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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I don't like Mondays

Mondays are tough for me. They're the day that I have the most arguments with the kids because it's tough to get out of the weekend routine and back into the chores, homework, getting up early, errands, etc. of the workweek. Monday night is garbage night, the chore that elicits the most arguments of all, even more than the dishes, and the night rarely changes. I'm not sure why I'm always put in the position of being the bad buy when the refuse collectors are really the bad buys. They choose to come early Tuesday mornings, right? It's not my fault at all!

I have nothing clever to say, nothing interesting to report. Blah. School is drawing to a close and I'm beginning to dread the summer. I know it will be OK, but it's going to be hard having both kids home all summer for the first time ever. And it is indeed the first time every. But we'll manage and maybe we will even have some fun.

In the meantime I'm pissed as hell about this season's 24, which sucked. Even the finale sucked. No surprises at all. Jack being all morose at the end. Chloe's big reveal was a total yawn. Like when a woman faints on TV it doesn't mean anything other than a bundle of joy in 9 months. Trite. Soap-opera-ish. Boring. It better improve next year is all I can say. I'm a devoted fan, but I'm losing patience.

The Boy, thinking he was clever, decided to take closeup photos of me while I was napping on the sofa this afternoon. He's such a card. He used the flash. All you could see were seriously enlarged pores. I deleted them immediately! I guess I need to run into Sephora for some skin spackle tomorrow. Evidentally I need it badly.

MCAS for the Boy tomorrow. Standardized testing sucky sweaty donkey balls. Hate it. But we have to do it in this nutty commonwealth. He'll be a total crabcake by tomorrow afternoon, though.

Got a few new cookbooks and I'm enjoying reading them. One has the most fabulous recipes. I'm reviewing them one at a time here.

Living in what is basically a gigantic college town, this is my favorite time of year. Why? Because it's when all the grad students go back to wherever they came from, which means getting rid of all their stuff...cheap. I spend way too much time scouring craigslist for great deals. And boy, have I gotten some. Last year was the best, but as May turns to June, and the students start to panic because they have to dump their belongings, my fortunes might change. Then, in late June, when school is out and families are moving to new places, another rush of yard sales and craigslists ads abound again. That's when I hope to get a new gas clothes dryer for next to nothing!

Oh, and Worthless Pet seems to have stopped his spring "Peeathon" where he pees in the house every freaking day until the weather suits him and he decides that being outside is worth the effort. I was getting mighty tired of following his every footstep with the nature's miracle spray in my hand.

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