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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Graduation Season

It's graduation season, and today the Boy's small learning community in the high school had their ceremony for the kids who are graduating. There were only 5 seniors in this group, but they also attend the regular graduation as members of the senior class, so they get twice the pomp and circumstance.

I like to attend the graduation even though nobody is graduating yet in my family. This year the head of the program called and asked me to please attend because the Boy would be getting an award. He got Student of the Year last year, so I didn't think he'd be getting that again, but I agreed to come, and invited the Girl to come as well. Not only is it a fun ceremony with interesting people in attendance, the food... well, the food is fabulous! They really go all out in his program, and free food is always a big draw!

The director of the program spoke first, and introduced at the subsequent speakers.

Program Director Dr. Steve presents a big Star award to the head of Special Education

The Mayor told about how he dropped out of college but went back and got his law degree. Doesn't he look like Mr Bean?

Mr Bean talks about how unpopular he is in town

The Superintendent, who is not my favorite person, also spoke about dropping out of school and going back for his doctorate.

Superintendent talking about when he was a boy walking 5 miles in the snow uphill both ways.

The Principal spoke, and we all have no idea what the heck he was speaking about. Low talker, he is.

Principal in snazzy yellow linen suit

One of the graduates gave a nice speech about how she was helped and supported by this small learning community, and how without it she didn't think she would have graduated. She got a standing ovation.

Student speaker

The teachers presented several special awards for undergraduates. This year the Boy received the Outstanding Individual Award (or as he puts it, "the best student of all time award") and then a second award for Best Citizen. He got a T-shirt for the second one that says "Keep Smiling" on the back. OK.

The Boy receiving his award. He has a face behind that hair.

There were the housemasters, the guidance counselors, the probation officers, the therapists, the police youth officer, PTO officials, other teachers, parents, siblings, and various other people in attendance.

Two of the teachers presenting awards.

The graduates all got to receive their special diplomas and shake hands with important people. They seemed happy to get this one overwith. They also got gifts.

After all the speeches were over we all trooped upstairs for the food. I was so hungry I forgot to take photos of the spread, but it was good. There was an amazing fruit salad that I attacked, and a really delicious edemame feta salad that was amazing. Plus a spinach salad with strawberries that was great. I'm big on the salads, but there was lasagne, and some shrimp cocktail, and various other things, and TONS of desserts.

Plus, the most enormous cake I've ever seen. This thing was MASSIVE. It had to be 36" around, and two big layers thick. That orange plate in the background. It's a full sized dinner paper plate. That's how huge that cake was. We took a big chunk home for dessert tonight. Yeah.

So many people congratulated me, which was kind of weird, since I haven't done anything much. But I was so freaking proud of my boy. He's doing so well, and he's gotten so many accolades. I'm thrilled with him today.

The Boy, his friends E and C with E displaying the shirt the Boy won.

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