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Thursday, March 22, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

That was the finest hour of Lost all season! You couldn't blink for a second. This episode now ranks as the best episode this season so far, in my opinion. And the preview for next week looks like this season is about to get real good (although, they've deceived before with the preview). But, is the "box concept" for real, or was Lockes dad kidnapped? What do y'all think?

I was thinking that Locke's father must have been kidnapped, but if something paranormal is happening on that island, why not this too? I think Ben is A LOT smarter than anyone gives him credit for, but how could he have manipulated all the events leading to Locke blowing up the sub? That seems supernatural, even for Ben. And why would Ben need Lockes dad to find out info about Locke? If he had enough info to find Lockes dad in the first place, he would have had all the info he needed anyway.

Ben needed someone to blow up the sub, and Locke appeared. Ben didn't do anything but encourage him indirectly, by trying to talk him out of it. Who said Ben needed Locke's dad to find out about Locke? He obviously wanted him for something, but not necessarily to get Locke's info. I do think Locke blew it up, because obviously Ben was never going to let Jack and Juliet leave the island. Even if Locke had meant to try to pull something more devious, it would be just like Ben to have rigged the sub anyway. He appears to be angry at Julia for leaving and wouldn't mind blowing up Julia and Jack and getting rid of the problem together.

Ben did tell Locke that Jack was leaving in the sub in 1 hour then Locke left for the sub. So did it really take Locke an hour to get to the sub and plant the C4? Because when he was leaving the sub was when Jack and crew came rolling up. Locke was soaked when we saw him. If he was planning on putting the C4 on the exterior of the sub, why get in to begin with? Also, when he did get in the sub he seemed pretty familiar with the setup, i.e. he knew right where the light and switch to turn it on was located, he went right up to it.

From how Ben was talking it sounded like he wasn't planning on Locke showing up so he would have to let Jack and Julliette go. Sayid and Locke know that the Others still have Libby's boat. The Others would have to hold on to it seeing the submarine is gone. Locke still has to have a reason other then not getting off the island for blowning up the boat. Although he wants to stay in the first 6 episodes he was the leader planning on getting his friends back, now he wants to help Ben keep the Others on the island. Locke too must know about Libby's boat.

Last week I had asked if Locke, Kate, and Sayid would go back and get reinforcements or forge ahead and risk capture. I know. I know. it was a stupid question. Who needs reinforcements when you 've got the Three Muskateers? Plus Frenchie Danielle. I guess she still has time to redeem herself and act like the cavalry, though. That last scene, with her seeing Alex was really well done. It is so obvious (thru casting) that Alex is her daughter, and now Alex knows that her real mother is out there and Ben isn't her real dad.

The scene where Locke is first placed in his wheelchair by the orderly was very effective, until that sappy violin music kicked in! The scene where Locke is pushed through the window was also well done. Guy-falling-from heights shots tend to look cheesey. This one didn't. Does it match the shot of the guy falling past Hurley's accountant's window? I thought they dragged out the final scene so long that anyone who has been watching LOST for any length of time must have know who was behind the door. Locke's last line, "Dad?" was very unnecessary. A bit too predictable, but it could be ramped up next week. I'm reserving judgement.

It's also becoming more and more likely that Locke's father will be revealed to be the original "Sawyer" who conned James Ford's parents. Will Locke let Sawyer do the honors of offing this guy? Is putting Anthony Cooper at Locke's mercy a test? Is this really the smoke
monster in disguise again? Is he a "monster in a box?" Stay tuned!

Tonite we saw the ultimate "daddy issue" on Lost: Cooper murdered the young man who would have been his stepson; and he assaulted and attempted to murder his bio son as well.
We've seen lots of different "daddy issues" on Lost, but this was the ultimate.

I think the fact that Locke's paralysis was real (and in the current state of the medical arts, permanent), and that the island really has cured him instantaneously somehow, is creative enough. Thank goodness we did NOT get some lame "rational" explanation like Locke's paralysis was imaginary or Locke's paralysis was misdiagnosed. He really did break his spine falling several stories, and yet it instantly healed the moment he ended up on the island. Poor Ben, expecting that his situation would follow Locke's.

I was afraid they were going to explain it away by having him fake it for the disability benefits. I'm sure that was the intent of the writers, to make us believe that might be the answer, was the reason for that opening scene. A total red herring. Good for the writers to try and throw us off course. Nice touch that this seems to be the one thing that seems to be a mystery even to Ben.

