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Saturday, March 31, 2007

This week in pictures

Here's the happenings around the house this week. Nice and peaceful most of the time. Of course we were all sicker than can be, but...

The Girl makes the best freaking oatmeal cookies. I don't know why her cookies taste better than anyone elses. She uses the recipe on the top of the Quaker box. But they are sooooo good.

The day dinner snuck up on me and I had nothing planned. Or, to be more truthful, one of the days dinner snuck up on me and I had nothing planned. I have to use up the hametz, so tortelini it was. Julienned peppers, some curry powder, and some green beans. Pretty, fast, and healthy!

The Boy has a pair just like this in his room. Look, it's halloween!

He isn't all hormones and sulking rage. I can make him laugh like anything. And I kissed him right in the queue at the grocery store today. Heh. Such a shana punim!

Have you met our neighbor? You got me. I have no idea. But he's there all year round. I find him charming.

Ooooo, I love you. I LOVE you. Now can I sleep on your pillow?

No, I can't? OK, then I'll just settle down here on the folded comforter. You won't really need to be unfolding it, will you? Meow!

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Blogger Karen said...

Those cookies do indeed look de-lish. Maybe she undercooks them? My boys LOVE when I undercook cookies and they nearly fall apart in their hands.

My oldest boy is 14 going on 30. He used to get so upset with me if I put my arm around his shoulders in public but now, he seems to be mellowing out and he's finally starting to smile and laugh again. Thank God! Now, if I can survive the youngest going through puberty I'll have it made!

Here via Michele! Hope your weekend is going well!

31/3/07 6:12 PM  
Blogger Carmi said...

I find it amazing that some people have that touch when it comes to making certain recipes. How did you know that oatmeal cookies are my all-time faves?

Hope things are going well in your house. We're almost all changed over. I do my best to help my wife, but I'm just a jet-lagged guy :)

31/3/07 11:17 PM  
Blogger barbie2be said...

here, kitty, kitty, kitty!

2/4/07 11:27 AM  

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