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Thursday, March 15, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

It appears that we're getting back into the swing of things. We've got some new relationships to ponder, some questions that rise anew, and some actual questions that are solved! Solved. I never thought I'd hear myself say that, but yup, it's true.

The big surprise of the episode? Clair and Jack....half siblings. Claire finds out when she and her mom were in a bad car accident, and Jack's Dad comes to visit Claire's Mom in the hospital. where she is in a coma and appears to be brain dead. Nasty Sister of Mom turns out to be the screamy Mimi who sent Jack's Dad away last year in the Ana Lucia flashback. He meets Claire in the hospital but they never find out anything about each other. Claire apparently never knew his name, it doesn't seem as though she is likely to find out she is Jack's half sister. Unless Jack has a picture, or the all-knowing Others tell her. Or he's not really "dead".

Still, the revelation was not a great surprise to me nor did it seem particularly relevant to anything to do with the story. More interesting to me was Claire's confession to her comatose mother that she was sorry she told her mother she hated her and wished she was dead, and that she caused the accident. Does Claire also have the power to make things happen by wishing them?

Anyway, now that we know that Claire and Jack are half-siblings, let's go back to the first season -- the diary. Didn't the writer have something to say about a brother? In fact, is anything that was written in that diary beginning to make sense as we move along in the story?

I didn't read all the diaries. I'm wondering if anyone is keeping up. The first season diary was written by Janelle Granger. The second season diary was written by Chris Dobson. His brother apparently died on the plane. It seems that the producers weren't too thrilled about what was going on with the diaries. I thought Janelle's diary was very interesting, and I think there were certain clues given about the nature of the Losties. The second diary was strange. It was going along well, and suddenly I had the impression that they handed it to someone on the street and said, "Here, make up an ending for this."

You can read about the diaries here:

Locke kills Patches (Mikhail) by pushing him into the barrier fence around the barracks compound. Not a pretty death, btw. Locke is really starting to get to me. I know that he killed Mikhail because he wanted to hide something from his background. From Mikhail's speech, it sounds like he recognized Locke dimly from somewhere. That's why Locke had him bumped off. Locke has never told anyone about his pre-crash life as a cripple except Boone, and Boone is dead as a doornail and isn't talking. Mikhail did seem about to reveal why he remembered Locke as "a different man" when Danielle interrupted, but Locke seemed to want to get rid of Mikhail even before that. Locke obviously has some scheme going on but I don't think it has much to do with his having been in a wheelchair.

Did Rose see Locke in the wheelchair at the airport? I can't remember. She referred to how fast his legs healed, but I only remember that in reference to his injury from the blast door.

Will Locke will have to do away with Rose as well? Like I said, I don't really think Mikhail's possible knowledge of Locke's having been in a wheelchair is what caused Locke to push him into the pylons. Although I'm not sure Locke really thought the alarm system was lethal. It's more like the question of how Locke got in a wheelchair in the first place. (Yes, the biggest mystery of all Lost mysteries.) Mikhail may have known Locke even that far back, around the time of Locke's last flashback we saw.

OK, so let's move on to Jack. The last scene, as the Losties discover that they've arrived at the barracks compound (and wasn't the look on their faces priceless as they see the guy on the bike riding up the path?), shows Jack playing football. With the Tom of the Others. While laughing. And having fun. What the F? What happened to Jack? How come he is buddy buddy with the Others now? Is it merely brainwashing? Is he acting? Now, don't forget when they were leaving the small island Jack convinced Ben that he needs a doctor to help him heal in exchange for sparing Julliet so he must be stuck there and is assembling in their society. He does appear to chummy with Tom.


For anyone who has been to http://spoilerslost.blogspot.com/ , and
read the synopsis of "Par Avion," you might also want to check out
these links:


Remember the dove from "Fire + Water." Bloody rock god, indeed.

Two more interesting bits from "Par Avion":

Charlie is holding a box of DHARMA Charms cereal:

Either the writers were joking that he's as short as a leprechaun, or they were making a statement about the charms of Orpheus: "The music of Orpheus could charm people, even angry people and wild beasts. Orpheus with his Lyre could charm even rocks and streams. It
is said that the oak trees growing along the coast of Thrace migrated there to better hear the songs of Orpheus." http://domeofthesky.com/clicks/lyr.html

Also note the word plays on "liar" and lyre" when used in connection with Charlie.

Sun and Claire place Aaron on a t-shirt that reads "Bondi Beach," which seems to be making a statement about the plot: "'Bondi' or 'Boondi' is an Aboriginal word meaning 'water breaking over rocks' or 'noise of water breaking over rocks.' The Australian Museum records that Bondi means "place where a flight of nullas took place.'" Of course, Bondi Beach is a famous and crowded beach in Sydney. So maybe it's just a beach towel.


Sawyer is reading _The Fountainhead_ now. I wonder if that *other* Ayn Rand book is on the island. :)

"Howard Roark is the hero of the novel, whom Rand portrays as a paragon of Objectivist ideals (though, when the novel was published the term Objectivism had not yet been coined). He is an aspiring architect with a unique, uncompromising creative vision, which contrasts sharply with the staid and uninspired conventions of the architectural establishment. Roark takes pleasure in the act of creation, but is constantly opposed by 'the hostility of second-hand souls' and those unwilling or afraid to recognize his creative ability. Roark serves as the basic mold from which the protagonists of Rand's other great novel, _Atlas Shrugged_, are cast. Roark is the paragon of a successful man as visualized by Rand."


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Blogger Jana said...

I said back when Jack's dad went to that house in Australia that he was Claire's father. I was a little disappointed that the relationship might never become known to Jack and Claire, though. Of course, his father is still roaming around the island somewhere, right?

I wonder who's paying the bills for Claire's mum now that her dad and she are both "dead"?

Does this whole "Charlie's going to die" thing remind anyone else of the Final Destination movies?

I think they stuck Jack in that Clockwork Orange room. Or he's acting to gain trust, one or the other.

Locke is slowly losing it. He used to be so great, and now he's just sneaky. And Sayid is never wrong, so I doubt he's wrong in distrusting Locke.

There are too many coincidences on this island. There's got to be some larger picture here.

15/3/07 9:35 AM  
Blogger Misfit Hausfrau said...

My memory is fuzzy, but wasn't there a reference last season that there is an "evil twin?" Could the "Jack" who was playing football be the twin? My husband saw a website today that showed a different tattoo on his arm that was red and never shown before. hmmm.

15/3/07 7:53 PM  
Blogger Melissa R. Garrett said...

Holy Camoley! It's obvious that I shouldn't be watching LOST alone. I missed all of first season, although when I saw Claire's dad I thought I recognized him from somewhere. I didn't know it was because he is Jack's dad too. DUH! John has always given me the heebie jeebies - I can't totally trust him. I recorded the episode on DVR, so I think I will have to go back and watched it. I feel like I missed A LOT after reading this!

16/3/07 8:14 AM  

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