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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LOST Discussion Thursday

Season Finale. Sob. No more Sawyer, Sayid, and Jin until 2008. Sob. I'm going to miss them so (sob) much. Sob.

Well, what did you think of this finale? I thought it was awesome, although I have to admit... I'm a scum and I peeked at the spoilers. But even so, this was a tight, well done finale. We say goodbye to quite a few characters, most of them Others. We got a glimpse into the future, which left us with a lot of questions. We saw the Losties stand up to the Others and win, for once. We watched some unusual heros, like Hurley and Charlie, and we saw some very interesting exchanges that left us wondering just what was going on. All in all, enough to keep us interested until next season, with plenty to ponder and a few puzzles to keep us plugged into the LOST sites. Can't say that wasn't a successful finale!

The finale picked up where “Greatest Hits” , last week's episode left off. Just as I said, Greatest Hits seems to have been designed and written as an entrance into the season finale. With both episodes there are three basic threads to discuss. Let's try and gather a bit of perspective on each of the Island threads first. Then we'll go into the whole flash "back". OK?

First, the Charlie situation. We last saw Charlie being confronted by the two hot babes with guns in the Looking Glass hatch. In this episode, we first see Desmond still knocked out in the outrigger, and we watch him just waking up. Just as he sits up, Mikhail shows up and starts shooting at Desmond, who is forced to swim down to the Looking Glass hatch. He enters the hatch, sees Charlie all tied up and beaten, and Charlie warns him to hide. Desmond hides from the two babes, watches Patchy shoot one of the women after talking to Ben via the walkie-talkie and getting a totally bogus story. The the second woman is shot, but she is still alive. Desmond then gets a spear gun, and takes out Mikhail, who appears to be dead. Charlie gets the code from the dying babe, (Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys, which was a nice touch!) and goes into the room with the switch. He punches in the code, and sees that there is a transmission coming in. Pushing the red button, he gets Penny on the video. He has a short discussion but discovers that Penny doesn't know who Naomi is, isn't on a boat, but it still looking for Desmond. However, just as Charlie is completing his chat with Penny, Mikhail pops up outside with a grenade in his hand. Charlie closes the airlock door separating himself from Desmond and takes the brunt of the grenade detonation, which kills him. However, before he dies, he takes a sharpie out of his pocket and writes on his hand, "Not Penny's Boat" which he shows to Desmond. Desmond gets the message and watches Charlie die.

The ambush on the beach does not go exactly as planned. When the band of Others sneak up on the "sleeping" Losties, they check to see if the tents are marked. One female Other says that Juliet has done her job, marking 3 tents. They go to get the 'pregnant' Losties, and then Sayid and Bernard shoot at the dynamite, hitting their targets and cause some major damage and quite a few Other's deaths. The the third contingent of Others figures out that something bad is up and stays far away from Jin’s target. Jin comes out of hiding to try shoot them one by one, but is forced to give up and the three are captured and held at gunpoint by our old friends Tom and Price.

Ben, meanwhile, sends all his Others off to “The Temple” except for Alex. He and Alex leave on a hike to intercept Jack’s expedition to the radio tower. While Ben and Alex are marching towards the tower, and Jack and the Losties are also heading towards the tower from another direction, Sawyer and Juliet decided to go back and check on our sharpshooters. They slipped back to the beach unseen, and Hurley catches up with them and asks to join them. Once again he's rebuffed because of his weight. When Ben and Alex catch up with Jack and the Losties, he offers a deal. He tells Jack to give him the satellite phone and he will release the 3 beach hostages. Ben tells Jack that Naomi is not who she says she is, and will bring people to the island that will kill everyone on it, Losties and Others. Jack refuses to believe Ben and will not give Ben the phone. Ben orders the hostages shot on the walkie-talkie, and then we hear the shots over the radio. Jack is furious and beats Ben to shreds, but does not realize that the shooting was bluff. It appears like Ben is making his plan up as he goes along.

