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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mystery in the 'hood

I think we might have to contact Hercule Poirot. We have a mystery here on the hill, and although I've tried to solve it myself, I've failed miserably.

Someone is stealing garbage can lids. Not the cans, just the lids. It started out slowly. Our lid disappeared a month or two ago. Then we found it, or another one just like it. But that one disappeared too. We suspected our nutty neighbor behind us, but upon inspecting her back yard, we did not see the lid.

Then one of our neighbors lost his lid. Interesting, but still not enough to start looking at suspects. Until a second lid on his recycling can disappeared as well. We began to wonder.

Another neighbor lost his lids too. This was getting stranger and stranger. What would someone want with all these Rubbermaid garbage can lids? You can't even use them for sledding because all it does is rain. No sledding snow all winter.

Today, being garbage day, we checked around the 'hood. Well, that was an interesting ride. Most of the cans were lidless. Not just in our little compound, but all around the whole neighborhood.

Evidentally we have a garbage can lid thief.

I have to wonder just what was happening. Yes, it has been really windy and perhaps some of the lids blew away. But to where? We checked the woods next to us, and to our woods on the hill. No lids. We checked the park. No lids. We checked the school playground. No lids. We drove around every tiny street and peeked down driveways. No lids anywhere.

Where are the garbage can lids going? And why?

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Blogger barbie2be said...

maybe the dryer monster ate them? ;)

19/4/07 11:11 AM  
Blogger Carmi said...

Perhaps someone's a closet frisbee freak!

21/4/07 11:50 PM  

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