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Monday, May 14, 2007

Bugs, Homework, 24, and HDTV News

An interesting title, eh? Actually three different things I want to talk about this evening. None are connected at all.

Bugs: Tonight we had a centipede type thing in the kitchen. The Girl did the girly thing and went absolutely ballistic. She screamed and went apoplectic and ended up sliding herself under the sideboard. We called the Boy downstairs, because he is our family's great white hunter. Yes, we're exploiting gender roles and we're proud! He gets the centipede out of the house, comes into the dining room to start teasing the Girl (required) and I look up to see an eagle flying around the perimeter of the room. OK, it was a huge moth, not an eagle. Same difference. So the Girl once again goes crackpot and she's crying and laughing and screaming at a pitch guaranteed to break my crystal while the Boy stands on a chair and bats at the eagle. Once he finally kills it, he goes to show it to her (also required) as she is cowering behind my chair with her arms over her head. She gets even more hysterical. I make him toss it out the door. Afterwards she has to sit in my lap and get hugs because it was all so scawey! I swear it, that child is still 2 at heart.

Homework: It's a miracle, folks. Light a candle, say extra prayers to the deity of your choice. The Boy actually wrote a paper by himself on his own without my heap and one his own time. A miracle, I tell you. He was required to write a paper on Fyodor Dovstoyevsky's Notes from the Underground. Not an easy book by any means, but he read it, hated it, and sat down all by himself and wrote the paper today. I didn't even know he was working on it. To say I am thrilled would be a vast understatement. This has NEVER happened before. Usually any paper is an automatic fight with hysteria, and serious depression. This means that the hospitalization helped, as he's feeling more in control of his feelings, and is more able to handle them. Yahoo!

HDTV News: Today one of our local news stations, WCVB, unveiled a brand new studio and has started broadcasting their news in HD. Holy Moly! It's remarkable. We've got an HDTV, it's not spectacular or huge, but it has magnificent reception of this one particular channel, since it is located about 2 miles down the road. We're a straight shot from it's broadcast towers and we're up on a big hill, and we get the most outrageous reception imaginable...without cable. We just have a high def antenna that fits atop the TV. Anyhow, the news in HD is... I just don't even know the word. Astounding. Astonishing. Clear as a Bell. I'm not sure I like it, it's so realistic. We all just sat and stared at the TV in amazement. Tonight we didn't have any violent or gory news stories. Hopefully that will remain true. I know it won't, but I can hope.

Did anyone else notice the incredible clarity on the news tonight?

Oh, one other item. 24. Yeah, 24. I'm so not happy with Day 6. This season is just totally sucking. The only great moment tonight was Chloe behind Jack and Nadia saying "What are you talking about?" Otherwise.... blech. As for the nephew Josh, does anyone else think he's Hapa? He's blond but he has very Asian features. I don't think he's Jack's son. I think something more nefarious is happening. At'l Do, Pig.

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