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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Real Moms cook dinner nobody will eat

A rather late entry into Kristin's Real Mom's Meme. Better late than never.

I worked hard to make a nice dinner, because I'm all Jewish Mom in d'house sometimes. I made a lovely green salad. I poached salmon in lemon butter and herbs. I made garlic bread out of a lovely baguette I made. I even had cupcakes for dessert.

The Girl ate the salad, the garlic bread and 2 cupcakes.

The Boy ate 1/2 piece of salmon steak, garlic bread and 2 cupcakes.

I ate a salmon steak, salad, garlic bread and a cupcake.

Can we not eat a meal, just one meal, where the Real Mom cooks and everybody eats everything? One meal when there isn't an "I'm not eating fish" and "I'm not eating salad" and "I don't like this, can I make Ramen?" Just one?

It's OK. I'll just sit here in the dark. You go on and eat more cupcakes. I'll be fine.

Enter the Real Mom Truths contest! The winner will receive this amazing 4G iPod Nano and Chocolate gift set, plus a link to their post on True Mom Confessions on Mother's Day" (Make sure to link to this post, this prize: , and )

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Blogger kitten said...

Hrmmmmm, you could always threaten to either 1) make them sit at the table til they eat it all or 2) threaten them with bodily beatings? LOL Hey my parents did and look how screwed up I am...not (ROFL) *runs and hides* BTW, can I move in, I'll gladly eat your cooking without complaint!

4/5/07 1:55 AM  
Blogger Dara said...

"jack sprat
could eat no fat
his wife could eat no lean
and so betwixt
the both of them
they licked the platter clean."

as long as it all gets eaten, right? ;)
hi from michele!

5/5/07 5:59 PM  

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