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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Still Poor, Still Sick, Slightly Outraged--Updated

Well, I didn't win the lottery. Frankly, I am shocked. Shocked I tell you. I had already picked out both my new house in town, and my summer house on the shore. I wasn't interested in purchasing Mar-a-Lago from the Donald, btw. Not at all. It's a bit ostentatious for me. I'm OK, I'll get over the crushing disappointment. Sob.

I am still sick. Still outrageously wheezing and coughing up all sorts of rainbow colored phlem. So I went to the doctor today. My appointment was at 3:30. Being chronically OCD, I was there 10 minutes early, just in case. I am always early. I am a terrible disappointment to my chronically late mother. Anyhow, I got there, waited for 5 minutes for the receptionist to show her face, and then sat in the waiting room for 40 minutes, when I finished the first People magazine, the one with Anna Nicole Smith on the cover. Okay, one of the many recent editions with ANS on the cover. It didn't have anything even slightly interesting.

When I started getting antsy, I went up to the receptionist and asked how much longer. She checked and told me they were getting a room ready for me. I felt so special. A person came and got me and put me in a room, took my blood pressure, which was ridiculously low, my temp which was elevated, and my pulse which was sort of normal. She listened to me wheeze and told me to put a gown on so the doctor could listen to my crackling lungs. And then she left.

Twenty minutes later, still no doctor. I had now been waiting for an hour and a half, which is my definate limit. I mean, no doctor should be THAT behind unless he's doing surgery or performing some emergency procedure, neither of which happen in my Internist's office. So I put my clothes back on and left. I stopped at the receptionist and told her that I just couldn't wait any longer, and walked out.

When I got home, the Boy was not here. I had no clue as to where he was. No message. That is so against the house rules. You never go anywhere without letting me know where you are. He didn't leave a message, but he did call the home phone 3 times. By tracing back the calls, I finally found him where he was not supposed to be, and let him have it. But what ticks me, what really annoys me, is that I went right by him on my way home from the doctor, and I could have easily picked him up if he had just left a message. He is so grounded.

My head is about to fall off my shoulders, I've got a raging sinus infection and the freaking doctor didn't even show up so I could beg for a Zithromax pack. So I left a message on his answering machine which he will not pick up until tomorrow, because, you know, he's too freaking busy to answer his phone without a 24-hour lag time. I'm not liking this new doctor at all. Tardiness is the kiss of death as far as I'm concerned. It means he thinks his time is more important than mine, and I just do not like that attitude. In fact, I once billed my former gynecologist who left me waiting for 2 hours before I got up and left. He paid me, too. He knew he was wrong.

So am I nuts? Should I have just sucked it up and waited forever?

Update: The doctor called to apologize. He was double booked and the person right in front of me was the one that got in first. Damn it. And I was early! But he told me to go to urgent care in the morning to get a z-pak, and I'll be doing that. Drugs are good.

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Blogger Aimee said...

OMG you are my new hero! Seriously!

It's ridiculous to be kept waiting that long. It's bad enough to have to wait in that stupid paper gown - the time feels like twice what it is.

When I went to the doctor with a same day appointment because i'd had the flu for a week - they were shocked that I had a temperature. Like, "oh! you have a fever!" Really?! Is that what I meant when I said I HAVE THE FLU. grrr.

Anyway, here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

7/3/07 7:09 PM  
Blogger Mamma said...

It annoys me to no end to have to wait at the doctor's office. But if you're that sick...

Feel better.

7/3/07 10:24 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Can you be my mentor? I'm notoriously early for everything, but I'm horrible about making excuses on why others are late and will usually wait and wait and wait until I've made things very inconvenient for my own schedule. I think you need to train me in your ways of the wise! :) Great post!

8/3/07 8:29 AM  

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