We then switch back to Locke in the ditch with all the Dharma corpses. When he finds that he is paralyzed again, he finds a gun on one of the Dharma corpses and is about to shoot himself. A voice tells him not to do it, and when Locke looks up to the rim of the ditch, he sees a much more grown up Walt. Walt, in a deeper, changed voice, tells Locke he will be able to heal himself again. Low and behold he does, and Walt disappears before Locke has a chance to ask him what he is doing there. Apparently the black smoke has turned itself into Walt, but giving us a SORAS* view of Walt as a teen. Locke pulls himself out of the ditch and we next see him......

Meanwhile, while Locke is traversing the island, Sawyer and Juliet show up on the beach, unarmed, and with no plan. But then the hero of the hour, Hurley, comes out roaring out of the jungle in the Dharma van and slams into Price and then Tom, killing them both. He rescues our sharpshooters and they use the walkie-talkie to let Jack know that everyone is alive and well. Many hugs and smiles ensue amongst the Losties just as they reach the radio tower!

Jack’s party arrives at the tower and disconnects CFL's 16 year old transmission. Then Naomi starts to make a call to her ship, and the phone is connecting when Locke shows up and tosses one of his hunting knives into her back, instantly killing her. Jack stands up to Locke and they have quite the verbal tussle. Locke threatens to shoot Jack if he makes the call, but Jack calls his bluff, and tells whomever is on the other end of the phone that they are the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and to please come and get them. The look on Ben's face as Jack tells the guy to use his GPS reading to find them. It was priceless. Voice tells them help is on the way. But Locke has gone back into the jungle and methinks we haven't seen the last of his insanity.

Okie Dokie, we're all caught up on the Island. Let's just look at the death count for a second, shall we?

Losties Dead= Charlie
Others Dead= Price, Patchy, Tom, 7 warriors, two babes in Looking Glass hatch
Losties kick butt!

Jack. Jack. Jack. What can we say about Jack. He's falling apart. He's lost his way even after being found. He's a druggie, downing Oxycontin like candy. He's suicidal. He's drinking. He's a complete mess. We first encounter him driving and trying to make a phone call after spying an obituary in the LA Times. It's someone he knows, obviously, and he tears it out of the paper. He's drunk and stoned and on a bridge and he pulls over to try and call a number again, which doesn't pick up. He leaves a lame message, gets out of his car, and climbs up onto the railing of the bridge looking down into the infamous Los Angeles River, which is actually a cement wash with no water in it 99% of the year. Anyhoooo, just as he's about to do a swan dive into the wash, crash bam boom! A car accident. Jack gets to jump into action and SAVE SOMEONE! He's regained a purpose in life. He's taken to the ER with the victim and victim's son, where his ex-wife Sarah shows up, visibly pregnant with her new man's baby. He still has her as his emergency contact. They have a sad scene with her crying and him looking drunker than ever.

Jack reading the obituary

The next morning we see Jack in the accident victim's hospital room, where he meets the new head of surgery. Jack wants to operate on the woman, NewDoc (name forgotten, sorry) knows that Jack is, as we say in Yiddish, furschtinkinur**, and refuses to allow him near the patient. In another, later hospital scene, we see Jack stealing Oxycontin from the hospital, where NewDoc finds him and basically lets him know that he knows Jack is a druggie drunk. Jack says "If you think I'm drunk, to upstairs and see my father because he's drunker than I am." Hmmm, Jack says daddy dearest is alive. Jack is not a happy camper.

Jack then heads to the 'hood, where he gets out of the car and stumbles into some sleazy funeral home. There is a coffin, closed, with nobody else there. A funeral guy comes in and tells Jack that there wasn't a funeral, just a viewing, and that Jack was the only one to show up. Jack pats the coffin and says he isn't a relative or a friend. But WHO is in the coffin? My guess is Ben, but we don't know. It could be Locke. Both of them could end up friendless, right?

We next come upon him in his apartment, which is covered with maps of the Pacific ocean and old plane tickets. He makes yet another phone call, but this time he connects and makes a date to meet someone by the airport. He drives to the airport and a Volvo drives up. They both get our of their cars, and he's meeting with Kate! She looks sad to see Jack, but they talk and she's says she has to go because "he's waiting". Nothing is really revealed other than Jack wanting to go back to the island desperately, and Kate having none of it. Plus he tells her that he is using the free golden ticket that Oceanic Air gave them to fly all over the Pacific hoping that the plane crashes. Weird stuff. He shows Kate the obituary and asks her if she went to the service. She's like, "No, why would I go?" The episode ends with Jack begging Kate to go back to the island, and she gets into her car and drives away.

