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Thursday, March 01, 2007

So you're bigger than we are

Dear Cement Mixer Driver,

While I appreciate the building of so many new hospital buildings in the Longwood Medical area, it would be swell if you would at least try not to infuriate legions of drivers just trying to get to their hospital-based appointments by not blocking Brookine Ave. I mean, there's one of you, and you're a huge freaking truck, but trying to weasel your way in front of me when I'm already in the lane and following the #60 bus with hardly a foot between the two vehicles, that was pretty freaking stupid. Especially when you then blocked an entire lane of traffic to get to the construction site less than a block away.

Did you really need to try and force me off the road so you can dump your load in an empty lot? Did you even consider waiting until the useless traffic cop from the Boston Police Department, who of course was busy chatting up one of the construction workers and didn't even see you cutting across 2 lanes of traffic by brute force, motioned for you to go? Or don't you have to follow the traffic laws everyone else is bound by.

I'd like to thank you for tying up traffic with your stupidity, thus making us 15 minutes late for our doctor's appointment. Not that you care or anything, because you're bigger and that makes you so much more important, right? Asshat.



Dear Parking Lot in the Harvard Coop Building,

Every time we have an appointment at the Children's Hospital offices in your building, the parking lot is closed. Every freaking time. Each and every time, I have to honk my horn to get an attendant to come out, where I say "I need handicapped parking" and the attendant, who doesn't speak a word of English says "Que?" and I point to my handicapped placard, whereas he says "Base-a-men" and I nod and say "I know" and then he lets me in. There are supposed to be more than a few handicapped spaces in this garage, and you are supposed to allow handicapped patrons to get into the garage without having to go through this freaking mating dance.

Plus, you have those damn parking machines that don't work, and make people absolutely nuts because they're paying top dollar for parking and the freaking machines won't take their money or their credit cards. They are useless. What is wrong with a good old human attendant that can actually process money and credit cards quickly? Is it that you can't find anyone because every damn hospital in the entire Longwood area, all 2,647 of them, have hired every possible candidate for their valet parking services?

And how come you charge the same rate for handicapped parking, but the other Children's parking lots give a reduced rate? Just wonderin'.



Dear City of Boston,

Thank you for putting up such ambiguous signs on Avenue Louis Pasteur. There are no meters, so it appears that there is no parking on the street. The signs that cover both sides of the street say "No stopping or standing 7 pm to 7 am" but do not say that you can't park there other times of the day. However, there are no cars on the street there, which leads me to assume that parking is illegal. Is it? How would one know?

It seems like a perfect place to park, right in front of Harvard Medical School and all. Plus it's so sunny on that street that your car gets all warm and comfy inside. It's patrolled by the Harvard Police, but they didn't seem to be annoyed when I sat in the car reading a book while waiting for my kid to finish up her appointment.

So can I park there or not?


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