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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Catalogs, why do you mock me?

I am not much of a catalog shopper. I do some online shopping, mostly to find items I like and then to go purchase them in retail stores. I don't like to buy what I can't feel and handle. I need to try on clothing. I need to touch fabrics. I need to see real colors and not what my monitor or a catalog tells me the clothing will look like. I evidentally am a luddite when it comes to shopping.

Recently I had to buy shoes, and because Sasquatch is a distant relative of mine, shoe shopping is more than just a chore, it's a miserable experience because shoe stores do not carry my size. They have no hearts, the shoe purveyors. So I must pick out shoes online or in catalogs. The pair of shoes I bought didn't even fit and I had to return them after the 'event' because they left me a functional cripple. And those were my size. See, trying on things is a necessity for me.

Since I bought those shoes, catalogs have started coming to my mailbox in droves. At first it was just a bunch of gigantic shoe catalogs. They come with startling regularity, and most of the shoes are horribly ugly. I can't see myself wearing most of the styles they tout.

After the initial shoe catalogs came a bunch of clothing catalogs. Because I have gigantic feet, the catalogs assumed I also have a gigantic body and sent a bunch of ubersized clothing catalogs. The assumption wasn't completely unfounded, but with my recent weight loss, I need clothing that is actually not made by Omar the Tent Maker.

But no problem. Because I started getting furniture catalogs. And catalogs of home decor. These I devour. I cannot believe how beautiful some of the offerings are. And how expensive.

Anyone that follows my Stylehive knows that I have very expensive taste. Though I live on a pauper's income, in my imagination I am the queen of disposable income and have all the living space to collect art glass, pottery, and anything else that strikes my fancy. These catalogs don't care that I can't afford anything in them. They come purposely to mock me and make me feel like less of a person because I cannot spend thousands on a stone bathtub or a hand made bed. Never mind the glass. Oh I love the glass. Had I the funds and the space I would have the most amazing collection of glass.

Which is why my Stylehive has been so active lately. I've decided that I can spend the money virtually by showing you all of the things I think are beautiful, amazing, or funky. This is so much fun. It's better than scouring Etsy, which I also do.

Go ahead, click on my Stylehive and browse thru the offerings. Tell me which products you like best. Enjoy it. It's all free for the browsing.


I haven't had the time to pick the winner of the free book contest yet because my children are taking up all of my time. I KNOW...the nerve of them. But I'll choose someone by this weekend in an old fashioned pick from a hat, and will post the winner by Monday. OK?

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Blogger Rhea said...

I like your Sasquatch line. Funny. But I take Bigfoot seriously.

11/4/07 8:52 AM  
Blogger barbie2be said...

you have some beautiful things on your stylehive! i love the Laura Spector bed!

11/4/07 12:53 PM  
Blogger Me. said...

I do not know what size you are but I am assuming it is not 6M. Here is a great place:
I used to work for them and they are a great company owned by a brilliant person; Barbara. I think they have a total of 6 employees and are very good about orders plus located in Boston right on Newburry St. A little hard to find but they are there. Let me know how that goes, and say hi to them from Darya.

11/4/07 8:35 PM  

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