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Monday, May 07, 2007

New Hampsterites, are you NUTS?

I have never been very fond of New Hampster. Of all the New England states, I feel it has the least to offer, and, well, I've never been much of a fan of the rotting vehicle in driveway look, which is synomymous with my view of New Hampster. It's just not my idea of a great place to live, to hang out. But it is a good place to shop, because they have no sales tax. Otherwise, I see no reason for the state to even exist.

This week, New Hampsterites have justified my lack of love for the state. They are mucho fans of Mitt. Isn't that sad? Like they haven't had the opportunity to look south for the past 4 years to see what that asshat did to Massachusetts? Now they want him to do it to the entire country. No wonder I have such little respect for New Hampster.

I'm sorry, I don't get it. Mitt is pandering the the ultra-conservative, ultra-Christian right voters. After telling the poor dumb Republicans in MA that he was a centrist. In other word, Mr Flip-Flop. He's pro-choice, he's anti-choice. He's family friendly, he cuts all services to DSS. He's a huge supporter of state-wide health care, he cuts funding to Mass Health over and over until there is nothing left, no dental, no optometry, no prescriptions... that's our friend Mitt.

He sucked as a Governor. Even Republicans here were aghast at what a jackass he was. The man was never around. He used the Governorship only as a stepping stone to his candidacy for President. He doesn't give a hoot about Massachusetts. He made promises he had no intention of keeping. Oh, like a slimy slippery lying politician. What a shock!

What on earth do people see in this guy other than good hair, nice posture, and a chiseled jaw? Haven't we learned that voting for the guy that LOOKS most personable isn't necessarily the best use of our civic responsibility. I mean, look at the White House occupants right now. That Shonda that is sitting in the Oval office represents us the world over. How embarassing is that? And now you want MITT to be your next representative to the world? Oy vey!

Speaking of the Shrub, did you hear Laura say that she had to tag team with Condi to get that moron to agree to white tie and tails at tonight's State Dinner for the Queen. If he had his way, Elizabeth II would be sitting in levis and a plaid cowboy shirt slurping the hot sauce off a big plate o'ribs. Cause he's such a class act, that one.

Which makes you wonder just what Mitt would do for a State Dinner. You know they wouldn't serve coffee, tea, or alcohol. Man, does that sound freaking boring, or what?


In other, much more pleasant and exciting New England news, a new baby giraffe was born this weekend at the Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode Island. The calf was approximately 6 ft. tall and weighed between 140-150 lbs. at birth. He was born at 4:30 pm in the middle of the exhibit while stunned zoo guests looked on. Man, I wish I had been there. Giraffes are my favorite "wild" animal, and seeing one born must have been totally over the top cool.

According to the Zoo:

  • The calf is the first male giraffe to be born at the zoo and the only giraffe born at the zoo in the last five years.

  • The calf joins his mother Sukari, his father Griffin, and the zoo’s other female giraffe, Amber, in the Plains of Africa exhibit.

  • Currently there are less than 80 Masai giraffes in AZA accredited zoos in North America.

  • The zoo will hold a contest to name the newcomer.

  • The zoo has had four prior giraffe births: a female named “Autumn” in 1997, a female named “Naivasha” in 2000 and two females named “Imara” and "Keana" in 2002. All four joined giraffes at other zoos once they were mature, based on breeding recommendations made by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


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Blogger Major Bedhead said...

He winked. At the Queen. He winked at the QUEEN!!

Two more year, two more year, two more years. Less, even, at this point. God, don't let the Democrats screw up this time.

And Mitt? *spit* How on earth did he ever get elected here? Boggles the mind.

8/5/07 12:26 AM  

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