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Friday, May 25, 2007

1001: A strange odyssey

This is my first significant numerical post since the lowly beginnings of this here blawg. It's my 1001 post. Miraculously, my last Lost Discussion Thursday post of the season was my 1000th post. I like that. I like it a lot.

It's hard for me to believe that I've found 1000 things to blather on about but evidentally I'm still able to spit out a word or two, so I'm going to keep going. Because, and I am loathe to admit this, I think in blawg. You know what I mean? I'm the dummy that always wants to grab for my camera and take pictures of the absurd in my life. I all of a sudden need to document every frickin meal I cook, every outfit my daughter concocts, every silly place we visit. I have become the self-centered queen of documentation. Heh. Like this is something new!

I love blogging. Maybe a little bit too much. A long time ago, when blogging was new and people were more into subject blogs, I was intimidated by just having what is deemed a 'personal' blog. It seemed self-absorbed to just talk about me and my kids all the time. It's like when you've started therapy and the world revolves around you. That's valuable when you're in therapy, because you're supposed to concentrate on you. But it gets really boring for your friends and family. Oh, you didn't know that. Well, it does.

There are blogs I used to love that I can't even read anymore because year after year they stay totally and completely focused on themselves. Yawn. I need more. So I started to offer more. More local politics, which probably bore the pants off of some of you, but they are of great interest to some of my readers. More on personal observations. Books I read, movies I saw, products I loved or hated. And of course, national politics and a teeny bit of Tom Cruise frothing at the mouth. We can't forget Pat Robertson either. That dolt has given me some of my best blog fodder.

I believe that after one, and I include myself, has been blogging for a few years, readers want to hear more than just what silly thing your large appliances did. They want to know the whole you. They want to read not only your opinions, your thoughts on other things going on in the world, but they want to know about who you are other than a parent or a worker. To me, at least, the blogs that I best love are the ones that share all of their lives, including the big taboos, politics and religion. The ones that talk clearly about the good and the bad in their lives. The ones that share the frustrations of our government, their finances, their jobs, their relationships. Yes, your kids are interesting. To a point. But if you can't identify beyond them and the graceful art of parenting at some point, you're going to have a lot of trouble when your kids get older and their lives are not so intrinsically wrapped up in yours.

So, from post 1002 onward I vow to give you more of me. More of my opinions. More of my frustrations. More of my nutty city politics. More religion. More. Just more. Hopefully it will be well-balanced. Hopefully some will be though-provoking. Hopefully much of it will be interesting. Guaranteed at least a tiny bit will be morbid and sad. Oh, and funny. Can't forget the funny.

Happy blogging, everyone! Let the kvetching commence.

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Blogger Neil said...

You make some good points about changing your blog a bit as time goes on, although it probably should be for YOU and not for anyone else. It must be boring to always write about the same subjects. On the other hand, there are some very famous writers who just write the same type of book year after year. Congrats on 1001!

25/5/07 8:02 AM  
Blogger Michael Manning said...

I think 1001 is awesome! I do try to keep my Blog as fresh and varied as possible. Good reminder here! Have a nice weekend!

25/5/07 11:09 AM  

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