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Thursday, April 12, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

Due to a late night family crisis of big proportions, I haven't had the time to really devote to my usual verbose summary of Lost. For which I apologize and give you the following link, where you can find an excellent recap and plenty to think about.

My opinion on the episode? Awesome. It left just the right amount of questions, it filled in just the right amount of missing information, it gave just the right amount of sneaky twists to make me anxious for next week's episode. I thought this was a really well done show, and again gives me hope that the writers are totally back on track and our favorite show is going to pay off again!

Now, onto the questions and comments.

So the big problem isn't getting pregnant, on Lost Island, but rather staying alive once you are. Been there, done that. Of course I'm still alive, but...

Ben was so adamant about not letting any woman leave the island, so Juliet could test out her theory regarding conception. Did a pregnant (by Ben) Danielle leave the island at one time, and then when she tried to return, they discovered her mind was screwed up as a result? Could the people she shot be some of the Others, as opposed to being her own crew? I hope they do a flashback on her.

And what about Juliet? Man, for 3/4 of the episode, I was feeling sorry for her. The nerve of Sawyer and Sayid: trying to stop her from saving Claire's life. And then guess what? It turns out, the whole shebang was planned. The old implant in the body trick. She even pulled the wool over Jack's eyes. She is evil incarnate. She is very very bad, but the acting is very very good.

So who is she really after? Well her look at the end sort of gave it away (I think). Who was the person to her far right that she turned back a second time to glare at him? Desmond. She's got it in for Desmond. The question is, Why?

So what did we learn? Well she did drag Kate into the woods. I'm surprised she admitted it to Jack, though. And what about her sister? She had a recurrence of cancer, but "Jacob" was going to correct it personally. Who the heck is Jacob Evidently, someone who can work miracles. I don't believe we've met Jacob yet, have we? But someone did cure her sister (if she actually DID have a recurrance) because we saw her later with her son on the playground. You got me!

And what about the sub. The way I understand it, it actually did get blown up. But interestingly, Juliet had to be tranquilized, and strapped in to come to Lost island. What is the trip like to get there? A journey over Niagara falls? I've never sailed in a sub before, so I'm no expert, but are sub rides so bumpy? I always thought they were relatively smooth riding below the current and all. Anyone know?

So now the sub is gone, along with the all important Flame station. What the heck is going to happen next? They can't leave, they can't get info from back home. Probably no food coming through. Where did Locke take Ben? Looks like they may need that magic box, after all. Or do they have all the necessary equipment on the little island to communicate offshore?

Is it a coincidence that the guy with the heavy mascara, Richard Alpert, bears a striking resemblance to a young Rod Serling? What are the producers trying to tell us? Note: I just read earlier on Wikipedia that the character of Richard Alpert was named for the real Richard Alpert, aka Baba Ram Dass, former Harvard professor and current spiritual guru and Buddhist.

Are we to assume that Claire received the implant after being kidnapped by Ethan? Or was the implant what Juliet was giving her with the shot? Or what? I was a big confused by this. Why would they put an implant in her if they planned on taking the baby from her and killing her, as Alex said? Did the Other's want the baby, or did they just want to test Juliet's procedure on a pregnant woman to see if it worked. Was it conception that has hampered a successful pregnancy as Juliet surmised, or was it something about the island? I think they figured out that it was the conception because Claire did carry Aaron successfully, and the whole sick episode was planned somehow to make Juliet into a trusted hero.

Notice that Juliet was originally brought to HERARAT AVIATION, where she drank the orange juice, but she supposedly reached the island via submarine. Since she was knocked out the entire time, we actually have no idea how she got there. For all we know, the sub story was a complete hoax. Or that she flew into someplace close (Fiji, Bora Bora, Tahiti?) and then took the sub from there. It could happen!

I also think the name "HERA RAT" is very interesting. I've been looking for anagrams of Herarat Aviation, because I don't find anything significant for Herarat on Google, except possibly the name of a character in a vampire book, or perhaps the meaning "hairy." Maybe it's supposed to be Earhart, as in Amelia? Like because she's going to disappear forever?

I do think Juliet is one of the true queen bitches on TV. She's so annoyingly smirky and such a consummate liar. The whole deal with "See you in a week" skeeved me right out. I think she has her own agenda, particularly regarding Ben and how he has manipulated and tricked her. The whole "man of his word" business is at the heart of this. He manages to manipulate people beautifully by twisting his promises, and making them stay "true to THEIR word" in a most nefarious way. While Ben was telling her what to do, at the end of the episode, they kept zooming in on her face, which looked to me as if she was trying to hide an 'I have you now!' kind of smile. I think she instantly saw Ben's new infiltration plan as a way to play both ends against the middle in the hopes that something may happen to further her own aims in the ensuing chaos. I'm with Jack on this one.

