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Thursday, March 29, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday


Using Billy Dee Williams could ONLY be a reference to Jimmy Kimmel's use of him in Lost comedy bits. Bravo Lost!!! YAY Jimmy!!

I thought that Episode was OK. Nowhere near as good as last week, but not the crappy episodes at the beginning of the season. I loved seeing Maggie Grace again just to hear her bellowing at her poor brother. Man, that girl can play bitchy! Loved the Zeligness of the flashbacks but, shucks, I was really looking forward to some Sun evilness. I hate the way they make the coming attractions look totally different then they really are.

I thought they did a good job intermixing Nikki and Paulo in the original footage of the crash scene. I loved when Nikki mentioned in her flashback that guest stars never stay around. I know most of the show was just a wink here and a wink there, but it was still good.

But the again, I waited all freaking week to see how Lockes father got teleported by Scotty to the island, and instead, we get an episode totally irrelivant about Nikki, Paulo, and diamonds. Not that it wasn't entertaining, it was, but I was so into seeing a bit more.

When Sawyer tossed those diamonds, I gasped audibly. I'd have kept the diamonds, and cashed in big time. It'd be my payment for living in that shithole. Or digging them back up while the group slept to get the diamonds back. :-)

I'm one of those who bitch about sticking to the primary plot of the mysterious island but I liked this episode probably because the flash-backs wereconcerned with events on Craphole Island not pointless stuff that happened years back in the real world. I don't know how many took it this way, but I thought they were tweaking all those who unceasingly piss and moan about not getting *answers* to all the mysteries. We learned all we needed to know about Nikki and Paolo, all summed up in an Edgar Allen Poe like short story.

They also managed to throw us a few bones in the process. The Lostaways are also starting to talk to each other. Sun can really throw a punch. I enjoyed seeing all those dead characters again. And, the one thing that I thought was a particularly sloppy flaw turned out to be a clue to the story's outcome. Namely, if Nikki's dead, how's she having flashbacks?

I wonder if some fans now feel like apologizing for their negative reaction to the introduction of Nikki and Paolo at the beginning of the season. I still don't understand how they're iconic, as the producers suggested. Heck, I think Engine-sucked-guy is a more iconic figure. If anything, Nikki and Paulo are even *worse* than anyone thought, because they're murderers (joining Lost's Murderers' Row).

How does that make them iconic characters? We've already got several con men (Sawyer, Cooper, Ben) and a bunch of murderers.

"While even Lindelof acknowledges that Nikki and Paulo are 'universally despised' by fans, that's going to change, he vows: 'We had a plan when we introduced them, and we didn't get to fully execute that plan. But when the plan is executed, Nikki and Paulo will be iconic characters on the show.' Source: Entertainment Weekly " http://www.spoilerfix.com/lost.php

It seems to me that Lindelof is suggesting they will become important and enduring symbols of the show. But unless the plan has not been fully executed, Nikki and Paulo are not icons, and I see no reason for the fans' opinion of them to change. They did bad stuff, they kept secrets, they (apparently) ended up dead. That's par for the course on this show. The only difference is, we got the Reader's Digest condensed version with N & P. Everything was compressed into one episode.

I did like the amusing "power lines" - "Paulo lies" - "paralyzed" bit, and the Medusa spider for its mythological connection, but I thought Boone and Shannon were totally underutilized. At least Arzt had a purpose in the episode.

And when are these people gonna learn to listen to the dog? Vincent was clearly saying "They're alive!" when he pulled off the blanket. Sheesh. And admit it, how many of you were expecting a hand to come thrusting out of the sand ala Thriller? I did! It was a great hoot that the people were buried alive. Oops. I just wonder why I should care. Unless Paolo and Nikki get out of the sand alive, and do something else equally perverse, why should we really care about them? They weren't there long enough for Sawyer to even remember their names, never mind come up with good nicknames for them. Probably the most uninteresting characters so far. However I loved how they worked these characters into the flashbacks with Boone and Shannon and everyone else.

Paolo and Nikki certainly took finding a mysterious hatch in stride! It seemed ridiculous that they didn't say a word to anyone about Eko's brother's plane or the hatch they found. You think they just might have mentioned something, but no.

Even if if was an unlikely place to find their bag, underground and all, why not report back about what they found? I mean before Paolo stashed the diamonds in the toilet tank? To do otherwise would have ground the episode to a halt, I guess. But it seemed unrealistic, even for Lost. I enjoyed the way this episode was high-paced and never let up.

In one of Expose's flashbacks - did I hear right- Shannon dissed Boone by implying he was flirting with Paolo? In a season one episode didn't she refer to Locke as Boone's "new boyfriend?" What's up with these remarks? Was Boone's character meant to be a switch hitter, or was Shannon just being her usually bitchy self?

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Blogger Malady said...

I enjoyed going back to the beginning of the series and seeing the old characters again and how Paolo and Nikki were intergrated into the early scenes. I just don't get the importance. Surely there will be more to this story. Otherwise, why bother to introduce two new characters just to kill them off in one episode?

29/3/07 10:27 AM  

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