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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Let's talk about teenagers for a sec

Having teenagers is interesting. Exciting. Exhausting. Brutal. Fun.

It's harder in some ways than having little kids. Most of the time it's much easier. You don't have to watch them every second. You do still worry a lot.

Teenagers eat an enormous amount. They also fight about food. When I shop and come home, food is 'claimed' by the Girl. She does this because her brother will eat everything if he's allowed free reign over the kitchen, which he mostly is. He eats her 'claimed' food anyways, and she has a fit. I keep telling her she can't claim food as hers. If I buy a box of crackers, they aren't hers. They belong to the family. But I get why she disagrees. Mostly he'll take the food and eat it all. He's like a human eating machine. It's unreal the amount of food it takes to sustain his body. He's constantly hungry. And he 'forgets' to ask if anyone wants something. If it's there, it's his to eat. For example, I made myself some orange juice. I didn't touch it, just put it in the fridge. He drank the whole thing before anyone had a chance to go near the pitcher. When I said something to him, he claimed that the Girl had half of the container. But she doesn't like orange juice (I know!) and I didn't touch it, so he drank it all. All of it. In one sitting. Sigh.

The fighting about food gets to me and I don't know how to solve it. She is a very particular eater, he's a steam shovel. She wants to have a granola bar every morning, he takes the box and eats it all in one sitting. So she's screwed constantly. I've told her to keep the food in her room or to hide it, but he finds most of it anyhow. He's voracious at all times.

This is driving me nuts. They fight over food and chores incessently. If we could solve those two issues, we'd be living in peace.

But then they decide to get along. Today they played tennis in the back yard for a couple of hours and had a lot of fun. The Boy initiated the game, and at first the Girl didn't really want to play.

But then she got into it, and was serving and running after the ball like a champ.While they have the equipment, their outfits leave a lot to be desired.

Note the Girl's arm, which is filled with writing all her friends did while she was asleep at a sleepover this weekend. In Sharpie. Which isn't coming off. Ask me how thrilled I am about this. Go ahead, ask!

We had the neighbors out to cheer on the game.

Worthless Pet kept trying to get into the act, but to no avail. So it seemed important to get his tummy rubbed instead.

I watched the action and cheered them on from the sidelines.

As they played, the vastly improved.

And had fun. Lots of fun. Not one argument. And they thought it would be really funny if they hit the ball right at me. Hahaha. They tried, but they didn't quite make it!

Maybe this will be something they can do to entertain themselves this summer. And maybe they could walk to the end of the block where there are several tennis courts that they can play on. That would be nice!

But maybe not as fun as watching them run all around the back yard.

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Blogger Em said...

If you ever figure out a way to stop them from bickering, you'll be rich. Write the book. Go on Oprah. Turn them into rich, bratty teens who bicker. LOL

29/5/07 8:46 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

I don't know that kids ever stop bickering even when they grow up. I have no kids but I'm 37, my sister is 36 and my brother is 40 and occasionally we still do it. :)

Your kids look like they're having fun, isn't it nice to see kids out playing instead of on the computer or playing video games?

Is that your cat? He's cute!

I'm enjoying your blog! Found you through blogging chicks!


31/5/07 6:39 AM  

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