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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Changing over

I'm not a weak person. But changing over my kitchen for Passover gets harder and harder every year. It's not that I'm getting older or weaker, although both of those things hold true. It's that I'm less organized and spacier every year, and so things tend to disappear or end up where I didn't expect them to be. I used to have a special place on the shelf of my garage for the Passover stuff. Everything was packed away in bins and boxes.

And then we moved.

We don't have a garage anymore, we have a huge barn that I wouldn't put ANYTHING in. It has wildlife in there. Not condusive to storing my Passover stuff.

So I use the basement. The basement that had a bit of a flood earlier on in the winter. The basement where we had to move everything really fast to get it out of the water. The basement that seemingly has eaten up my Seder plate. Luckily, we have 2 from when we had the 'kiddy table' so we can use the extra, not so nice one. But where the heck IS my Seder plate. Which also has my matzoh cover. I do not know.

We took all the appliances off the shelves and counters, washed every inch with boiling water and Mr Clean, that sexy guy, and then covered everything up with thick tin foil and lots of tape. Boxes of hametz headed down to the kitchen. The Girl, bless her, rearranged the meat pots and pans so that the cupboard closed, and is now taped shut. The toaster is in the pantry which is just about to be taped up. The shelves have all the KLP food on them.

We cleaned the refrigerator together. May I say that one seriously whining teenage Girl, who had to gag at every single thing that was thrown away, was not particularly helpful. However, for once the Boy was in cooperative mode, and cleaned the bottom of the fridge, under the veggie drawers, which is always the most disgusting part of the task. Now the fridge is gleaming and all the food in there is fresh for Pesach.

The floors will be washed tomorrow morning, we'll search for the leftover hametz, and I have to straighten up the dining room tomorrow while I cook the matzoh balls, chicken soup, charoses, and brisket. The kugels are made.

I do have one more trip to the grocery store tomorrow, and probably another one on Tuesday as well for fish. But essentially we're done.

Every single year I wonder why I do this. It's a reminder of what slavery in Egypt was all about. Hard, backbreaking work. But at least we get a brisket out of it!

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Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I wish you a very Happy Passover Margalit, and I must say I do not evnvy ALL the hard work you must go through to have this lovely Pesach, but I do envy the Matzo Balls, And That BRISKET in particular...! ENJOY!

2/4/07 5:03 AM  
Blogger Rhea said...

My mom used to do all that cleaning and changing of dishes for Passover. I don't do any of that. I guess with each generation the whole thing gets watered down. And I love Passover!

2/4/07 8:24 AM  

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