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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Things passing through my crowded head

Interesting that the post on Israel only brought one naysayer. I though it would be much more controversial, but I guess that when you come down to it, and look at what various countries have done for the world at large, Israel comes out a lot higher than any of it's enemies. As in, what's Iran done for the world lately?

When only one kid is in the house, it's so easy and relaxing. The noise level goes way down, there isn't any arguing over who gets to do what, and they tend to leave me to my own activities...like napping!

I've been reading True Mom Confessions for a week or so, and I'm convinced that at least half of the posts are, shall we say, figments of some very active imagination. But it sure is a good read. Some of the stuff is so sad. Some of it just seems implausable. I don't know, maybe it's all true and people are living some really sad lives.

If I don't go grocery shopping tomorrow, my children will be eating the furniture. Sigh.

Does your family use tons of cups/glasses every day? We fill the top of the dishwasher and then some every day. Me, I drink water out of the same glass most of the day, but the rest of those heathens... glass after glass after glass. It looks like we've had a cocktail party here every evening. This drives me crazy, for every night we have to do the cup roundup. There are so many of them, and the kids ditch them on shelves, window sills, and whereever they happen to plop down, so I have to go and search them out.

The Boy and Dave are so similar sometimes that I think they might be separated at birth. Only Dave is a much better artist. But otherwise...scary!

I miss junk food so much some days. Mostly I'm ok, but there are days when my mind just screams, "Buy some chocolate...NOW!" But I'm still on the "take care of your body" diet, which I made up myself, and it's still working. I think I've hit a bit of a plateau, but it's to be expected. My clothes are ridiculously huge right now, but I'm still wearing them. When they fall off my body, I'll get new ones. Until then, I'm saving up for bigger and better stuff.

When we went to the library today, it was partly sunny and clear outside. An hour later is was pouring like we were in the middle of a hurricaine. Weird! But we had a very successful library trip and I got a bunch of books while the Boy went for the Media room and took out the final season of The West Wing and the Romber season of Amazing Race. He's a good kid, that one!

I am putting off cleaning up by finding a million convenient things to do. It is getting ridiculous because the house is a disaster area. But I still hope that Alice from the Brady Bunch will show up and take over my life. I really could use an Alice.

Getting the dishes done in this house is worse than pulling wisdom teeth. No matter what time of day or night it is, they're "Too tired" and make a million excuses for not washing their dishes. Not that the dishes are the only thing they put off. I've had a bag of stuff that the Girl is supppsed to put down in the basement. It's been sitting in front of the basement door for THREE WEEKS. She's been down in the basement. Everyone has. But the bag remains. No matter how many times I remind her, she will not do it. So it sits. And sits. And eventually I'll either get pissed off and scream at her, or I'll do it myself. This, my friends, is the joy of parenting teenagers. They are so freaking LAZY. And slobs, oh my goodness, they are slobs. The combination is deadly!

The rearview mirror in my van fell off again today. That makes 4 times. This time I finally got ticked enough and used a combination of superglue and packing tape. Who ever heard of a rearview mirror that continually falls off? Am I cursed?

Have I mentioned how much I love Method products? Well, I do, a lot. And they just sent me some soap and this amazing body lotion that I'm kvelling over. The lotion is in a square package, and they call it The Bloq. It's different than any lotion I've ever used. It's more fluffy, and it isn't oily or greasy or heavy at all. It's light and has a totally different texture than most other lotions. I got the Pure Minimalist body lotion and the Eternal Optimist soap. The lotion is all natural, with natural exfolients and olive oil, no parabens, and of course, no animal by-products.

And speaking of Method products, do you use their laundry detergent? That stuff is to die for. It gets your clothes so soft and clean, and the smells...oh it is yummy. I'm almost always allergic to detergent scents, but I'm not with Method. I've use the Free and Clear detergent with no scents or colors, but we've switched to the scented when I discovered that it didn't bother me. I love this stuff. I used to have to shlep to Target to get it, but now my not-so-local grocery store carries it. Excellent!

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Blogger Dave2 said...

Yes, you should be very scared. I'm scared of myself most days... :-)

29/4/07 1:08 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

I had a rearview mirror that kept falling off years ago. NOTHING kept that thing on for more than a few days, not glue, not special rearview mirror glue, not putty, nothing. I finally stuck it to the dashboard with putty, it didn't work well, but it was better thank nothing. Hopefully technology's changed for the better since then and you can find something that works.

29/4/07 1:16 AM  
Blogger Julia said...

I've become a Method convert, too. I'm not so crazy about their dish soap, but their bathroom cleaner and hand soap are lovely. I'll have to look for that lotion - I'm always on the hunt for stuff that won't make my cheap-ass skin freak out.

And teenagers. I have one at home still and there are days when I would gladly trade her for a good pedicure. Good grief.

29/4/07 9:30 PM  
Blogger scrappintwinmom said...

I love method stuff too, but the Target is too darn far away for me. I hate doing dishes too, so I use plastic cups whenever possible, and convince myself that I can do anything for 15 minutes, even dishes!

29/4/07 9:41 PM  
Blogger kitten said...

I hate washing dishes, lucky for me we are in a serious drought so I do my part by only washing dishes 3x per week lol - we have no dishwasher, no air conditioner (except in bedroom) but then australia is a little backwards in some respects, hence why we are enduring Level 5 water restrictions and they still have no infrastructure to deal with the fact that we will be OUT of water in 18 months *sigh*...so far recycling water is still an issue and it ain't resolved yet?

30/4/07 8:56 PM  

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