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Friday, May 04, 2007

Just who the heck are you talking to?

I'm not a big fan of the cell phone. That's putting it mildly. I hate the things. I think they have caused people to become more selfish, ruder, and more obnoxious than just about any other modern electronic convenience. But what I cannot fathom, I honestly cannot figure out is, who the hell are all of you talking to? And why? Just what is so important that you have to pilot a 2-ton vehicle with one hand through massive traffic because you're chatting on your cell phone? Why can you not walk 3 blocks without picking up your phone to chat loudly on the street. Why do you think it is just A-OK to stand in line at the bank holding some inane conversation and then when the teller calls you up, you put up your index finger because you're talking on the damn phone. Um, do you realize that you're holding up an entire line because you don't know how to shut the fuck up?

Honestly, enlighten me. What is so urgent that you have to take calls in supermarkets, in stores, in the library, in the bank, and especially in your car? Doesn't your phone have voicemail? Can't you just let it ring through to voicemail and respond AFTER you're out of your car, or at least pulled over?

Another question. Why do you scream into your phone? Do you actually think that the people who are captive on the T with you want to hear you chat with your best friend about your date last night. Hint: they don't. Haven't you even heard of the word decorum? How about manners? You're continually invading other people's bubbles, and for what?

Nothing is that urgent that you can't find yourself some private space for a phone call. You must remember in the old days, when we had those things called Pay Phones? They were usually located in private places. They used to have booths surrounding them so you could have a private conversation. They had the right idea.

Sometimes, I see some really bright individuals texting while they are driving. You gotta wonder just what discount store God purchased their brain matter from.

I understand why people have cell phones. They want to be instantly reachable in case of an emergency. That's why I support giving them to kids, so parents can track them down. I can't even count the number of times I've called the Girl to ask where the heck she was. But the conversation is usually "where are you, when are you coming home, who are you with, goodbye." All of 10 seconds. I don't need or want to chat her up on the phone.

Lastly, this is for parents who have middle or high school aged kids. DO NOT CALL YOUR CHILD WHEN HE IS IN CLASS. If you have a real emergency, the school will get the message to your kid. When you call your child's cell phone during class, it totally and completely interrupts the learning process. What the hell are you thinking? Your child is NOT the only kid on the planet. You are taking away teaching time from a paid educator, and learning time from 20+ children to relay a message to your precious BillyBob. Shut up! Do not do this. NOTHING you have to say is that urgent that you have to interrupt a test. If there is blood, death, or extreme emergency, then call the school and let them do what they are supposed to do, relay the message to your child.

I'm giving all you Massholes fair warning. If you cut in front of me one more time because you are on a freaking cell phone, I'm gonna go insane. I've got a big car that's worth nothing, and I'm not afraid to use it. Stay the fuck out of my way when you're on the phone. I'm sick to death of your pathetic driving because your discussion is more important that driving like a normal human being. Take heed!

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Blogger Blog Antagonist said...

Oh my god, I could not agree more. This is my NUMBER ONE pet peeve. I bitch about it so much that it's rubbed off on my kids. If someone is driving like and idiot, they'll roll their eyes and say "They're probably yakkin on the phone!" God it bugs me.

5/5/07 10:34 AM  
Blogger kitten said...

Yup, I totally agree too. I HATE Cell phones with a passion. Sure they are convenient, but nothing is so damn important except blood or death and honestly if it's death it can wait too, ya know?

5/5/07 5:29 PM  

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