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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mayor Cohen, does a firefighter have to die?

Another accident caused by old and faulty equipment. It's starting to be a neverending story. Tonight a firetruck fighting a fire at BC in our fair city slipped out of gear, pinning a firefighter under the truck. He had to be rescued by the jaws of life. Five of his fellow firefighters were also injured trying to rescue him, mostly from inhaling fuel fumes and smoke inhalation. Nice combination to try and breathe. The injured firefighter was rushed to the hospital where he's being treated for various fractures and injuries.

A firetruck rolls over a firefighter. Can you imagine? I wonder if he's going to have to run to the local doctor appointed by the moron of our Mayor in order to get time off for recuperation. I bet he does. All the other firefighters do. Our mayor went to war with the firefighters. It was not a popular decision by any means, but the Mayor is ridiculously stubborn. He will not back down. The firefighters are using old, out of date equipment. They work in buildings that are screaming for repairs. They need a raise. We're not a poor community. We could find ways to fund the firefighters, but the Mayor has declared war on them, and so nothing changes. It is shameful.

The townspeople have begin putting signs up in front of their houses all over town, stating "We support our Newton Firefighters". I have one. So do many of our neighbors. You would think the Mayor would see that his support is waning because of this and a couple of other issues ongoing. But nope, he won't change his mind. So the people of the city suffer because the firefighters are working with faulty equipment in faulty headquarters. They're not happy. I don't blame them.

I hope that last night's accident gets the Mayor to look within himself and realize that he is putting our first responders in danger every day they work their jobs. I highly doubt it. But I wish he would.

If you live in our city, please put up a sign letting the firefighters know that you support them. They really need the positive reinforcement.

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Blogger Eliyahu said...

Having been a firefighter myself, in a town with penny-pinching government officials who left us with fire engines that were older than most of the firefighters, I know what it's like to deal with this problem. All we can do is hope that when the Mayor need firefighters, the engines won't start...

17/5/07 6:22 PM  

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