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Thursday, April 05, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

My overall review of this episode: Good, but certainly not great. Wonderful to see Smokey again, and it was way cool to see Smokey rebuffed by the electronic fence. Kate's backstory...eh. But interesting to see Sawyer's new lover and Sawyers old lover team up for some fancy conning. Kate's mother is a whacko bitch. Liked Hurley's con to get Sawyer to integrate into the community. Sawyer holding Aaron: priceless. Juliet and Kate. Nothing like a bit of mud wrestling Lost-style!

OK, so here are the finer points of tonight's episode.

So Juliet wakes up hand-cuffed to Kate. But yet she's got the key in her pocket? That she hides for a long time. Seems a little too planned to me. And when did meek and mild Juliet learn those self-defense moves? Not too many people could have pulled off what she did, given the surprise attack with a pool cue. She was sure quick at grabbing Kate's wrist, the moment the knife was opened? Was she really unconcious, or was this all part of the plan? Befriending Kate and Jack is a good way for her (one of the Others) to infiltrate the Lostie's camp, if it is all a scam. But why would the Other's need to. They know everything about the Losties already. Anyhow, I think Sayid is on to her, though. I wonder if we'll see something happen to him? Plus she's had her shoulder dislocated 4 times. That's a bit unusual for an infertility doctor.

So like Locke, Juliet also has this ability to see the future. Predicting the rain, knowing where Sayid was when they got to the village, knowing Jack was still there. Has she been throug all this before? Or was she prepared by Ben to pretend to be left behind?

So now we know what the fence was for. Or at least we think we do. But the fence went both ways. Was it to keep people out? Or to keep the Other's in? Or to keep Smoky out? I don't really know. But I want to know why Smoky didn't attack them when they were by the tree? It obviously doesn't have any problems uprooting them. Was it because it was actually after Juliet, and the handcuffs were her method of protecting herself? (It couldn't take Juliet, without taking Kate too.) What were those bright flashes? Almost like a short circuit. What the heck were those? Smoky sure beat a quick retreat. I assumed it was going for Juliet, but when they were in the trees, there was a flash of light on Juliet for a few seconds. It reminded me of the encounter with Eko. Perhaps it was going after Kate, but saw Juliet and backed off. Not that Juliet has any special knowledge of Smokey (or so she say) but the flash when they were in the trees might have made Smokey see that Juliet is to be passed over like Eko. If the Other's have a fence surrounding their village, they wouldn't go prancing off in the bush, unless they know how to avoid smoky. In fact, if it wasn't for the fence, there is no way Juliet would have been able to out run whatever this thing is. Juliet was 'marked' by the others, remember? Perhaps a side-effect of the mark may be to ward off Smokey. Or for the mark to call attention to attract Smokey. I just don't know what to think.

So, do you think Juliet is going to be Smokey's next victim?

Unlike Desmond, Juliette has much more knowledge about the Others, the island and Dharma I don't know if she was telling the truth to Kate when she said she has never seen it but she knew the fence would protect her. Just like Eko it initally seemed like the monster was downloading info and it was comming back to finish her off then she ran for the fence.

Either way when she is in the camp Sayid will grill her and if he doesn't kill her Smokey will be back. You don't know whether or not to believe anything Juliet says, even if Sayid threatens to torture her. The problem is that Juliet and Ben have lied so many times (right up through tonight's episode) that I don't believe anything either one of them says anymore. And either does Sayid.

For all we know, Juliet knows exactly what Smokey is but this is part of the Big Secret that all The Others are sworn not to reveal.

New Questions:

Obviously, Smokey wants to get at the Others, as it seemed to head straight for Juliet, until the fence stopped it. So how could people like Ben roam about the island, without fear of being attacked? Does Smokey come alive only at certain times?

What happend to Danielle? Did she follow the Others in order to keep an eye on Alex? Where are the Others? My guess is they hopped on the yacht, and went back to Hydra. But why? Why would they abandon their village?

So Hurley thinks Sawyer should be the leader. Funny thing, though, Hurley seems to act more like the leader. Will Sawyer and Hurley be disappointed when Jack returns? (I know I will be.)

And finally, you'd think the Losties would be a little more concerned as to the whereabouts of Locke, Kate, and Sayid, instead of stuffing themselves with pineapple and pig.

