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Thursday, April 26, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

Definately NOT my favorite episode. In fact, it totally pissed me off. OK, I admit that infertility is my personal bugaboo and that I don't take misinformation on the topic lightly. So I was not pleased with this entire episode. Before I get into my own personal rant (and it's a good one), here is a recap of the episode complete with commentary:

Flashbacks are mainly based to show you how much Sun loves Jin.

Shortly after the wedding.... A women blackmails Sun for $100,000 by threatening to reveal that Jin’s father was a fisherman and his mother was a prostitute. Sun finds Jin’s father and he confirms that Jin’s mother slept with many men. He is not even sure that he is Jin’s father. She left Jin with him and he chose to raise him.

Sun borrows the money from her father and ultimately gives it to the woman. The woman as some of you may guess is Jin’s mother. Before they walk their separate ways Sun reminds her how powerful her family is. She sort of implies my husband thinks your dead we can make it a reality if you show up again.

Real time

Sun gets suspicious of Jack when he keeps asking questions about how she is feeling. Sun asks Kate if she thinks Jack has changed since being with the others. Could he be working with them? Do you think they’re after my baby? Kate reassures Sun Jack is on our side and tells her the story of Juliette and Claire and issues with other pregnant women.

Sun questions Juliette and she tells her the pregnant women on this island die.
In the middle of the night while all are asleep Juliette gets Sun to go with her to the medical hatch. Equipment is still there you just need to know where to look.
Juliette says if you got pregnant before you got here then you’ll be fine if you conceived on the island then you will die. Sun tells about her fling with the other man.

Inside a locker is a lever that opens a blast door behind another set of lockers. In that room are all the items from when Claire was taken and a sonogram machine.
By measuring fetus Date of Conception D.O.C. is determined. She also says, after Sun reveals that Jin had no sperm count that sperm count is five times greater on the island. (ugh)

DOC is only 53 days they crashed about 90 days ago so Jin is the father. Sun cries for joy that it is Jin’s but now only has two months to live. Women usually die by the middle of the second trimester. No one makes it to the third. They leave the hatch. Once outside Juliette tells Sun she want’s to make sure she covers her tracks in the hatch. She goes down again and in another locker is a tape recorder. She leaves a message for Ben informing him of the pregnancy and Jin being the father. She still has to get samples for all the other women and thinks that she will get Kate’s soon. She stops recording momentarily and speaking into the recorder says, “I hate you Ben” (Best line of the night, imo)

In the meantime...

Desmond has no idea who this parachute woman is and she is mumbling in another language. Hurley believes it’s Spanish but it turns out to be "Italian" which is similar. He understands when she says “I’m dying, I’m dying.” They open her jumpsuit to reveal a branch that has penetrated into her side and punctured her lung. Desmond wants to run and get Jack but Charlie refuses to let him go. He says "The others are out there and they will get you if you’re alone." Hurley then accidentally shoots off a flare gun into the sky.

They argue again and Desmond is now desperately wanting to save this woman. He needs answers. Then you hear someone running towards them. It’s (Mikhail) Patchy he stops they all exchange looks and Mikhail turns and runs away. Jin catches him Charlie and Hurley know who he is and they know he’s supposed to be dead. Desmond threatens to shoot him in the chest with the flare gun for answers but Mikhail fearlessly says “as your friend pointed out I’ve already died once this week.”

Mikhail hears the woman speaking and seems concerned. He says he can save her if they let him go as if he was never there. He starts asking about the woman and if you found anything with her. Hurley mentions the book and phone. Charlie gives him a look as if to say why are you telling this guy about the phone? Mikhail asks if the phone works, Hurley then says yeah like I’d tell you that.

Mikhail saves her and says she will be fine in a day. Charlie says, "A day, she’s got a punctured lung!" Mikhail says "yes things are different on this island, a day in a half."

Desmond lets Patchy go against Charlie’s wishes. Jin notices the phone is missing and chases him down and gets it back from Mikhail. Charlie and Mikhail exchange some words. I suspect it’s not over between these two. Once again Desmond lets him go. Charlie is mad about it and later is arguing with Desmond. Desmond says because they have to make a stretcher and carry her back and they wont be able to also watch a prisoner.

Charlie says, "they kill people". Desmond says, "by my count you’ve killed more of them than they have of you."

Later as Des, Jin and Charlie are talking or doing something, Hurley is next to the woman and he is playing with the phone pretending to talk. “Hey Ma” he says.

Then Naomi says "where am I?"

Hurley: "You're on an island, did you come here to save us? We crashed here from Flight 815 a few months ago.'

Naomi: "Flight 815 from Sydney?"

Hurley: "Yeah"

Naomi: "That’s impossible. They found that plane everybody on it was killed."

End of episode.


This whole infertility story makes almost no sense. OK, it makes NO sense. We're supposed to buy that women can't carry any pregnancy past the second trimester, and that all the pregnant women die. Now, if YOU were pregnant and you knew you were going to die, wouldn't you consider terminating the pregnany? I would. Or is abortion illegal on an island where everything else appears to be legal.

When Juliet took Sun to have an ultrasound, Sun did not have a full bladder. No way could she see anything without liquid to bounce off of. That's how the ultrasound works, for heaven's sake. PLUS, she did not take any fetal measurements, which is how a fetus is aged. There is now way Juliet could even begin to guess fetal age without measurements. Big big technical errors. So big that the Girl, who has had one frigging ultrasound in her life, caught the errors.