Isn't it established that people can steer a boat off the island if they know the direction to the exit? Planes still come to drop the supplies now and then. Even it is tricky, people knowing exactly the coordinates can come and go by boats or planes. I don't like the new rule they just made up that the submarine is the last resorts for the exit. Destroying it and no one can
ever leave. Before what Ben called the anomaly, which was caused by Desmond turning the failsafe key, it was possible to come and go from the island. After that, as Ben explained, and Mikhail mentioned, the homing device no longer worked. We do not know yet whether the supply planes can come any longer; presumably not. But you'd think with GPS, they could find the island. It can't be THAT hidden. There must be some coordinates written down, even if there is no longer a homing beacon. They could use a seaplane and just try and find the dock where the sub resided. I dunno, this seems fishy to me.

I think the point might be is that they don't want to leave but if they did they know they can. Keep in mind they survived the purge by Dharma so they are staking their claim and don't want to give the island back to Dharma that easily. The Others also have Libby's boat as well as thoses boat's they used when leaving the Hydra. Since Patch's said he was taken their by a sub so getting to the island would still be a mystery to the rest of the Others. Also with the
sonar down they can't find their way back according to Ben. Ben is a liar and since Walt is going ot show up later in the season they would be a way back for someone that left.

Is Lost island in different dimension where time advances much more slowly? Last time when we saw the actor who plays Walt, he was too old for the role and the producers had to use camera trick to hide his age/height. He must be a fully grown-up after three years in real time while the character only aged 80 days in the island.

Locke's Dad

The con was that Cooper pretended to care about Locke. He set Locke up in such a way that John *wanted* to donate his kidney. Once Cooper had the kidney, he was finished with Locke. It was never his intent to have a caring father-son relationship with him, although he is Locke's biological father.

I can't remember if this was discussed before or not - is there any chance that Locke's dad is the guy who conned Saywer's family? That seems to be where they're headed. I'm kind of surprised that TPTB are going with connections that were predicted by so many viewers, like the Jack-Claire sibling relationship. It seems too predictable and too easy. But the alias "Seward" sounds similar to "Sawyer," and Cooper is now conveniently on the island, where his victim(s) can exact revenge.


  • Did any body notice that jack has a big red tattoo on his left arm?
  • So how long has Locke's father been on the island?
  • Is that how Ben got all the background on Locke?
  • Do you think Ben not only realizes that Locke has special powers, but he wants to harness those powers for his own selfish gain? Like maybe making Locke a figurehead leader?
  • Jin... do you think she's really playing on the other team? And who dies? She wouldn't kill of Sun, would she?
  • How come the Dharma Project is still feeding the Others? They must know that there are no more Dharma's left, or are the Others really the Dharma people. I really wish they would explain this already.
  • The map on the wall in Ben's room. Is this a celestral map? I kept trying to get a closer look during that scene. It does appear to show constellations. I have to wonder what the significance of this map is.
  • Also, take a look at Locke's tray table. Does anyone know if the border is made up of famous cattle brands, or are those symbols something else? I note the circles made by the glass, the plate, and the lasso; along with the stars (sheriff's badge and spur). For someone born and brought up on an island, it seems a bit odd to be a fan of cattle brands and cowboys.

Great Lines

Ben: Let me put it in a way you'll understand. Picture a box, you know something about boxes don't you John? Somewhere on this island there is a very large box what ever you imagine, whatever you wanted to be in it when you opened that box there it would be. What would you say about that John?

Locke had some good lines. Asking Ben if he had anything to eat sounded like his answer to Ben's "Got milk?" shtick from season 2.

Locke: I'd say I hope that box is big enough to imagine yourself up a new sub.

Locke: Where do you get your electricity?
Ben: We have these two giant hamsters running around on a big wheel.

Ben: My daughter hates me right now....

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Blogger Jana said...

Wow, what an episode! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

My favorite Ben line was "We don't have a code for 'Someone's hiding in the closet with a gun to my daughter's head,' but clearly we should." OR something like that.

It was one of those GASP-I-can't-believe-it endings.

I think you're right about the Sawyer connection, but how will they figure it out?

Jack was REALLY not happy with Locke.

If the box had anything you wanted in it, why in the world would Locke's father be in there?

I don't know what's going to happen next, but at least we only have to wait a week to find out.

22/3/07 8:58 AM  
Blogger MetroDad said...

"Lost" has certainly picked up the slack lately. Last night's episode was amazing. Great recap, Margalit. Love all the questions you brought up. Heck, I didn't even catch some of the stuff that you mentioned!

22/3/07 9:07 AM  
Blogger craziequeen said...

[squeezes eyes shut and claps hands over eyes]




22/3/07 3:42 PM  
Blogger Shephard said...

Last night was definitely one of the best shows, tho I really loved the one before that spotlighted Hurley's curse.

Michele says hello again!

23/3/07 5:40 PM  

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