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Monday, April 02, 2007

Uuuurrrppp. Oh, Excuse Me!

This morning I got on the scale for my weekly shock of the morning, and I am officially down 60 el bees. Sixty. God bless the Lasix. God bless the Metformin. God bless poverty. God bless a complete lack of appetite. For there is manna in the refridgerator and plenty to nosh on for Passover and yet I am still down Sixty Pounds. Life is interesting, eh?


Today I saw the biggest Masshole in the history of Massholes. I mean, this guy was just beyond MassHoly. He was more like MassGrandCanyon. I was leaving my all time favorite parking lot (dripping sarcasm here) at 75 Francis Street, having once again fought the battle with the pharmacy that lies like a rug. I was trying to take a right turn, not something that should have been difficult. However, an ambulance with sirens screaming and lights blazing was trying to get down Francis Street towards Huntington Ave. Directly across the street from the Brigham parking lot exit was a huge green hummer. The really big ones. Mr Hummer decided it would be a good idea to cut in front of the ambulance, cutting them off, and subsequently blocking the entire road. He was busy on his cell phone whilst rocking out on some seriously toxic hip-hop and evidentally couldn't be bothered to stop for the ambulance. So, Mr Hummer, owner of the British racing green behemouth with the license 17HD69, you win the freaking prize. You are the biggest Masshole in the state, and I hope it was your mother in the ambulance you cut off.


Both kids are still sick. The Girl's teachers, every last freaking one of them, gave her homework on Passover. Against the request of the principal not to assign homework for tonight and tomorrow. She cried because I would not let her do it. And these are Jewish teachers in a school that is predominantly Jewish. I christen them Massholes, too.


The Boy was quite helpful today, despite his reservations that helping might just sully his reputation. But Mom...she totally fucked up the chicken soup for the first time evah. Using new Pesach pots that I am not used to, I kept letting the soup boil down to stock. It is cloudy and not all that attractive, but the matzoh balls are lighter than air. The soup tastes OK, it's just not clear.


Tomorrow Turkey.


While in the grocery store, I showed the Boy the free Maxwell House haggadot and told him to take one to read at home. In the car he started reading the stilted prose and got compleatly hysterial with laughter. I told him that my family used that stupid haggadah when I was a kid, and how my sister would laugh through the service until my father, completely annoyed and red-eared, would yell, "This is going to be your last Seder" whereupon the entire table would burst into cheers of hysterical laughter. It never failed. The Boy now wants to talk like the Maxwell House haggadah. Great!


I have once again lost the recipe for my favorite Macaroons. Neener has it. She must send it to me immediately. Do you hear me, Neen?


Did you all watch 24 tonight? Well that was one rockin' episode. Tom redeems himself, Wayne is back at the helm but acting like a douch bag, Jack catches Fayid and Gredenko has his arm cut off. And yet nobody ate, drank, or peed. What a wonderful world is CTU.

Do you think it's areligious to insist that a seder must end before 24 comes on? Me either!


More grocery shopping tomorrow. I'm getting really tired of the grocery store. Until tomorrow night, I bid you good night and good luck.

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Blogger kitten said...

hey margalit, I know this is presumptuous, but ermmmm, could I have your chicken soup recipe? I kind of collect chicken soup recipes. I could trade you my garlic chicken soup recipe if ya like, it'ss got so much garlic it'll make your hair curl .

6/4/07 3:20 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Sure, but there aren't any measurements. I do it by feel.

I take one whole chicken and cut it into quarters. I add to that another 3 or 4 chicken thighs, because dark meat makes the soup taste better.

I fill the stock pot about 2/3 of the way up with water, than put in the chicken and bring it to a boil. I let it boil for a bit until the scum all rises to the top. I skim off all the scum and continue to let it boil while I peel and cut the veggies.

I use about 4 or 5 large carrots, peeled and cut into halves or quarters, depending upon the length.

One bunch of dill, one bunch of parsely, rinsed and tied together with kitchen twins.

One whole onion, peeled. For soup I prefer yellow onions with a stronger flavor, but it's OK to use white or sweet onions if you prefer.

Sometimes I add parsnips for sweetness. Other times I don't. If I'm making a clear broth, I'll add some parsnips but not for a hearty soup because my kids hate them.

4 or 5 stalks of celery, washed, leaves trimmed off, and cut into quarters.

2 or 3 cloves of garlic if you're making a hearty soup.

Add all the veggies once the scum has all boiled to the top, and reduce the heat to a very gentle boil. Boil for about another hour, until the meat is falling off the bones.

Taste the soup and add salt and pepper to taste. If you use Kosher chickens, they are already salted so beware and don't add a lot of salt.

With a large skimmer, take out the chicken and veggies, leaving just the broth. If you're going to make matzoh balls and want a clear soup, strain the soup through a sieve to take out all the stray leaves, etc.

If you're going to make a hearty soup, let the chicken cool, cut up the veggies, add the chicken back into the soup, and then add one large bag of wide egg noodles.

If you're making a clear soup, you can add cut up escarole at the last minute, letting it cook in the bowl of soup itself. Or add matzoh balls, which you've dropped into the soup after they have cooked long enough to be light and fluffy.

We eat a LOT of chicken soup. It's an easy meal to make, both of my kids love it, you can eat it for days, and it's good for you. When I make it for a regular meal, I make it hearty and thick, and then have to thin it on subsequent days because it becomes more like a stew. But oh, it's SO good!

6/4/07 6:02 AM  

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