Next, the Island cures cancer (Rose), spinal fractures (Locke) and about every other disease or illness, but it can't cure infertility? Oh, only for WOMEN it can't. It can take someone with no sperm count and make him fertile, but it can't help women. Nah, something is terribly wrong with this whole sequence of events. Like, it was written by MEN. Because you know, infertility is always the woman's fault.

So let's look at other fertility facts on the island:

The pigs don't seem to have any trouble reproducing on LOST island.There is an abundance of them. I think there was a reference to a baby pig or boar by Locke. And there are plenty of fish to eat too, they haven't died off or become extinct. And what about the cows they are eating? They would have to run out of beef sometime if they were not having baby calves. So if it's not the environment that is preventing the reproduction in the animals then it wouldn't effect the women either. So there is an added element that the women have been exposed to.

This raises at least one question, when did this 'affliction' start? How far back were female humans on this island unable to carry a pregnancy without dying. Was the 'incident' that Dr. Candle refers to in his orientation film be the cause of this 'affliction'?

Could the Dharma food be the culprit? The Others aren't idiots so surely they would have thought of that? If the Others have split from Dharma and Dharma wanted to get rid of them, a simple way would be to put something in the food
drops. I've always thought that the DHARMA food wasn't really food as we know
it. Maybe it's "soul food," so to speak. I think the "fully hydrogenated" cookies are also a clue.

Remember what Ben said to Locke in his kitchen about the plate of
chicken in his refrigerator? Locke was doing some major grinding on the fried chicken and Ben says something like ... "if you knew what we do here you wouldn't put the chicken back it the fridge!" That freaked me out. If someone would say something like that to me I would get goose bumps all over. Anyway.. so there are fertile chickens on the island too. Actually, now that I think about it, it was the reverse. Locke said to Ben, "If you had any idea what this place really was...you wouldn't be putting chicken in your refrigerator." What the hell did that mean?

Funny that Locke also said, "I never really...appreciated chicken until right now." Maybe the problem has something to do with the women's eggs. The health of the eggs declines with age, and apparently there is, or was, a 26-year-old woman on the island with the endometrium of a 70-year-old. Juilet's use of the word "decomposition" supports the afterlife theory.

The comparison to the film Children of Men, and of course the book by the ever-wonderful P.D.James upon which the film is based, is food for a lot of thought this week. I'd like to hear what you all think of the way the film, and then Lost, seem to have such similarities (although in the book, it was men who were the infertiles). Especially Claire and Aaron vs the girl in the film who has the baby.

A couple of other thoughts:

I think Kate should stop her relationship with James if shes only with
him because she can't have Jack. She's looking rather skanky right now.

Jin's mother was a real piece of work. But why didn't his father want Jin to know about Sun's visit? Something is a bit off about that whole family.

We learned tonight that Sun was responsible for Jin becoming her father's stooge by paying off Jin's mother. Did you see any guilt later on for that decision? Is she supposed to have pretended not to know what he was doing, just like she did with her father? She's one tough cookie.

How come nobody knew what language Naomi was speaking. Jin thought it was Chinese, Hurley though it was Spanish, Patchy Mikal thought it was Italian... or was she speaking all those languages and she's a real polyglot?

The ending... that was creepy. How on earth did the Other's cover up the survivors of the flight?

No Sawyer? What a ripoff. And not one funny line tonight.

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Blogger Dave2 said...

I stopped watching Lost long ago, but had it running in the background last night because there was nothing else on.

I am a bit confused... you're upset because the island doesn't make infertile women fertile... which woman is infertile? If it was Sun, then she's obviously cured since she's pregnant! Seems that women's inability to carry a baby to term is an entirely different issue... probably caused by some outside factor (like that magnet thing), which would mean that it is NOT the woman's fault.

Anyway, once again I found no cause to regret my dropping this show. Still dragging along the same old crap I see... adding even more mysteries without clearing anything up, as usual.

The only thing I liked in the entire show was one of the things you didn't... the scene between Sun and Jin's father. Asian culture is different from ours, and this was beautifully captured in this scene. Jin's father not wanting Sun to tell Jin about her visit actually makes perfect sense in a society where honor and shame are so intrinsic to who people are. Given that, and the fact that he raised Jin not knowing if he was the kid's father, was pretty heartbreaking considering the poor guy had to remove himself from Jin's life so his son could have a future.

All in all.... I'm more glad than ever before I stopped watching Lost! What a shame that a show which was so brilliant at the beginning has fallen so far...

26/4/07 7:37 AM  
Blogger alison.bolen said...

It also really bothered me that Juliet asked when she last had sex with her husband. Doctors don't ask about the dates of your sex life. They ask about the dates of your last period.

26/4/07 8:15 AM  
Blogger Malady said...

Okay, the thing that is really at the forefront of my mind is when the parachute lady muttered something and Mikhail said that she was thanking them for helping her. Obviously a lie. I read on other blogs that she was saying, "I am not alone." So, what exactly is Mikhail's agenda?!

26/4/07 11:34 AM  
Blogger jennster said...

i think it's all bullshit.. i think the conspiracy goes deeper than the others- it's a government thing.. or the dharma initiative is that powerful that they just filmed fake plane parts and said there were no survivors.. OR, the people on the island sent back feed of the other part of the plane.. i don't know, but that part didn't shock me. i just figured, what's new.

26/4/07 5:28 PM  

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