I think Juliet's primary goal, under any and all circumstances, is to get off the island and back to her sister and nephew. Unfortunately Jack has not fully thought through what that might mean concerning her ultimate loyalties.

I love how the story keeps circling back on itself and how the flashbacks are becoming frequently about the island. And I like Juliet's character but if they've explained her motivation for being how she is I guess I missed it. They elaborated every detail of Julia's life. But the end result just don't match. I guess there are too many cooks in the kitchen. And the one in charge of the last part just wants a twist. There's a piece of Juliet's backstory that is still missing. Namely, how Juliet reacted to Ana-Lucia's killing of Goodwin, whom she had been sleeping with. She may blame the Lostaways for Goodwin's death, which would have really infuriated her if she were in love with Goodwin.

I really liked the way they segued the Juliet backstory right into the Season 3 premiere teaser backstory. Elizabeth Mitchell gave what may be her best performance to date.

Just one or two loose ends:

The relationship between Goodwin and Juliet and how the heck the Others found out about the man that Sawyer killed. Since Flight 815 disappeared, did the Aussie cops figure out somehow that the bullet in the man's body came from Sawyer's gun? Or did they find a witness? I still don't know how they would be able to compile details no one witnessed, such as Sawyer's killing the guy before he left. Perhaps we'll get that in the next Sawyer episode.

Similarly, in 3 months Sayid's name and bio have probably been in all the newspapers by now. An Iraqi Republican Guardsman with a history of torture under Saddam's orders who just happened to be aboard Flight 815 would have generated lots of newspaper stories, and Mikhail could have found out about all the people Sayid tortured in Basra and elsewhere just by downloading that information.

If she knows about James, then Juliet (and by extension - Ben) probably knows Jack and Claire are step siblings, and perhaps just about every other secret the group has, etc. and this has all been a "big ruse" or "long con" on Jack for some unknown reason. She and Ben must have cooked up her apparently wanting to kill Ben, just so she could eventually get trusted by Jack!

Who knows Sun is pregnant?

Ben didn't know why he has cancer, he also doesn't know why he's not healing as fast as Locke.

If Sun really IS pregnant, then it isn't conception afterall, right? Which makes this whole story Juliet has told either a lie, or she's a really crappy researcher.

Social enginnering has one major drawback. Come-uppance. What is Juliet's motivation to keep the project going when the sub is downed?

If I'm not mistaken, and according to lostpedia.com, "Ben tells both Jack and Locke he has lived on the Island his entire life."

If that's true, he was probably born on the island, which would mean his mother dropped dead shortly after his birth (or something like that). So perhaps he's obsessed with finding a cure to the fertility problem because his momma was "killed" by The Island.

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Blogger Malady said...

I loved this episode. It was riveting.

I KNEW JULIET WAS A LIAR!!! I just didn't trust her. But I'm not sure that we know her true motivation even now. Could she still be playing Ben and working her own agenda?

I can't figure out why they took Claire. Ben's daughter told her they were going to kill her after her baby was born. So, what do they really want?

And I don't understand how they can know all of these private facts about people.

You make a good point about Sun. What will happen when the Others find out that she is pregnant?

I can't wait for the next episode!!!

12/4/07 11:41 AM  
Blogger shay v. said...

Geesh, Margalit... you always nail so many points on the show... I love that you are still carrying on the Lost Thursdays! Thank you!
Hope the family crisis is over!

12/4/07 1:04 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

Lots of good questions!! Really good episode last night! :)

12/4/07 8:49 PM  
Blogger stephanie-austin.com said...

LOST is slowly killing me.

13/4/07 11:23 AM  
Blogger Shephard said...

Thought provoking LOST post as usual!

I'm assuming Juliet was strapped down for other reasons than a bumpy trip. I think it was a simple control measure, keeping her out of harm's way. But we'll see (maybe).

I still like Juliet (to the actresses' credit), and I'm not convinced she's evil incarnate yet. That seems too predictable, and LOST is rarely so on-the-nose. Or maybe I'm in denial because I like her character so much. :)

Great post.

13/4/07 3:00 PM  

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