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Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm in LOVE with Dice-KKKKKKKKKK

Granted, opening day wasn't a great start for the Red Sox. Curt Shilling pitched poorly, as he said himself on his blog. The second game was better, with our first win of the season. Beckett was the starter and did a good job. Yesterday afternoon, however, was a HUGE day in baseball for Red Sox nation. It was the first time Dice-K pitched in the major leagues. He was poetry in motion. Masterful. Worth every cent of his absolutely huge salary.

And the hearts and minds of the Nation felt that surge of hope. That maybe we could do it again this year. Why not us? Why not again this year? We will pray every day that the boys of summer keep playing great baseball.

We thank Tony Conigliaro for having number 25, and not 95, because the Red Sox are going to make available 200 bleacher-type seats for the season to honor Tony. The seats will cost $25 and will be available only on game day, first come first served. We can afford to go to the games! We can watch from the nosebleed seats on right field, but we can go. For this I am so happy and so excited. We haven't been able to go to Fenway once since we've been back in Boston. Seats are way too hard to get and cost a small fortune. The last time we saw the Sox play was in Oakland, where a $25 seat gets you right behind the away dugout. Fabulous seats. We saw a lot of games there when the Sox were in town.

Man, I'm so glad it's baseball season. My whole demeanor perks right up after opening day.

Go Sox!


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