond's ex looking for Desmond? If so, how does she know what
electromagnetic "anomaly" to be looking for?
15) What role does Desmond's evil potential father-in-law play in all
16) Why was Libby in the nuthouse?
17) What's Libby's connection to Desmond, pre-Craphold Island, that
led her to sell him her boat?
18) Why did the plane crash? If it was because Desmond didn't punch
the numbers one fine day, then why? Is there a big ol' magnet in that
19) Whatever happened to the DeGroots? What was the DeGroots'
connection to the island?
20) Are The Others employees of Dharma?
21) Who's the eyepatch guy that Locke saw in the surveillance hatch?
22) What was the role of the surveillance hatch? A psychological test?
23) Why do aircraft tend to crash on the island, like Eko's brother's
plane, or Henry's balloon?
24) Why are The Others kidnapping kids? To raise them in a Utopia or
"better life"? What makes it better?
25) Why did Desmond's boat keep going in circles?
26) Why didn't the Smoke kill Eko during their first encounter?

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Blogger Ribbon Rock Star said...

I love LOST!!! I was a little irritated with the NO Nicknames thing too! LOL I love the nicknames.

I will be back to read more of this post.


8/3/07 1:35 PM  
Blogger TOM said...

Shoot locke..what an Idiot he is...I mean if he even thought about it for a minute..he was holding a prisoner and he was the "Hostile" he helped to blow the hatch too...the guy is a menace!

9/3/07 8:11 AM  
Blogger Misfit Hausfrau said...

I have been so frustrated with this season of Lost. This episode was by far the most interesting thus far. They are going to have to throw us a few more bones, however.

9/3/07 11:43 AM  
Blogger Shephard said...

I so agree that Locke has lost all sense. What's up with all the snafus he's making?

9/3/07 5:53 PM  

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