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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

The Brig

Now THIS was an episode worth watching. Boy, it was an exciting romp through Locke's weird twisted little mind, and a painful sad excursion for Sawyer. I think that this was the episode that will start up the "are they in purgatory" discussion again, and to be honest, I don't have a freaking clue. If the plane was found in a 4 mile deep crater in the Pacific Ocean, um... what are we talking about here. And if they're all dead, was Locke's delightful father dead as well? And if so, how do you kill people that are already dead? Is it simply symbolic, or is the "death" of someone on the Island more like sending them to hell from Limbo where they apparently reside? I'm so confused! For a great recap, go here.

Before we begin with the questions and commentary on this episode, I have to say that I think Sawyer (Josh Holliway) and Locke (Terry Quinn) did some Emmy winning acting tonight. Especially Josh. My heart really hurt for him when he was in the brig with that scumbag. If they don't get nominated, I'm gonna be upset.

So on with the review. Big blanks get filled. Much the way that last season's Michael-centric episode "Three Minutes" shed light on what the grieving father had been up to since taking off to find Walt, "The Brig" fills in the blanks where Locke's recent time with the Others is concerned. Among the questions answered: What was Cooper's reaction to seeing his son? What was Ben's motive for leading Locke to his father? Why on earth would the Others let Locke stick around after he blew up their sub? And just how far will Locke go to learn the island's secrets? (You remember the lengths Michael was willing to go to get his son back, right?)

The Black Rock is back! The 19th-century wooden ship, first (and last) shown beached in the jungle during Season 1, is the backdrop for a chunk of tonight's action. Locke's father is being held in the ship's titular brig. And Danielle shows up to pilfer some of its dynamite. Let's hope she is more careful with it than our dearly departed Dr. Artz.

From an interview in TV Guide, "Josh Holloway and Terry O'Quinn knock this episode out of the park. But Holloway claims shooting its emotionally draining scenes took a toll. "Dude, it was intense, filming that s--t," he says. "It wore me out." Still, the two actors — who are good buds off screen — relished the rare opportunity to work together. Will they do more of it in the future? Holloway's not saying, though he does let this slip: "What happens with them, it f--ks Sawyer up pretty bad. It makes him colder and more distant." That can't be good news for his relationship with Kate."

No. Way. This week's installment includes the reveal of Lost's biggest character-cross yet. As in, bigger than Claire and Jack sharing the same father. And this jaw-dropper was set up way back in Season 1. We all figured out pretty far back that Sawyer's parents con man was actually Locke's father, right? Well, this being confirmed did nothing to slow the pace of the scene when Sawyer meets the "real Tom Sawyer" and figures out that this is the guy responsible for his parent's demise. Plus, he gets to see first hand what a shit the guy is. So he does what Locke was too chicken to do, takes him down.

The hits keep coming. Naomi the parachutist, who revealed last week that as far as the "outside" world was concerned, Flight 815's passengers died (!) when the plane crashed — isn't done dropping bombshells. Locke's father confirmed Naomi's claim that indeed, the plane was found with all aboard dead. Cindy the flight attendant is still with the Others. And Richard is just getting started pulling strings tonight with Locke. Rumor is that next week he'll be back and pulling more strongs against Ben's wishes. Can't wait for that!

So what have we learned tonight? Locke is off his frigging rocker and is heading back to the Others not as a 'undercover' agent for the Losties, but as a new recruit.

Juliet and Jack are obviously working together in order to get off the Island.

Is it me or was it just really obvious how manipulative Ben was being
  • Just happened to be listening to Juliet's recording when Locke came in the tent, then spilling the plan.
  • Making sure Locke saw where he put the micro cassette recorder
  • Getting out of the wheelchair (I'm sure being in it was a put-on since the beginning)
  • Putting Locke on the spot to kill his dad. We've seen the others do some evil shit, but just arbitrarily killing somebody?
  • I'm borderline on him possibly sending Alpert to talk to Locke on the hill, but am leaning towards Alpert being there on his own, even though he's always appeared to be fiercely loyal to Ben.
I'm starting to think you can belived thatnothing, and I mean NOTHING, Ben does, is at face value. Even when he's alone. He probably doesn't even pee without some hidden agenda.

I also think Alpert was there on his own. He did say something like: "Ben knew that you would not be able to kill your Dad. He wanted to embarrass you." He went on to imply "something like" Ben is afraid you'll look better than him by his people. He didn't want you to succeed. Thus, Alpert came up with the idea of using Sawyer instead. (Apparently the death was still required). I don't think there is any love lost between Alpert and Ben. You can tell that Ben didn't know anything about their meeting by the way he looked when Locked mentioned about his trying to embarrass him.

Kate is caught between telling the Losties about Jack and Juliet and admitting that she told them about Naomi's satellite phone. Not a good place to be when trust is at a minimum.

Rousseau is using dynamite for some nefarious reason. Why?

We have a new Other on the Island. Richard. Why was Richard Alpert on the Island? He's not usually there. And how did he get there? If the submarine is gone, did he swim?

We are hopefully about to FINALLY learn some of the secrets of the Island through Locke.

Kate and Sawyer are boffing, which means that Kate might be pregnant as well. Because there is no way that Jin and Sun are the only expectant couple. There must be more.

Why is it that Locke being with Ben helped Ben to walk faster? Very interesting.

We still don't know how Anthony got on the island. I'd have to assume that the Others staged the accident, put him under, then took him to the island. Well, at least Sawyer feels bad for killing the man he's wanted to kill since he was eight years old.

Juliet tried to tell Kate something and Jack said "Not yet."
My theory: Juliet was going to tell Kate: "The good news is, you're pregnant with Sawyer's baby! The bad news is, you're going to die in 5 months!"

One fan theory just bit the dust with tonite's episode: It wasn't just a few pieces of wreckage that washed out to sea from the island, but the whole damn plane that was found off Bali. (The pilot had tried to double back to Bali.)

Naomi mentioned that the plane crashed deep in a ridge and robots had to be used to identify the wreck and the body count inside. The fact that the plane was found but is in difficult location that won't allow it to be pulled up and each body identified seems perfect for Dharma or who ever is trying to convince the world that the plane did crash and not to be looking in the area. It keeps people from poking around the location and closes any further investigation into what happened with the plane or its location.

Did the Others do the cover up? I think all the evidence points to the them. The others seem to know EVERYTHING about the losties. That would take a great deal of resources. Not to mention the whole Juliet recruitment. The others have LOTS of resources. They put the plane in such a deep trench in the ocean so that only remote vehicles could reach it. That makes it so as long as the body count is right, they will leave it at that. No DNA or dental record matching. From what we've seen, the others definitely have the resources to do that. Hell, thats peanuts compared to some of the shit they've pulled. Which is pretty scary.

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Blogger Marsha said...

HI, I just found you through Parent Dish. I really enjoy Lost as well. What a great job you have done articulating many of my thoughts and then some.

While I don't have any answers, I wonder about Rousseau's lost son along with what she is planning to do with the dynamite, didn't she give birth on the island? Was she pg when she arrived? I cannot remember.

8/5/07 10:35 AM  

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