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Sunday, May 20, 2007

We got some Culcha today

It's that time of year again. The artists in town throw open their homes and studies for a city-wide art show, and like last year, we were happy to oblige and visit artists in their natural habitat. This year, the weather sucked. It rained all weekend, so people looked bedraggled and a bit 'off'. There weren't as many artists this year as last, and almost everything exhibited would fall into the fine arts category. Not too many craftspersons, which was disappointing to me. I love to see what's new in the wonderful world of handmade crafts. Nevertheless, this afternoon's parade through town introduced us to some wonderful new artists, and allowed us to see many of our old favorites with their latest works. That's always fun.

In one home we saw the most astounding quilts. Oh my goodness, I could have bought every one displayed. They were gorgeous.

This one was so sparkly and intricate. When I see fiber art like this I can't help wonder how many hours went into these pieces. Whatever the cost, they are worth it!

This one I requested for my birthday. Like that's ever gonna happen. But it's just amazing. Little tiny sequins made the snow sparkle. I loved it.

We looked at quite a few different jewelery exhibits. This year seems to be the year of the fused glass beads. Some of the pieces were exceptional.

You can't go wrong with a display of brilliant fruit in your kitchen, can you?

Or maybe you prefer a more traditional still life. Which do you like better?

And let's face it, everyone needs a good fish painting in their bathroom, right?

This artist does the most charming illustrations for children's books. I loved these pictures. So clean and bright and cheerful.

Last year I fell madly in love with this woman's paintings. She does the most beautiful work. It's almost impressionist in style, but realism in execution. Exceptional work. I think her paintings are so calming and peaceful. I almost want to jump right into the scenes.

The Boy exhibits very different taste than mine. This is what he liked best in the show! I liked it too. I'm always up for amusing art, but I'd rather have something a bit less startling on my walls.

These fiber bowls were quite beautiful and the photo does not do them justice at all. I am not sure what you would DO with a bowl like this, except use it for display, but I really liked them.

I wish the weather had been better, but we had a good time, regardless. It's so pleasant to just lose yourself in art, converse with the artists, and, oh... free snacks!

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