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Monday, April 09, 2007

Roll out the red carpet. The Plumber has arrived.

It's 11:20 am. We haven't had heat since the middle of the night on the 7th, Saturday. It is so cold that even I, queen of the cheapskates, was willing to turn on the oven last night and leave the door open just to warm up the place a bit.

I called the plumber again this morning bright and early, and he said he's be over asap. 4 hours later, he's finally here.

In MA, for some reason, plumbers are the go to guys for heating mishaps. They're all Plumbing and Heating companies. My plumber, well he's practically on retainer. He spends a lot of time here in Chez Falling Around My Ankles. He knows the boiler inside and out. He's an expert on keeping this poor old chateau running. The gas company we use to purchase our gas... they are useless. We don't use the normal gas company. Nope, our fair city uses another company. They're very good at charging large fees. Not so good for repairing faulty equipment. Plus, they charge and arm and a leg for any site visit. Hence Carl the plumber. He's not all that reliable timewise, but he comes, he fixes, he charges miminal amounts, he leaves. What more can I ask for in a plumber.

Meanwhile, it's still freezing cold in the house and the Worthless Pet has decided he's my best friend and wants to sit on my lap all day long. Because I think he believes I am a heater. Heh. He's ears are freezing, poor thing.

So, what else is new with me? Not all that much. When I'm playing an ice cube in the family drama, I can't really think about such important stuff as fighting with the pharmacy or screaming at Mass Health.

I did, however, work with the Girl on yet another of her humongous homework projects for her history teacher. I am convinced this man is a glutton for punishment. He assigns so much work, I don't know how he has the time to correct anything. Evidentally he has no children and no television. She's up the Renaissance and had to research Michelangelo and the Creation of Adam. Right up my alley. I had a blast and got many bershon-eque looks of pitying. She can't stand when I get all geeky.

OTOH, her brother the waistrel did absolutely NO homework, no matter how much I nagged. He had an english paper he refused to start on, and a Latin test to study for. But no, he's above all that silly homework. How this boy is ever going to get into college is beyond me. Is there a college for complete fuckups? Tell me more!

Passover is almost over, and I'm so ready for it to end. I've got one more sponge cake to bake and then I'm off to the races with flour, butter, and real ingredients. I can't wait.

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Blogger Sara said...

Glad you got it fixed!!!

9/4/07 2:22 PM  

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