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Thursday, April 19, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

My 5 word exclamation at the end of tonight's episode, called Catch-22: What The Heck Was That?

I liked this episode. I like Desmond, even though he seems to have a serious problem with commitment. He doesn't seem able to keep a job, he's left two women in a lurch, and he's pretty lost in life as well as on the Island. But he's interesting, and it was nice to see how he met Penny and how the two clicked right off the bat. It sort of explains how Penny got so involved in him that she would look all over the earth for him. She needs to rescue him. And she's starting to punch holes in the deep cover of the Island's hidden facade. Which is going to be interesting to watch.

Remember those two Portuguese guys who telephoned Penny and told her "I think we found it." That was a hint last season that she was serious about looking for Desmond. A tracking beacon was on Desmonds boat, when the hatch blew, it at least momentarily made said beacon visible on their radar screen and Penny has finally tracked the love of her life down. Penny sends the woman in the flightsuit (character name Naomi), with the picture of Desmond to find him. Naomi does call him Desmond when she sees him, doesn't she? Well there you have it, Helicopters are a short range craft, the ship that it launched off of isn't too far away, help is coming. SO why is Hurley being shot at in the second preview in a row, hmmmm. I believe it was the electromagnetic anomaly at the Swan station which made the island temporarily visible.

Maybe Penny's dad sends Naomi with the picture of Desmond to wax his sorry butt, kind of like Kill Bill meets Lost, and it is all about to turn bad. I always thought that Pennys dad was on the board of directors of DHARMA anyway. Whatever, daddy dearest is one bad ass character and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him.

I don't know why Desmond concluded it was going to be Penny coming to the rescue. Wasn't his photo found in a book written in Portuguese? Those guys that worked for Penny in the artic were Portuguese, but they were men, not women. So who WAS this woman? And how does she know Desmond other than from the photo? The figure in the flight suit was slight. And Desmond's "flash" told him that Penny was searching for him. So he put two and two together and decided that must be Penny. Instead, it turned out to be some other woman, who was likely sent by those two Portuguese scientists, who in turn are working for Penny. So Desmond was only partly right. She may not know much. So she tells Desmond "I was hired by two Portuguese scientists to search for an electromagnetic anomaly in the South Pacific, where they believe you disppeared. Penny Widmore is paying for the expedition. But I flew into some kind of turbulence and my helicopter went out of control and crashed. Where are we?"

But for Desmond, this will be the first confirmation that Penny has detected the EM anomaly from the island and is actively searching for him. Probably the search will be greatly intensified now that the helicopter has disappeared. And that gives him cause for hope.

But until Penny figures out to search by submarine, the boats and helicopters she sends will just keep disappearing. I think it's now pretty clear that if traveling to the island by boat or by aircraft, folks check in but they don't check out.

The book they found in the hanging backpack didn't help matters. Even though before he ever found the photo he saw "Ardil-22/ Joseph Heller" in BIG HONKING LETTERS on the cover of the book. :) He wouldn't have know what was what until he looked inside the book and saw the photo of him and Penny. So he picks up the book and it's in a language he doesn't recognize. He undoubtedly ignored it because he had no idea what it could mean anyway; it's only human to give higher priority to things we understand (a photo of ourselves and our loved ones) and just file away things we don't understand for future reference.

But like I said, it probably had no significance for Desmond (or any other Lostaways), because none of them know that Penny has hired Portuguese scientists to search for him.

Desmond didn't try to take apart the satellite phone to get clues as to its origin either, did he?

Last random thought, if a major organization like the Dharma Initiative put together an organized effort to rescue/kill surviviors of the plane crash, do they send in the rescue/death squad with a minimally charged satellite phone? I THINK NOT. That was lame, so it again pulls us towards Penny as a savior and not that Naomi is a nemesis.

What do you think about all that, BROTHER?

So far, here's the status of the search for Lost Island:

1. Penny thinks Desmond may have disappeared around the location of the EM anomaly, which she is searching for. But she probably doesn't even know there's an island there--given the producers' statement that the island is mostly invisible.

2. Michael and Walt know about the island and DHARMA's Swan Station, but once they're rescued they don't know how to retrace their steps and find it again. And Michael doesn't want to talk much about it anyway, because of what he did to Ana-Lucia and Libby. Not a bad extrapolation on Michael...just about the only way he could expiate his sins on the island would be to spend his freedom in the
outside world in finding them and getting them rescued. Assuming of course that he actually has a conscience.

I think the whole Michael story is an important clue as to how the whole
series will end. It would be unconscionable for the producers to let a killer like him go free, and live a life of tranquility back in our world. Also, it wouldn't be right for Walt to be denied a life with his only living parent who did what he did, out of an overwhelming love for him.