Where: Let's ponder where the Other's went. Do you think they went to the other island? They sure cleaned out the place. If they went to the other island, how did they get there? The sub has been blown up (although we do see a quick glimpse of the sub in the next episode coming attractions), we don't really knew WHERE the sailboat is, not do we know where the Michael/Walt boat is. Let's pretend that the sub wasn't blown up and that we will probably see it in present time next week since appears to be Juliet's next flashback next week. Just like the Staff hatch once the Lostie's find out about it the Others seem to abandon the area. My guess is there is more then one place the Others can hang out at and since Dharma is going to appear on the May 9th episode the only guess I can think of is that Otherville wasn't orignally where the Others came from was another abandon Dharma establishment and the Others live in caves or some primative place.

How: Underground tunnel. The sub is toast. Or is it? What about the sail boat. Not big enough for all the Others. So I'm betting underground tunnel. And what is better to mark a tunnel than....

Where: To the area where the four-toed statue was. It's something we haven't seen in a while, and it's time for it to come back. I want to see it again!

I would guess they're going to wherever the metaphorical "magic box" is that produced Locke's father. They had to make some kind of promises to get Locke's cooperation. Just showing Locke's father wouldn't be enough in and of itself. Locke would want explanations.

Actually what I think would be really funny is if they went back to the fake hatch (the one with the door that went nowhere) and there was actually a real hatch hidden there behind the fake wall.

Clearly, something happened between the last Locke episode and this one to make them take such drastic measures. Ben was talking to Locke about having to make up ways of keeping Jack from leaving, then they don't even bother to take him with them when they leave. So much for that :-) I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what they've come up with. (I suppose whatever secrets Locke may be keeping is more important to Ben and Company than Jack...)

How come:

Juliette was able to carry Kate (after being gassed) to the middle of the forest all by herself (with a shoulder that is not in great shape)? And if not Juliet, who carried both of them?

Humans can safely go over the security towers, but intelligent smoke can't? Funny the smoke monster can't go up and over.

Why don't the Losties move from the beach to the houses? Seems like it would be more comfortable, civilized and safer.

In the final scene of tonights episode, the fabulous four leave the barracks compound. They're totally dirty and grotty. What is wrong with these people! Fifteen minutes for a hot shower and a change of clothes won't kill them. Jeez, act rational for once.

I suppose they are going to abandon the nice housing development that has been dropped in their laps, even though it has a cool security fence (whose code could presumably be changed). And like they had time to make a thorough search for resources. When there is a perfectly good town waiting for them with running water, air conditioning, pinball machines, etc. Ben, covering all bets, would have disabled the electrical generator for the town. What does Ben care whether the losties have access to running water and air conditioning? Ben cares about Ben. The comfort (or lack of comfort) of the Losties is unimportant to him.

If Ben wanted to ensure that the Losties could not use the town, then he could have done any of the following: 1) Kept Jack/Kate/Sayid captive, 2) Killed them, 3) Burned down the town, 4) Left guards behind, 5) Destroy the anti-Smokey fence. He did none of these things. Still, even without electricity, it would be an improvement over life on the beach.

Kate should have taken a lesson from Leela and hurt Juliette until she provided useful information.

I'm assuming that Sayid's interrogation of Juliette, made to sound so promising in the preview, will yield little useful information. Sayid will ask the wrong questions, Juliette will turn out to know only things that are already obvious, etc.

Best lines of the night:

JULIET: "We don't know what it is, but it doesn't like our fences"

KATE: "Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell is
going on."

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Blogger Malady said...

You ask so many good questions!

I was wondering when they were going to bring the smoke monster back.

Maybe Juliet wandered out looking for Kate and found her already dumped in the jungle and THEN handcuffed herself to Kate?

I don't trust Juliet. I think it's a scam.

Remember how the Others said that they stole people who were "good" and Locke pointed out that the Others weren't forgiving about Kate's past? Then why the heck did they try and steal Eko from the beach. He DEFINITELY has a sketchy past.

I was bored with Kate's backstory but I did like seeing her interact with Sawyer's ex.

I love Hurley and it was good to see him again. And manipulating Sawyer.

My favorite line:

Sawyer: I don't like...blankets.

5/4/07 3:05 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Oooo, I forgot the blanket line. Great catch. That whole scene with Sawyer and Aaron was priceless. THe comment about the baby being less wrinkley. Too freaking funny.

5/4/07 5:23 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

Margalit, so you do this after every episode? If so, I'm coming back because you wrote about things I had already forgotten! You must take good notes!

7/4/07 5:59 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Judy, I've been doing it on every episode since September. I watch each episode once for dramatic effect, and then a second time to pick it apart and post about it. I pretty much memorize the show. I NEVER take notes. That would be too geeky, even for the queen of geeks, which would be moi! :-)

7/4/07 6:15 PM  

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