Now, there are a couple of things I'd like to know right now, dammit! I want to know what "the temple" is. Ben first mentioned that site in this episode. Do you think it might be where the 4 toed statue is?

I also want to know who was in that damn coffin. That's gonna drive me nuts all summer.

And lastly, I want to know if the Others are going to rebel against Ben. We saw a bit of that with Patchy in the Looking Glass hatch, and then again with Price and Tom on the beach. They all seem to know that Ben lies to them, and they don't trust him and don't believe him, but are they going to overthrow him? Enquiring minds want to know.

So that's it for this year. Honestly, I have no clue of what I'm going to watch at all this summer. I'm totally OD'd on lame variety reality shows. Hate American Idol, and I can't seen myself watching any of it's clones. Anyone have any summer suggestions for me?


*SORAS= soap opera rapid aging syndrome: when soap actors go away for a year to boarding school and come back 7 years older.

**furschtinkinur= drunk as a skunk, high as a kite

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Blogger Emily said...

If you have USA on satellite or cable, Monk is a great show and airs through the summer. Psych is also good, but I'm not sure what the season is. A little lighter, don't leave you so baffled:-) Can't wait for Lost to start up again.

24/5/07 1:53 AM  
Blogger Natalie Joy said...

Just wanted to let you know your link from Shannon's site has an error. There is a comma instead of a "dot" before blogspot.
Oh, yeah, and losties do kick butt. Loved this season finale. I also can't wait for 08 to start. We manage to get through the summer with Psych and Monk and The Office on DVD. I think we all can do it.

24/5/07 8:51 AM  
Blogger Pierre said...

I almost couldn't sleep last night, i was so jazzed up by the final episode of Lost. Now, THAT'S how you do a season finale. One of the best ever.

The wife was bemoaning the TV offseason last night also. She hates reality tv. We're thinking about watching "Heroes." Never seen any of them before and we're hoping we can catch up on the reruns.

24/5/07 9:25 AM  
Blogger Jana said...

My money's on Ben in the coffin. Who else would no one mourn and would Jack be unwilling to even admit was a friend? Some people think Locke, but wouldn't his wacko mother show up to claim anything he might have left behind? I don't know - we'll see. My thoughts are here.

24/5/07 9:41 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Good recap! I'm still mulling it all over in my mind! It was such a great show. Can I really make it till January?

24/5/07 11:56 AM  
Blogger Thumper said...

Walt wasn't SORAS'd...the actor turned 15 and just grew. I was a little surprised they used him in the shot, just because the character is supposed to only be about 10 years old (which makes me wonder why he was cast in the first place; they knew puberty was going to hit sooner rather than later...)

I'm not sure I liked the whole flash-forward thing. Something about it felt out of place, but I can't put my finger on it.

24/5/07 12:31 PM  
Blogger Jenn (aka TV Junkie) said...

LOL at the LA River wash (having worked in and lived near the 310 area code)!

I'm guessing it was Locke in the coffin from the face/off on island and the supposed text on the obit. I'm sure we'll spend the next 2 seasons figuring it out...

It was an excellent recap for an excellent finale! Thanks for leaving your link on my blog!

24/5/07 2:36 PM  
Blogger Jodi Jean said...

excellent recap ... wow, what an amazing finale. i cant believe we have to wait until january to get some answers.

the show that keeps me and hubby going in the summertime is the 4400 on usa, hmmmm ... i wonder what else is on ...

25/5/07 12:59 AM  
Blogger 3 to get ready said...

I'm dying to know who's in the coffin too. I don't think Charlie is really dead...couldn't he have left throught the window that the water came in? Who's Jacob and who's the guy that met the young Ben when he went through the fence to meet his mother.

Ok, I didn't answer any questions, but I loved this finale.

Oh, I'm coming to Boston in a couple of weeks...hope the weather's nice.

25/5/07 5:25 PM  

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