Thus, the only way out is: Either they both die, or it turns out the incident is corrected, and flight 815 procedes to LA without a hitch-- as none of what we've seen has really happened, in so far as the amended time-line goes. However, like Desmond, everyone would have memories of what they went through, and thus will benefit in the long run.

I don't see the point of the monk stuff yet (maybe it will figure in later, or maybe it's to do w/sacrifice and faith) but now we know why Desmond calls
everyone "brother"

So was the flash of "lightning" that appeared on the screen when Hurley complained he wasn't exactly the Flash a little joke by the Lost crew, or a sign related to Desmonds vision? Either way - it was a nifty little touch.

3. Meanwhile, from The Lost Experience we know that Rachel is going to dig up the dirt on Dr. Mittelwerk and DHARMA.

I think all these things are going to come together in Season 4 in some dramatic way--maybe Michael and Penny will team up and they will get word as to what Rachel has been learning.

Other thoughts:

Desmond sure does like being trapped. First he's in the military, than military jail, than a monk, than on a small sailboat, than in a hatch, now trapped on an island.
One wonders why he didn't want to be trapped in a marriage.

Did you notice that the jewelry store lady was in a picture on the desk of the Monk. The one that told Desmond all about his viewing of the future! It sure was, but it looked like she was crudley photoshopped in, and enhanced to make sure the audience could see it was her. Like her face stood out more clear than the Monk on the photo.

Helicopters are liable to crash, just like Henry Gale's balloon.
and Desmond's boat Elizabeth
and Yemi's Beechcraft
and Magnus Hanso's Black Rock
and Oceanic flight 815

What will crash next? Penny's on the right track. But she still needs to figure out that she needs to send a submarine, not a helicopter or boat. She'll probably have to lose a few more helicopters and boats before she decides to search underwater instead.

Best line of the night:

Sawyer says to Kate: "Do I have to make you a Mix Tape?" That just totally cracked me up.

also from Sawyer: "It's three men and a baby. I count Hugo as two men."

Upcoming episodes comments:

"D.O.C." - After learning that the Others' pregnant women died before giving birth on the island, Sun allows Juliet to examine her; Desmond allows an unlikely nemesis to help save the life of a new, mysterious island inhabitant. Jin becomes aware of the identity of the father of Sun's baby.

This should heat things up a little. I wonder who the new mysterious island inhabitant is? Who is the unlikely nemesis? Is the new mysterious island inhabitant Naomi, the women ejected from the helicopter? Is the unlikely nemesis Locke or Locke's father, who will turn out to be the real Sawyer. Or will it be Juliet? She's looking pretty damn good for a nemesis.

Jin finds out who is the father of Sun's baby?

I hope for her sakes that it was never a question that it was Jin's, and its just proven to be true. Clever wording, perhaps, but maybe it isn't Jin's! Then it has to be Bald Tutor Guy's baby. And let's face it, how are they really going to know? Without DNA testing or the soap opera standard of the baby having a different blood type than Daddy, how will they ever know? Unless Sun didn't have sex with Jin at all prior to the crash. Which seems somewhat unlikely considering his personality before the crash. What does D.O.C. stand for anyways? Death Of Charlie? Please God, let it be Death of Charlie.

"The Brig" - A newly focused Locke breaks away from "The Others" in an
attempt to persuade Sawyer to help rid them of a great nemesis that has caused nothing but pain in both of their lives. Meanwhile, a new island inhabitant discloses some shocking information about Oceanic Flight 815.

O.K. If its a common character between Locke and Sawyer, I'm betting that
it is finally revealed that Locke's father is the real Sawyer. Oddly, some sites list the flashback for this episode as "unknown character", while other sites say there is no flashbacks in this episode. Interesting. They refer to him as a "nemesis". I wonder if this is the same as Desmond's "nemesis" in the previous episode, or if the "new island inhabitant" they refer to is Anthony Cooper?

"The Man Behind The Curtain" - is supposed to feature a flashback of Ben
Linus. I wonder if they'll show Jacob? Aren't you just dying to know who and what Jacob is? I know I am.

"Greatest Hits" is supposed to feature a flashback of Charlie Pace. I predict he dies in this episode. Most people think that a bands creative period is over when they release a "Greatest Hits". If the title is a musical reference, Charlie probably dies in this episode. Just let him be dead before the season is over. Please!

"Through The Looking Glass 1 & 2" is supposed to feature a flashback of Jack Shephard. Boring! I hate Jack's episodes. How many episodes does this guy need? His story has gotten so diluted that we had to go to a backstory about a tattoo. I hope this information is inaccurate, because this would be a miserable way to end the season, unless the island events are spectacular.

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