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Friday, May 11, 2007

Sounds of summer

Yeah, the birds are indeed driving me nuts. But otherwise, as the weather heats up and the windows remain open, I'm hearing so many sounds of summer. Sounds of happiness, sounds of people deprived of sun for so long popping out of their houses with great joy. Sounds of car radios, kids playing on the playground down the street, the little league games in the early evenings, and even the kids at recess at the elementary school further down our block. So many lovely sounds, entreating sounds, sounds begging me to go outside and soak up the sunshine.

I love where we live, especially in the summer. It's very quiet here most of the time, but in the summer, being so high up on a hill, sound travels and is magnified and what was the dull peace of winter becomes the high-pitched sound of many children in concert, screaming support for their friends in the schoolyard. I can hear the thwack of the metal bat used at Little League games, and the roar of parents and kids encouraging the players. It is a sound that never grows old, never gets stale. Sometimes you hear a collective groan and you know some kid has been tagged out in an important play.

Later on, I can hear the soccer games, and even kids playing pickup basketball on the courts surrounding our house. We have a park down the street that is used for Middle School games most of the year, and then on the other side, the large elementary school. They have tennis courts at the park, and sometimes very earl in the morning I hear that distinctive Smack! of the tennis racket strings making contact with the ball. Footsteps follow, and then another Smack! I like the sound of tennis, especially if a really big grunter is playing. I can visualize the game when I'm still laying all cozy in my bed.

Big Wheels roll by, with kids chatting in high pitched voices and parents calling warnings behind them. "Stop at the corner, Ryan!" "Look both ways, Isabelle." Tween heading home from school walk down our sidewalk singing along to their shared Ipods, teens talk on their cell phones as they walk by. Occasionally I'll hear the heavy panting of a runner practicing for an upcoming race. Early in the morning I often hear parents walking their young children to school, sometimes pushing a stroller will a crying baby inside. I hear the excitement of the kids as they meet up with classmates and squeal hello. I hear the moms join together and start chatting about the teacher and the weekend and the weather. I hear the sound of a bike coasting by on the street, knowing that yet another baby boomer is wearing way too much spandex and advertising bike parts on his back.

It is as if the world has woken up after a long sleep, shaken itself off, and jumped up filled with the love of life. After months and months of seeing almost nobody on the streets, the warm weather brings everyone out. People are almost shedding their skins as they peel off layers and start walking again. The city comes alive, the sounds are of joy and happiness, and it seems for the first time in a long time that all is right with the world. There is nothing more lovely than the sounds of summer.

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Blogger Annie said...

Wow that sounds great! It's coming up to winter down here so thanks for those warm thoughts :)

Here via Michele today

11/5/07 10:35 PM  
Blogger jac said...

summer is certainly making a show even here! i was getting rather impatient to tell the truth!
i will be teaching very early summer courses beginning in june and have decided to fix up my back deck (i have two!) with an umbrella, table, citronella candles, etc in order to have my summer "office" outside. i already have wireless everything so that should work! i really LOVE summer!

11/5/07 10:37 PM  
Blogger Major Bedhead said...

I think that's why I love summer so much - it's such a slog thru the dreary New England winters (especially if you're like me and loathe snow. And ice. And cold. And have a tendency to fall over when there's more than half an inch of snow on the ground.)

It's almost midnight and I still have the slider open. I'm listening to the spring peepers and crickets and it's fantastic.

11/5/07 10:54 PM  

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