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Friday, March 09, 2007

Sonnet, Girl Style

The Girl had to write a sonnet for homework this week. Let us just say this was not the best use of her time, according to her. I mean, she could have been shopping or watching Smallville on the CB, but no! Her English teacher obviously doesn't have a clue. Teenagers are so not into Sonnets.

So here is her first version. Obviously, it was not what she handed in. But man, I'd have given anything to see her hand this in.

"I hate my sonnets, the rhyme scheme stinks.
My poems are strange; they break all the rules.
My sonnet to the real world bears no link.
I write my poems without any tools.
My writing hand is beginning to cramp.
I lean back in my chair and then I take stock.
This stupid sonnet stinks more than the damp.
This assignment is almost over, done.
I read all the time and do my work well.
My writing stule is very, very crude.
Believe me when I tell you, this is hell.
I do not like to write this stupid stuff.
Listen now, I say, "Enough is enough.""

I'm so proud.

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Blogger Jenny said...

Tell Girl, BRAVO! :) That's priceless.

10/3/07 8:59 AM  

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